Why You Baby Spitting Up Clear Liquid

Spitting up milk is okay and normal, but what about clear liquid? For most women, it can be quite alarming to see and experience. It must mean that there’s something wrong with your baby’s diet, or perhaps it could also pertain to other feeding habits.

If your baby is spitting up clear liquid beyond the normal saliva amount, this can be a bit more serious to talk about.

Common Reasons for Clear Liquid Spit Up

Below are the most common reasons why your baby spits up clear liquid:

1. Burping issues

This happens when your baby is probably bursting bubbles of saliva from their mouth. It is more than just gas escaping in some cases, the saliva makes it feel like your baby is spitting out clear liquid. This often happens if your baby is fed a lot and they either sit or lay down more often.

2. Overfeeding

One of the most common reasons is basically the obvious – when you feed your baby too much stuff, most of it will go back out. Because babies can’t really speak for themselves, it is hard to know whether your baby is hungry or full because they can only mostly do crying in their time.

3. Your baby is teething

When they are growing a tooth, they may also start to release a lot of salivae, which can end up looking like they are spitting up a lot of liquid at once. It is usually because of the pain when they are growing their teeth or if their gums are itching. It is also the same pain when we are eating spicy foods or getting a trip to the dentist.

4. LES problems

Lower Esophageal Sphincter, also known as LES, is a component or value of a human’s oesophagus and stomach. It is what makes us swallow properly. Because it takes about 1 year to completely develop the LES in babies, it will result in spit-ups in some cases.

5. Coughs and colds

Like all human beings, babies can get sick. In fact, babies get sick more often than adults and kids because of their weak immune systems. If ever your baby spits up saliva due to cold and cough, this is quite normal. However, it can be a concern if your baby sneezes the mucus and then potentially even swallow it (gross!).

6. Reflux

Acid reflux, GERD or whatever name it has, this kind of condition can also involve clear liquid spit ups. It is often associated with gagging and crying a lot at night, as well as difficulty in breathing. Reflux happens often when your baby may have taken a formula that’s not the right thing for them.

7. Bad sleeping position

This happens not just to babies but also to us adults. Surely, when we feel uncomfortable in our sleeping position, we tend to subconsciously spit up saliva, and this is usually because we’re unable to breathe properly. Babies are more at risk because of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. When babies have difficulty breathing, it can be quite serious.

What You Can Do

To counter those problems with clear liquid spit-ups, here are some things that you can do:

1. Get them to burp in a proper position

To avoid the burping issues, make sure your baby is leaning on your shoulder and the stomach is pressed properly. This causes your baby to burp in the most comfortable way. Babies don’t know how to burp properly so they need to be trained for this.

2. Set baby schedules for feeding

To prevent them from the troubles of overfeeding, make sure you set a schedule to feed them properly. You will easily know when your baby has already been fed enough so that you can avoid these clear liquid spit ups as much as possible.

3. Use teething toys

A teething toy is a kind of safe toy that can be chewed by your baby if they are still developing teeth. They can also be exercised with their jaw and mouth movements and it will help them to develop teeth faster with less pain because they are chewing on the teething toy to ease the pain of developing teeth.

4. Take your time in feeding

If you suspect that your baby may have an underdeveloped LES, you should feed them at a pace that is slower than usual. This can help to lessen the symptoms and it will also keep your babies on the right track.

5. Treat their coughs and colds

You can’t let baby colds and cough linger around for too long because they can harm your baby and make them feel uncomfortable. Do remember that the immune system of little ones can be not as good as yours or your older children’s, so it’s best to quickly treat them with cough and cold medicine drops that are formulated for babies.

6. Use the right formula

Baby formulas out there could be a little too much for babies with GERD or reflux problems. This is when you may need to give your little one a baby formula that is okay to use for babies with reflux or who have sensitive stomachs. Most of them could be made without cow’s milk (usually soy or some other alternative) to make sure that the proteins are much easier to digest than that of cow’s milk.

7. Check on your baby’s sleeping position

Because babies tend to move more often when they sleep, it can cause them to constrict their breathing. Check on your baby once in a while to make sure nothing is getting in the way of their breathing. Most parents turn their babies to their side because it’s a lot safer.


To conclude, clear liquid spit ups can vary in terms of their causes. The most important thing is to be observant and look for signs that may explain why your little one is doing so. We hope you learned something from these possible reasons as to why your baby is spitting up clear liquid!

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