The Pros and Cons of Using a Baby Bottle

Aside from breast feeding, using a baby bottle is also done by many mothers out there. With a little mix of the milk formula inside the baby bottle, in an instant the milk is prepared. The procedure does not take too long and can be done by any one.

Feeding the baby using a feeding bottle is necessary for it is also convenient to use. A feeding bottle is not that much expensive and is always available in department stores. Besides it is handy and can be brought everywhere.

The Pros of Using a Baby Bottle

  • Anyone can Feed

When you use a feeding bottle, anyone in the family can use it given the proper handling of the feeding bottle and the baby. The milk prepares efficiently and does not require much process of mixing the milk inside the container which leads to a convenient way of giving it to the baby. In this way, for instance both parents are outside of the house, a relative can make the feeding of the baby.

  • Measurable Amounts

In using the feeding bottle, a measured amount of milk can be filled inside the container given the accurate measurements. In this manner, the amount of milk intake can be specified in order for the baby to have sufficient nutrients he or she needs. This greatly helps in making the feeding process convenient and comfortable for the parents.

The Cons of Using a Baby Bottle

  • Not as Nutritious

Compared to breast feeding, the use of a baby bottle is not that all nutritious because the milk inside it is not natural like the breast milk which is full of nutrients. Baby bottles are prone to bacteria and germs making it harmful if not sterilized properly. Also the milk loses some of its nutrients one it is inside the baby bottle.

  • More Expensive

Using a baby bottle is more expensive given the many times of its usage. Many feeding bottles are to be bought particularly if the family has two babies in the household which is difficult because the scarcity of the baby bottle will affect the two babies. Also, if the family has low income, it will be hard to buy many feeding bottles resulting in a collapse in the family budget.

  • Not Easily Digested

The milk inside the baby bottle doesn’t digest quickly if not prepared and mixed well. An undigested milk will cause harmful effects to the stomach of the baby which will result to serious medication if not treated right away. It important that the liquid mixes easily so as to avoid any unpleasant things.

The above- mentioned pros and cons of using a baby’s bottle is necessary to take note of because it will enable you to decide on what method of feeding the baby is most comfortable and convenient for you. In either way, the decision is up to every parent to make. What do you think?

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