Similac Sensitive vs. Enfamil Gentlease –Which is Better for Your Baby?

Similac and Enfamil are both reputable brands when it comes down to baby formulas. However, there can be instances that they differ depending on the product being compared. There are many things that can turn off a baby (and a parent) when it comes down to baby formulas. For instance, gas and acid reflux are both very serious things that can happen.

Gas, reflux, and fussiness are all problems of babies who have sensitive stomachs. Therefore, it is the duty of the parent to have a baby formula to give to them that’s okay for such sensitivity. This mainly includes having the milk proteins thoroughly broken down for easy digestion.

Our Comparison: Similac Sensitive vs. Enfamil Gentlease

In this article, we compare two products for babies who have a sensitive stomach: Similac Sensitive and Enfamil Gentlease:

Amount of Content of the Baby Formula

Each can of the Similac Sensitive comes at 34.9 ounces while the Enfamil Gentlease has only 12.4 ounces of content. In addition to that, the Similac Sensitive also comes in a 3-pack so you can be able to save more by buying items in bulk.

Having a lot of baby formula at once helps you to keep a good stock at home, especially if your baby gets hungry more often or if you are feeding more than one baby in the house. This could also be useful if you are quite busy with your schedule and don’t have a lot of time to shop in the grocery store (or even from online stores).

The winner in this round: Similac Sensitive

Similac Sensitive Infant Formula


As for the price, we’d have to give it to Enfamil Gentlease. For those who are not very good with their budget status right now, a good choice would be something that you can just buy one can form and then save up for another some other time.

While it is true that Enfamil Gentlease has fewer baby formulas in one can, its price is definitely lower than that of Similac Sensitive, so it is pretty much a win-win situation. However, if you really want to save more money, then you can go for Enfamil instead.

The price of any baby formula is not always what dictates its quality, so you should always check the label for its ingredients or try it out for yourself. However, if you are feeding a lot of babies at once, it can be more beneficial to buy something that’s less expensive, seeing that most baby formulas won’t really come cheap at all.

The winner in this round: Enfamil Gentlease

Non-GMO Version

There is a version of Similac Sensitive that is non-GMO, which can be beneficial for those who support organic milk instead of the conventional commercial baby formula. On the other hand, Enfamil Gentlease does not have a corresponding non-GMO counterpart, so it may not be the best choice if you are looking for something that is organic.

While both of the products we are comparing right now are the conventional versions (not non-GMO), Similac has the upper hand because it has an option for you to switch to something that’s non-GMO and still get the same kind of ease for baby’s digestion (discussed below) and content of baby formula.

Having a non-GMO product is important because you are supporting local farmers and organic resources. There’s always the question about GMO products as to whether they are beneficial or not to people, especially to babies who have sensitive stomachs and need proper nutrition that comes from organic foods and resources.

The winner in this round: Similac Sensitive

Milk Proteins for Sensitive Stomachs

When it comes down to milk proteins for sensitive stomachs, both Similac Sensitive and Enfamil Gentlease are winners because both of them have proteins that are easy to digest for your baby. This can help with babies who have problems with colic, gas, fussiness and other stomach problems.

The reason why Similac Sensitive and Enfamil Gentlease were made is that many babies are suffering from gas and fussiness, which can most likely disrupt their sleeping schedule as they will be prone to crying at night due to the pain of the colic or gas problems.

Therefore, if your child has a sensitive stomach, both of them will definitely be a solution to your problem with any previously-used commercial baby formula.

The winner in this round: both

Taste and smell

Many people like the smell and taste of Similac Sensitive. None of the reviewers so far have mentioned anything about the smell of Enfamil Gentlease but according to different baby forums, it may have a slightly bitter taste, which can put off babies and sometimes parents.

Having a good taste and smell is important for babies because it will help them to accept the baby formula much better if it’s good-tasting and smells okay. Anything that smells rotten or bitter may put off not just babies but also parents and may even mistake it as a spoiled batch.

The winner in this round: Similac Sensitive

DHA and Other Nutrients

While it is true that both Similac Sensitive and Enfamil Gentlease have DHA for brain development, other nutrients such as Lutein (for healthy eyes) and vitamin E (for healthy skin) can be found on Similac Sensitive. Although Enfamil Gentlease has Choline (which also helps with brain development), it’s only one additional nutrient as compared to two of Similac Sensitive’s list.

The winner in this round: Similac Sensitive

Our Verdict

CriteriaSimilac SensitiveEnfamil Gentlease
Amount of Content of the Baby Formula34.9 ounces12.4 ounces
Price$89.17 ($29.72 per can)$21.99
Non-GMO versionAvailableNone
Milk Proteins for Sensitive StomachsYesYes
Taste and smellOkaySlightly Bitter
DHA and Other NutrientsDHA, Lutein and Vitamin EDHA and Choline
Total Score52

Clearly, our winner is the Similac Sensitive, basically because it’s got more content per can, has a non-GMO version, has a good smell and taste and has more nutrients than Enfamil Gentlease. Although it’s slightly pricier, if budget is not an issue then it’s definitely a better baby formula for your baby. Which do you think is better for you: Similac Sensitive or Enfamil Gentlease?

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