Should You Sterilize your Baby Bottle?

Should you sterilize your baby’s bottle?

The baby bottle is necessary to clean, germ- free and guaranteed to be of high quality. The feeding bottle must at all times sterilize the water to use in washing it is guaranteed to be already clean. Why? Here are a few important reasons why you should sterilize your baby bottle.

High Heat Temperature Destroys Bacteria and Germs

High temperature kills germs and bacteria in the most efficient level as possible. Constant heat pressure around the feeding bottle makes every inch of its surfaces germ- free including the nozzle and the inside of the bottle. Through this, bacteria is fully eliminated that the simple washing and rinsing do not.

Baby Bottles are Prone to many Harmful Organisms

The feeding bottles often use many times a day, and the constant use does not excuse it in attracting bacteria. Aside from drinking milk, the baby also takes other fluids that cause the formation of bacteria outside and inside the container. When you don’t remove these, the child might become infected with different kinds of illnesses.

It’s Better to be Sure and Safe about It.

When it comes to baby’s health, the most important thing to consider is the certainty of safety. There are many the micro – organism surrounding the air which causes bacteria and viruses. Sterilization is a must to do for parents mainly because this makes a definite assurance of healthy living.

The baby has the right to have a healthy upbringing when it comes to the things he or she uses at home. Considering you already have a baby, the proper sterilization process must be in your mind already because preparedness leads to certainty. Once the thought of it is there, there’s no trouble in doing it every day until the baby no longer needs the bottle.

There are the Traditional Methods of Sterilizing, these are:

  •     Boiling

It is a method wherein the feeding bottles are submerged to a pan of boiling water and left there for a couple of hours. It is also one of the oldest and most frequently used sterilization methods by parents for many of years. The process is easy and straightforward to follow.

  • Cold Water Sterilizing

In this kind of method, cold water is used to sterilize the container and also doesn’t take long to sterilize the bottle. A sterilizing fluid solution uses as a solvent for the sterilization process. It also removes bacteria.

A baby deserves to take cared of properly by providing sterilization procedure in the bottle he or she uses. With the proper sterilization process, your child will be in good hands. So, are you ready to sterilize the baby bottle?


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