Pampers Swaddlers vs. Baby Dry

Pampers has indeed become a world standard when it comes down to keeping your baby dry, leak-free and comfortable throughout a night’s sleep or a day’s activity. Diapers have never really been truly as comfortable as cloths, but they sure are very secure over them in terms of keeping your baby’s mess from doing the things they love.

Choosing a good diaper for your baby is important. This is because your baby can be more prone to rashes due to their sensitive skin. Another factor is if they tend to feed a lot – this means that they also eliminate a lot. This is why you need quality diapers that will support them in terms of comfort and dryness.

The Showdown: Pampers Swaddlers vs. Baby Dry

Here in this article, we put both Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby Dry in a showdown as to which diaper has the most useful features for you and your baby.

The amount in one package

Swaddlers has a total of 216 diapers in one pack. This makes it more applicable to babies and moms who need more diapers on the go and frequently change. It is also ideal for those who have two or three more kids because this is a bigger pack to have.

Baby Dry, on the other hand, has a fewer count in terms of the number of diapers in one package, amounting to only 180 diapers. While this can be a downer for most people, it is still an okay and decent number of diapers, especially for those with normal changing time schedules.

It is definitely a good idea on having more diapers in one package. This is ideal if you have more babies than one, if your baby needs frequent changing or if you don’t have a lot of time to go to the supermarket (or buy online) to buy a pack. Buying in bulk always saves time, effort and money in the long run, as compared to packs with lower amounts of diapers.

The winner in this round: Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Disposable Baby Diapers

Available sizes

In terms of sizes that are available for your baby, both Swaddlers and Baby Dry have an equal amount of sizes that you can choose from, starting from size 1 diapers to size 6 diapers. This lets you assure that you can find the perfect fit for your baby depending on his or her age bracket and weight.

Having a decent and wide selection of the available sizes for your baby in terms of choosing the right diaper for them is important. If you have an improperly fitting diaper that is too big, it can potentially leak out pee everywhere you go.

If the diaper you choose is too small for your baby, it will make him or her very uncomfortable, cry a lot and form rashes later on. Therefore, you should definitely pick the right size to avoid these inconveniences for your baby in the long run.

The winner in this round: both


When it comes down to the price, Swaddlers seems to be cheaper than Baby Dry. Both of them are almost in the same price bracket, however, Swaddlers can be 1 to 2 dollars cheaper than Baby Dry. While both of these baby diapers are intended for a newborn and those who are a few months older, Baby Dry seems to have more layers in each diaper, making its price a little higher.

Diapers can be expensive if you add them up in a year’s usage. One of the biggest expenses for a baby would be the use of diapers, and this is why many moms could potentially be turned off by a high price or a change of price (increase) in a diaper brand.

Therefore, you should be very mindful in terms of the price of the product, especially with baby diapers, but not to the point where the cheapness in price could cause a low-quality product to come out.

The winner in this round: Pampers Swaddlers

How comfortable is it?

In terms of comfort, Swaddlers is indeed very comfortable because of the softness of the construction inside and out. As a Pampers product, Swaddlers can help your child to fall asleep without itching and irritation or being suffocated in their legs when they wear the diapers.

However, for Baby Dry, it is actually a little more comfortable than Swaddlers, as mentioned by many reviewers. They described Swaddlers as being a little stiffer than Baby Dry in terms of comfort. This is mainly because Baby Dry is a little pricier and thus have more comfort materials to it.

When it comes to comfort, you need to consider how your baby will feel with a certain product, such as diapers. If your baby is not comfortable at all, he or she will cry excessively or be irritated throughout the day (and night). Diapers can get hot because of keeping it leak-free. This is why you need a cool and comfortable diaper to help your baby to stay fresh all day (and night, if possible).

The winner in this round: Pampers Baby Dry

Any bad smells?

When it comes down to masking away bad odors, the Swaddlers does a pretty good job in terms of keeping the pee and poop smell to a minimum. This is important if you need to travel with your baby anywhere where there are lots of people so that they won’t be turned off by the smell.

However, Baby Dry may not be as good as Swaddlers in terms of masking away the bad odors. They may be okay for pee, but for poop, that’s another story. Most reviewers also complain that the smell can be off-putting as compared to that of Pampers Swaddlers.

Nobody likes the smell of a fully used diaper, even when it is currently being used by your baby. This is why many diapers have protective features to mask away the bad smell while still being able to detect if it is time to change. Knowing that your baby will not leak out the awful smell in public when they wear the diapers is important so that you will not potentially create an inconvenience for other people, especially on a daily commute.

The winner in this round: Pampers Swaddlers


Both Swaddlers and Baby Dry have a softness that is a lot better than other brands and Pampers products. This is because both of them are intended for newborns, younger babies and the like, hence they need to be soft (as indicated that they are available in size 1 to size 6 only).

Choosing the right softness for your baby’s diaper is akin to giving them a comfortable experience during the day and at bedtime. A diaper that is soft can be ideal for babies who have sensitive skin and who are more prone to having rashes.

While it is true that most diapers that have a lot of softness may lack support (as compared to products like the Pampers Cruisers), they still have a decent amount of support in some manner and will keep your baby dry and comfortable at the very least.

The winner in this round: both

Changing time

Many reviewers agreed that Baby Dry needs to be changed more often as compared to Swaddlers. Perhaps there was a change in design that made Baby Dry a little inferior when it comes down to holding leaks for your baby.

The winner in this round: Pampers Swaddlers

Wetness indicator

Only Swaddlers has a wetness indicator – Baby Dry doesn’t, so it can be hard for you to determine whether it is time for you to change your baby’s diapers. This is an important feature for moms who are often busy with work or other things.

The winner in this round: Pampers Swaddlers

As a whole

Overall, Pampers Swaddlers is our winner as compared to Baby Dry in terms of masking away bad odors, price, amount in one pack, changing time and wetness indicator. The only minor con would be the construction, in which Baby Dry seems to be more comfortable for most babies.

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