A Complete Collection List of All Monster High Doll (with Character Names and Pictures)

Monster High is a popular series of dolls made by Mattel, the same company that made Barbie and her
friends. One thing that makes Monster High very popular is its display of colorful characters, all with
different personalities and fashionable outfits.

Created by Garett Sander, Monster High has been immensely popular with kids ? not just in terms of
doll sales, but also on other merchandise such as school bags and the like. Think of Monster High characters as “goth fashion style” versions of Barbie. It can] also be seen related to other collectible
franchise like My Little Pony and Bratz.

Many kids really love Monster High, as it already has its own web series and a couple of short episodes
or specials shown on Nickelodeon, for those who are curious. These shows give more background to the
universe of Monster High and all of its amazing characters.

Monster High dolls are not just fashionable but are also colorful and customizable. However, there are a
ton of Monster High dolls out there to choose from – all with different names and styles. To help you not
get confused, we’re bringing you a complete collection list of all Monster High dolls out there.

65 Monster High Dolls

Below is a list of all the Monster High dolls and their brief descriptions, divided into main characters (the
original ghouls), the ghouls (female) and monsters (male)

1.Main characters

Get to know the main characters (the Original Ghouls) of Monster High:

Frankie Stein

Known as the daughter of Victor Frankenstein’s monster (which people mistakenly call “Frankenstein,
Frankie Stein is a very iconic gothic style character in the series who may be clumsy but considerate to
other, you will love her heels, her dark but the fashionable dress and her nicely-patterned hair.

Clawdeen Wolfe

She is the daughter of the Werewolf and is known to be fierce in her outfits. Clawdeen Wolfe’s greatest
asset is her sense of furry style, complete with earrings on her wolf-like ears and a fashionable jacket.
She’s known as the fashionista of the Original Ghouls.


Having a pretty pink color motif with a touch of black, Draculaura is basically a vampire that has a
stylish outfit and a pair of wings. Draculaura is known to easily faint when she sees blood and is also the
daughter of the ever-famous Count Dracula.

Ghoulia Yelps

With a blue color scheme. Ghoulia Yelps is the tech-smart of the Original Ghouls due to her intelligence.
However, she’s only able to communicate using a zombie language (by which she only groans) but that
doesn’t stop her from being an important part of the team.

Lagoona Blue

Inspired with a sea creature motif but in a girly shade of pink and light blue, the blonde haired Lagoona Blue is basically the daughter of the Creature from Black Lagoon. Her amazing ability to aquatic creatures is what makes her special.

Cleo De Nile

You’ll find Cleo de Nile similar to Cleopatra from the history of Egypt, as she may be based on her, and is also canonically the daughter of a certain Ramses de Nile (a mummy). She seems to be the leader of the team due to her strong personality and is also leading the “fear leading squad”.

2. Ghouls

These characters are also ghouls (female characters) of Monster High but are secondary characters.


Known as the daughter of Yeti (you know, the “abominable snowman” as called by many people). Abbey
BOMINABLE is a cute and adorable Monster High character who is known for her blue skin. She also keeps Shiver, a woolly mammoth, as a pet.

Amanita Nightshade

Ever seen a plant monster before? Basically, that fits the description of Amanita Nightshade, who is known as the “bad seed of the Corpse Flower” and is known to be the rival of Cleo de Nile. Amanita also has a couple of attention-seeking issues.

Ari Hauntington

Ari Hauntington is basically a ghost girl – her body is translucent and her face can glow (you’ll see this effect even in her doll form!). Ari is a daughter of some ghosts and since she is a singer, and has been an inspiration to many monsters in the series.

Avia Trotter

A hybrid (a combination of different monsters) much like Frankie Stein, Avea Trotter is a part-centaur (half-human, half-horse) and part-harpy (a kind of winged creature in mythology). Because of her uniqueness, she is one of the coolest Monster High characters out there in terms of design.

Batsy Claro

Already hinted in her name, Batsy Claro is the daughter of a creature known as the White Vampire Bat, also given away by her skin tone and her wings. Batsy has a color motif that suggests her one true passion – her love for nature.

Bonita Femur

Another hybrid monster on the list is Bonita Femur, whose mom is a skeleton (hence
“Femur”) and whose dad is a Mothman (a folklore humanoid creature with moth-like wings).
Because of this, she’s somewhat inherited the habit of chewing through silk or wool clothing
when she’s not in a good mood.

Catrine Demew

As the daughter of the Werecat (basically a Werewolf but a cat), Catrine DeMew has a
passion for the arts using chalk drawings, painting and the like. She has pale skin and
highlights or streaks in her hair, emanating a very artistic sense of fashion.

Catty Noir

Also a daughter of the Werecat, Catty Noir is a black-skinned ghoul based on the traditional
connotation for black cats and bad luck. This is characterized by her love for the number 13. Her superstitious beliefs of a broken mirror glass and same-food eating also add to this bad
luck scheme.

Casta Fierce

As the daughter of a witch named Circe, Casta Fierce is the main vocalist of Casta and the
Spells, a popular band. Indeed, she has a very rocking style with her broomstick that doubles as a mic stand. Because of her spell-casting abilities, she’s cautious with her song lyrics.

Clawdia Wolf

Clawdia Wolf is Clawdeen’s older sister and has a darker skin color. Her goal is to be a successful “screamwriter” in “Hauntlywood? and has a golden blonde hair. She’s also studied drama in “Londoom” so that she’ll be able to achieve her dreams.

Dayna Treasura Jones

Ever heard of the fearful pirate DavyJones? In Monster High, he has a daughter named Dayna Treasura Jones, who is, of course, bearing a pirate motif. Her classy outfit, such as her treasure chest style hat, is what makes her unique. If you actually reverse her black skirt, you’ll see a treasure map underneath.


Also known for her stage name Veronica Van Vamp, Elissabat is basically a movie star and is next in line to the throne of the Vampire Queen. This truly gothic superstar is said to be 1,601 years old and her doll also comes with her diary, an acting trophy, and a coffin movie case.

Elle Eedee

Having a really classy and detailed outfit, Elle Eedee has a blue theme and is known to be a DJ who makes party music for dancing. The daughter of robots, Elle Eedee is true to that robotic theme with a pale skin and a full-on accessory detail for her dress.

Gigi Grant

As the daughter of the Genie, Gigi Grant is able to grant 13 wishes, which is her sole duty, until she was finally freed from this task and was able to join Monster High at the end of her feature special. Her shoes are reminiscent of the magic lamp.

Gooliope Jellington

Gooliope Jellington comes from the Freak du Chic line as she used to be part of the circus as a ringmaster in so-called “Scarnivals”. She is basically the tallest of all the ghouls in the school at 15 feet (her doll measures 17 inches tall).

Honey Swamp

Known as an aspiring cinematographer in the universe of Monster High, Honey Swamp is a ghoul who is the daughter of the Honey Island Swamp monster. Her light blue skin is what makes her stand out and her amazing curls and cute dress will captivate you.

Howleen Wolf

Also part of the Werewolf family as the younger sister of Clawdeen, Howleen Wolf is also one of the fiercest characters in the merchandise and series. She has a ton of outfits to choose from. Her confidence is what helped many ghouls to regain self-esteem for themselves.

Iris Clops

As the daughter of Cyclops, Iris Clops is green-skinned and has one green eye, much like what Cyclops has. Because she only has one eye, she tends to easily trip, fall and become clumsy all over the face. However, she is still a lovable character.

Isi Dawndancer

As a daughter of a Deer Spirit, Isi Dawndancer has a Native American outfit style in the color scheme of light blue, pink and black, with matching antlers. Because of her deer nature, she tends to be afraid of bright lights and loves to dance.

Jane Boolittle

Have you ever heard of the movie Doctor Dolittle? It’s actually based off a 1920’s children’s book, in which Jane Boolittle is the daughter of Doctor Boolittle (based from the movie character we’ve mentioned) in Monster High. Jane is able to talk to animals and has a pet named Needles.

Jinafire Long

Do you want something that is Chinese culture inspired?Jinafire Long is such a case, as she is the daughter of a Chinese dragon, as characterized by her tail and outfit. Because of her Chinese culture theme, her outfit is fully detailed and you can see traditional Chinese patterns.

Kala Mer’ri

A truly mysterious ghoul who is also unique would be Kala Mer’ri, who is only known to be a sea monster ghoul. Not much is known about her, but she has bioluminescent (glow in the dark) effects for her doll. She looks like a half-squid and half-ghoul creature with four arms.

Kiyomi Haunterly

The daughter of theJapanese faceless ghost called the Noppera-bo, Kiyomy Haunterly basically has no face, or rather, having a translucent face in her doll form. What makes her stand out is her fashionable chain belt in pink. Her doll form also has a slightly translucent blue color scheme.

Kjersti Trollson

Ever heard of the mountain trolls? Kjersti Trollson is the daughter of such, as indicated by her Viking-like outfits and her controller-style bag. She is a gamer girl – a great way to promote the relationship of women and video games, which is often discriminated and stereotyped by people that “games are for guys only”.

Lorna McNessie

Most people have heard of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, and Lorna McNessie is basically its daughter. Her arms, legs, and tail have the signs of a sea monster and her blue skin has a good contrast with her red-orange hair. Lorna enjoys photobombing and was even praised by the Loch Ness Bid organization.

Luna Mothews

A moth-inspired character, Luna Mothews is the daughter of Mothman (as we mentioned above) and is known to be the “goth-moth? ghoul of Monster High. Despite her moth origin, her wings actually look like butterfly wings, but her style and dress definitely get inspiration from moths.

Marisol Coxi

Coming from “Monster Picchu”, Marisol Coxi is the daughter of a Maricoxi (Bigfoot) and has really stylish braids in bright pink, contrasting her pink hair. She has a light pink skin tone with a South American scheme and pattern. As she is the daughter of Bigfoot, she has elongated feet.

Moanica D’Kay

As another Zombie daughter, Moanica D’kay has a very fierce outfit and a streak of yellow on her lavender colored hair. Her earrings look like worms, which is true to her zombie nature, along with her gray colored skin. The fierceness of her zombie style also comes from her acid-patterned vest and patterned pants.

Mouscedes King

As the daughter of the Rat King, Mousceded King is basically rat-themed in her outfit. Her hair is a light pink and her dress is patterned with a cheese theme. As with this motif, she loves to eat sharp cheddar cheese and yet she is also lactose intolerant.

Nefera de Nile

The older sister of Cleo de Nile by 3 years, Nefera de Nile has a very fierce color scheme of aqua or turquoise, followed by a majestic black crown. Her usual accessory is a piece of the comet crystal when you check out her doll version. Her ballet shoes are a combination of intertwining snakes!


Based from, and is said to be the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, the ghoul knew as Operatta has a simple but keen sense of style and calls herself to be a rockabilly (a person who loves rock and roll music).

Peri & Pearl Serpintine

Known as the daughters of the Hydra, the two-headed Peri and Pearl Serpentine are basically twins in one body with a snake bottom. Because of their Hydra nature, both Peri and Pearl also have dragon-like motifs on their hands. Pearl is the blonde one while Peri is the blue-haired one with a white streak.

Posea Reef

Known as the daughter of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, Posea Reef indeed has a sea themed design, enveloped in corals, seaweed and other accessories reminiscent of the sea. Her bottom is reminiscent of an octopus-like creature. Her duty is to take care of the “Great Scarrier Reef”.

Purrsephone and Meowlody

Often referred to as the Werecat sisters, Purrsephone and Meowlody both love gymnastics as a common interest. They have a completely feline design. Both of them have a very charming appearance – Purrsephone is the black-haired one while the white-haired one is Meowlody.

River Styxx

Known for her “pastel goth” motif, River Styxx is the Grim Reaper’s daughter. Owning Cawtion, a raven skeleton, surprising fellow monsters is one of her habits. Her doll is translucent on her arms and lower legs so you can see her bones. However, instead ofa scythe, she has a staff.

Robecca Steam

Robecca Steam is Hexicah Steam’s daughter in Monster High. She is of steampunk motif all over her outfit – from her hair down to her boots. Because she’s a robot, she shows to have metallic skin that has plating and riveting, which you can see in her doll form in fine details.

Rochelle Goyle

Protective just like her parents, the Gargoyles, Rochelle 60er is greatly interested in sculpting as a hobby. As she is like a gargoyle princess, her outfit is very detailed, along with a pair of wings, as with gargoyles. She also loves architecture, though her friends may sometimes see her as overprotective.

Scarah Screams

Known as the daughter of the Irish Banshees, Scarah Screams is usually dismissed off by other monsters due to the fear of causing a bad omen when she says something. Scarah Screams has white eyes without pupils and a pale skin. Her fashion motif is also the same as her monochromatic color scheme.

Siren von Boo

Another hybrid monster, Sirena Von Boo is part-ghost and part-mermaid. As with this, she has a black, blue and white color motif, with her fins being black and white. Among the other ghouls, she is described as the “air fin” mainly because she’s always keeping her head in the clouds.

Skelita Calaveras

Based from Mexican culture and the daughter of Lose Eskeletos, Skelita Calaveras is the Monster High ghoul who is directly involved with the commemoration of the Dia de Los Muertos. As such, her outfit and style are very Mexican, along with her skeleton figure.

Spectra Vondergeist

Managing the so-called “Ghostly Gossip” blog with her phone that has a coffin shape, Spectra Vondergeist is another Ghostly daughter. Because she can fly through floors and pass through walls, her name is probably based off the Poltergeist. Unfortunately, her blogging gets the wrong impression from others.

Freak du Chic Toralei

Another daughter of the Werecat, Toralei Stripe is basically one of the mean girls in the series. Her personality tends to be overconfident and overpowering that she doesn?t think of others too much. She is currently living the first of her nine lives as a 15-year?old werecat ghoul.

Vandala Doubloons

Another ghoul who comes from the TV special “Haunted”, Vandala Doubloons is also a pirate ghost daughter, judging from her pirate inspired look. Her pastel colors look amazing along with her light blue (aquamarine) skin, as well as sea creature accents and a translucent pirate hat.

Venus McFlytrap

Another daughter of a plant monster, her style is self-labeled as “eco-punk” as she is an enthusiast for caring for the environment. Coming from the original Venus Flytrap motif, she has vine accessories on her hands and usually comes with a megaphone-like accessory to which she announces her cause for the

Viperine Gorgon

Also coming from the same “Frights, Camera, Action” movie of Monster High, Viperine Gorgon is a makeup artist who comes from “Barcelgrona” and works on “Hauntlywood”. Viperine is the cousin of Deuce Gorgon and is the daughter of Stheno, who is related to Medusa.

Wydowna Spider

Known as the daughter of Arachne, Whydowna Spider is similar to that of a spider with 6 arms in total and is known to be on good terms with Ghoulia Yelps, usually collaborating with her on projects. Her best strength is her ability to multitask due to her multiple arms.

Zomby Gaga

A Monster High ghoul who’s greatly reminiscent of Lady Gaga, Zomby Gaga was actually designed by Natali Germanotta, Lady Gaga?s sister. Her likeness to the pop singer is based off her costume in “Born This Way”.

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood

The headmistress of Monster High, Headmistress Bloodgood is able to detach
her head and usually comes with a horse in her doll set. One of her subjects is
Trigular Calcometry 101, and she is also the Headless Horseman’s daughter.


Mansters are the male monsters of Monster High, and here they are:

Clawd Wolf

He is the older brother of the Wolf sisters Clawdeen, Clawdia and Howleen. He is currently known to be the love interest of Draculaura and has dated both Frankie and Cleo before. He tends to protect his younger siblings too much.

Deuce Gordon

He is the son of Medusa, a gorgon, and is known to be 16 years old. Deuce is able to turn people into stone, as with Medusa, and he also loves to cook. He is the love interest of Cleo and is a popular Monster High male character.

 Finnegan Wake

Because he is a merman, he is unable to walk properly on land, as he is the son of a mermaid. Finnegan rides a wheelchair and this leads other ghouls to put him down, but this doesn’t faze him at all with his condition, as he’s a brave daredevil.

Garrott DuRoque

Known to be the boyfriend of Rochelle Goyle, Garrot is also part gargoyle
himself, being the son of a French gargoyle. He is usually sold with Rochelle as a
twin pack in doll form and has a dark blue hair.

Gillington “gil” Webber

Known to be the boyfriend of Lagoona Blue, Gil has a nautical and sea-inspired design. His relationship with Lagoona is quite difficult because Gil can only survive in freshwater but Lagoona can only survive in saltwater.

Heath Burns

Heath Burns is basically what his name tells him – the son of two Fire Elementals. He is currently dating Abbey and is known to be the class clown of Monster High. Like his motif and powers, he has a spiky reddish hair.

Invisi Billy

As the son of the Invisible Man, Invisi Billy has a translucent skin down to his legs in his doll form and is the boyfriend of Scarah Screams, both of which share common interests together as both of them are ghost descendants.

Jackson Jekyll

Based on the famous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jackson Jekyll is a young manster at Monster High and is the son of Dr.Jekyll. He has an alter-ego named Holt Hyde whenever he hears loud music, and his skin turns to blue.

Neighthan Rot

Another hybrid monster, Neighthan Rot is a combination of a unicorn and a zombie, in which he has a very colorful doll design, along with a rainbow unicorn spike. His love interest is said to be Frankie Stein, who is also a fellow hybrid.

Porter Geiss

The son of the Poltergeist, he also appears in “Haunted” and is the love interest of Spectra Vondergeist as seen from the TV special. He has a chain design around his clothes, a recurring theme of design among Monster High dolls.

Slo Mo

Being the love interest of Ghoulia, Slowman is also a zombie, having pale skin and blue hair. Originally, his name was Moe “Slow-Moe” Deadovitch. Not much is known about him, but his style is very reminiscent to that of Ghoulia’s but a male version.


We hope you enjoyed this complete list of all Monster High dolls and their information so that you will be able to recreate scenes with the different characters. Which of these Monster High dolls is your favorite and why?




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