Is Saffron Good For Your Kids?

Kesar, also known as saffron, is a kind of spice that is not just used in the cuisine for savory food and recipes. It is also well-known as a beneficial herbal supplement that’s been going around for a long period of time. Many babies around the world have been given saffron mixed with their baby formula or mother’s milk due to the wide health benefits.

Benefits of Saffron for Kids

Yes, saffron is good for your kids (or babies) due to the following benefits:

1. Can help with insomnia. Babies and kids around the world may take saffron supplements or natural saffron to help with their insomnia. This is because there is a mild sedative that can possibly work well with babies or kids who have sleep disorders. The trick is to include this in your child’s milk or baby formula.

2. May help with anxiety, depression, or restlessness. Children who display signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, or restlessness can possibly benefit from saffron. This is because of its sedating properties, as we mentioned above. Just make sure you get pure saffron and not artificial ones. The saffron can be used in mixing with milk or any drink of your child’s choice.

3. Could help with digestive problems. Colic problems can be alleviated with the help of saffron. In addition to that, it can also help with babies whose tummies are sensitive and aren’t too well in terms of digesting food. Aside from the digestive benefits of saffron, it can also help the kidney, liver, and bladder, due to the included spices that can help with the blood flow.

4. A possible way of alleviating asthma. Children who have asthma or have some difficulty in breathing can benefit from saffron. It is able to clear your child’s airways from inflammation which can benefit their breathing overall. If you want a quick fix for asthma attacks then saffron can be a good option for your little one.

5. May help babies with gas and acidity. When it comes down to digestive health, saffron can possibly work well with babies and kids who have gas problems and an acidic stomach. This may be good news to those who have saffron at home and just want to give their child a home remedy to avoid spending too much money.

6. Could help with kids’ fever. The crocin compound that is found in saffron may be able to help with reducing fever, so it may be a good aide in terms of helping your child recover from fever.

7. May help with kids’ learning and development. There are also other ways that saffron can help your child. The crocin compound may also help with their ability to recall lessons and memory retention, which can be good for young toddlers who are in their stage that they are learning the alphabet, colors, and numbers, which may help if they go to pre-school.

Where to get Saffron Supplement

You can find a good saffron supplement in most online shops. Just make sure to check if the saffron is legit or not by looking at the saffron strands. You should also consider brands that are reputable with a lot of good reviews.


To wrap it up, saffron is a good home remedy for kids and has a variety of benefits. If your child is usually anxious, unable to sleep, or feeling the blues more often, you can help his or her mood get back in shape by feeding them saffron supplements in association with good parenting and counseling as advised by their pediatrician or specialist.

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