18 Best Imaginarium Train Table Set For Toddlers

Imaginarium means a place of imagination, often attributed to places that kids (and sometimes adults) make up in their minds using their imagination. Simply put, they are like places of your own, usually made possible by miniature sets, such as a train table set.

Having an imaginarium at home makes your child’s imagination grow so that they will be able to learn things faster in school. It will also enhance their critical thinking skills and can be useful in their future careers. Such imaginariums can be bought at stores to become sets for your child to create their own world.

Best Imaginarium Train Table Set For Toddlers

Below are some of the best train table sets to create an imaginarium with for your toddlers:

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set

This train set has a total size of 48 x 34 x 16 inches and is protected by a lip to keep toys on the play table, which measures 1.5 inches. The landscaped play board is made with silk screening to make it realistic in terms of looks. There is also a mechanism to prevent chipping with the use of the T-molded edges. You can store the items you don’t need with the red plastic bins that are included.

KidKraft Limited Edition Waterfall Mountain

If you want a train set on a table that has more unique content, this one will do the trick. Measuring 48 x 15 x 32 inches, this one has 120 pieces for its train set and a total of 2 drawers. It is compatible with Wooden Thomas & Friends and other sets related to it. The edges are curved to make sure the train set table is safe to use for toddlers and little kids.

KidKraft Super Expressway Set

This train set comes with a train that can be set up in 3 pieces. You can place your favorite KidKraft, Brio and Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway vehicles in the imaginarium set. You can also make different configurations for the winding track that’s included in the train table set. Because of its large size, many children can play at the same time. There is also an airplane and a helicopter included in the set.

KidKraft Wooden Play Table

As a simple base table, this one is great for when you already have existing table tracks for a train set. It also comes with a storage compartment at the bottom to keep your play pieces. The landscape design is pretty good and you can set your imaginarium pieces however you like. The storage drawer is at 16 inches wide so it is able to fit up to 12 toy trains.

KidKraft Metropolis Train Table

As a train set with a higher table included, this one comes with high bridges, winding roads and the like. The espresso finish and solid wood frame can make it very stylish to put anywhere in a room. This train set has a total of 100 pieces and it also comes with a 2-tier bridge, which makes it quite like San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The illustrations on the playing surface are colorful with good contrast for placing your tracks.

Conductor Carl Train Table

This imaginarium table features a simple bright-colored town which comes with different vehicles, establishments, and roads. It has a bunch of wooden tracks with single piece construction so they are durable for most kids to use. All of the parts are free from lead, phthalates and are CPSIA compliant for your child’s safety. You can also use this track set for Thomas Wooden Railway play pieces. There is also a free Conductor Carl Train included in the package.

Maxim Enterprise Train Set

This set is compatible with various train sets out there in the market, such as Thomas And Friends, Brio and other fine wooden train sets. It also comes with a storage bin for easy cleanup and storage so you can enjoy playtime without worrying about messes or missing parts. This 50-piece set has detailed miniature parts that can simulate a real town or track so you can create your own imaginarium.

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway

This play table imaginarium comes with the design and play pieces of the TV series Thomas & Friends. The wood construction is quite durable on this one which allows it to stay sturdy for frequent use by toddlers. Any Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway pieces, such as playsets, accessories and the like. There are also racks on the side so that you can put your engines there when not in use.

Pidoko Kids Train Table

As a wooden play table, this one comes with 2 convenient jumbo sized storage bins so you can store all of your stuff when you’re done playing with them. The finish of the table is quite good and has rounded edges to prevent accidents. All pieces are made with non-toxic paints for the safety of your child. The double-sided play board makes it great for those who want two types of terrain in just one imaginarium.

KidKraft Ride Around Set

Made with a total of 100 colorful pieces, this ride around train set and the table have a spacious design so that multiple children can play at once with all of the game pieces. Such pieces include a runway, a helipad, a hospital, an ambulance, and an airport. There are 2 bins for convenient storage of your game pieces. The groove track pieces are easy to connect for your little toddler due to its simple design.

Costzon Train Set Table

This table has a total of 108 pieces to enjoy and set up. Use the long tracks so that you can be able to create different scenes available for your children. Many game pieces like an airplane, bridge, house, policemen, trees and other characters. You can also use it for trains due to its tracks. Because it uses environmental-friendly paint, it will not be toxic to your child when they play with it.

Toys R Us Train Table Set

This large and detailed imaginarium set measures 49 x 32 x 17 inches and has a lot of toys and pieces in it. There are about 23 feet of track or more with this amazing train table. With a total of 100 pieces, it has a roundhouse that has 3 doors while there are other features like a light-up bridge, a heliport express tunnel, a working sign, a train wash, a central station and many more!

Imaginarium Train Set with Table

This 55-piece imaginarium set comes with a bridge and other accessories to set up your own town. It measures 31 x 30 x 15 inches in total and also includes the Thomas & Friends & Brio Wooden Train Sets for you to play with. Included in the set are 3 trains going around the tracks, 2 vehicles, 2 figures for riding the vehicles, a hospital, a mechanic shop and much more to play with.

Imaginarium 100 + Piece Mountain Rock Train Table

This play table comes with 23 feet of track, has over 100 pieces to enjoy, and has a ton of vehicles, including trains. It even has a fueling station, five cargo bundles, 3 traffic signs, a crossing gate, trees, viaducts, zone cones, trestles and many more from the package. It measures 47 x 32 x 15 inches in total, and can also be used with Thomas & Friends and Brio wooden train sets.

Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table

This metro line table is great for those who want more detailed construction of play piece. It has 6 different play destinations so that you can expand your imagination and recreate the track play area or city to create your own imaginarium of choice. It has a heliport, a helicopter, a 360-degree crane, a 3-door roundhouse and other great play pieces, all of which can be stored in the included storage bin.

Imaginarium All-In-One Wooden Train Table

As a detailed wooden table with sufficient pieces, this one is a nearly complete community with a junction area in the middle, has people, a bridge, some cars, some realistic tracks, a riverside, a small pond, some traffic signs, a gas station, a terminal and so much more! Playing pretend in an imaginarium has never been this simple and fun with this simple design that takes only about 1 hour to put together.

CP Toys Wooden Table

This train table comes at 100 pieces in total and measures 45 x 33 x 16 inches in its dimensions. Best played by toddlers who are at least 2 years or older, this one can be used to play with different train sets, such as the included Percy and Talking Thomas engines. You will only take about an hour-and-a-half when setting it up. There is also another bridge in separate packaging in case Thomas trains don’t fit in the main ones.

Maxim Railroad Activity Table

This 50-piece train set has a colorful design on its table alongside with its platform landscape. It is compatible with Thomas and Friends trains and the like. It comes with a total of 5 trains that you can play with, such as Thomas and Friends, Brio trains. You can also have easy cleanup and storage due to the included storage bin with the table. As for assembly, the track sticks together just as well as most activity tables.

How To Make A Train Table

Ever wonder how to make your own imaginarium or train table? Sometimes, if you don’t want to spend too much on a store-bought imaginarium, you can actually make your own at home with a few simple tools and items. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out:

  1. Buy a basic track set. Most track sets can be bought on Amazon or IKEA and can be easily set up by snapping them together like puzzle pieces. Just make sure that they are durable and are going to be just the right size for your train, such as for Thomas and Friends trains. The reason why you will need a store-bought basic track set is that they are a lot easier to put together and to take apart when no longer needed.
  • Prepare the base using a wood platform. Look around your house if you might have a spare piece of wood resting somewhere. This piece of wood could be a leftover from a DIY job at home. The piece of wood will be used for the base of your track, in which you can paint over.
  • Glue the track to your board platform. Using a quality glue brand, or maybe even a glue gun, or if you want it to stay permanent – a higher brand of adhesive, glue the track to your chosen board platform. Make sure you read the user instructions on how to set up the track before you glue them to the board.
  • Let the pieces dry. Make sure you give it about 10 minutes to air dry so that it will be sturdy when the train goes there. You can put it outside in sunlight to ensure that it dries quickly.
  • Draw and paint in the details. Use your imagination and draw in some landscapes around the track. You can add grass greens, river blues, gray gravels and so much more. You can even put real grass turf that can be bought from most stores. You can draw the details in pencil while the pieces are drying but paint in the details when it is fully dried.
  • Add your other imaginarium pieces. We recommend not putting glue on tall structures like trees and buildings. This is so that if you want to put it under your bed or take it for traveling, you won’t have to be in trouble fitting it in. You can also rearrange them or have your kids position them to create their own imaginarium as they see fit.
  • Place the train on the tracks and give it a test. If you have Thomas and Friends tracks then they can be used for your track. This, of course, depends on whether the track is compatible. As we mentioned above, you should pick a track set that fits your train set, or you can purchase a track set that already comes with a train set for your convenience.
  • Test it with your little one! If your little toddler is greatly satisfied then it will be all worth it!


To conclude our article, a great imaginarium train table set can be an awesome gift for your little toddler to expand their imagination. They can be easily assembled and customized to your liking. Which of these amazing imaginarium train table sets did you like and why?

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