How to Tell If You’re Pregnant Without a Test

You don’t always need a test to tell you that you’re pregnant. Some women just know when they’re pregnant. They have that gut feeling and they’re right!

Or maybe it’s because they know their bodies so well that they notice any little change that might indicate something new growing inside of them.

If you’re not one of those women who just know they’re pregnant and you want to get more in tune with your body, there are eight signs you can look for that may indicate that you are pregnant. The best part of being able to notice whether or not you are pregnant is that you don’t need a pregnancy test to find out!

The answer to your am-I-pregnant-question may be only a few minutes away!

8 Signs of Pregnancy

1. Your Period is a No-Show

If you’re keeping track of your period, a missed period is usually your first sign of pregnancy. Whether your cycle is regular or not, it is wise to keep track of it either on paper or on a phone app.

Knowing your cycle can give you valuable information about your body. Irregular bleeding may alert you to a problem. And a period that doesn’t arrive could mean pregnancy!

2. Cramping

Cramps But No Period

Cramping during early pregnancy is completely normal. It is the result of pregnancy hormones getting the uterus ready to turn a bunch of cells into a little human!

If you have period-like cramps and your monthly cycle hasn’t started, you might be experiencing the cramping associated with the changes your now-pregnant uterus is undergoing.

Combine cramping without a monthly cycle and you’re one step closer to determining whether or not you’re pregnant.

3. Swollen, Painful Breasts

Many women get tender breasts during the latter part of their cycle. And it’s a useful symptom to note if you do track your cycle.

While monthly breast tenderness will ease up in the days before you get your period, pregnancy-related breast tenderness may cause more discomfort than you’re used to. And it will last throughout the early weeks of pregnancy, perhaps even forcing you to buy a bigger bra.

4. Fatigue

In addition to feeling unusually tired – that’s because your body has done the hard work of laying down the foundation for growing a human – it’s also common to feel out of breath.

If you’re a frequent exerciser, you may notice that you’re dragging through your workouts. You might find that you need to slow down sooner than normal so you can catch your breath.

If you’re not a frequent exerciser, climb a couple flights of stairs for your own “home pregnancy test.” And if the mere thought of climbing stairs triggers more disgust than normal at the thought of exercising, maybe that’s a clear enough sign of pregnancy!

5. Frequent Urination

Running to the bathroom to pee more often than normal is just another one of those signs that your body is hard at work making a baby.

Again, blame pregnancy hormones in the early weeks. Your uterus and baby aren’t big enough yet to blame for this symptom.

6. Metallic Taste In Your Mouth

Not every pregnant woman gets this symptom. However, if you’re finding that your favorite foods don’t taste like they used to, this can be an early sign that your body has been flooded with pregnancy hormones.

In addition to your food tasting different, you may suddenly be craving things that you normally don’t like. At all!

The pregnant body sure is confusing but at the same time, interesting.

7. Nausea and Change in Appetite

Nausea is actually classified as morning sickness. While you may not be running to the bathroom the moment you wake up, you may be feeling queasy without a logical explanation.

In addition, you may find yourself hungrier than usual. Frequent meals around the clock – even at midnight – suddenly seem like the only thing that keeps you satisfied. And often this technique also works for managing nausea and morning sickness.

Or on the opposite end of the scale, you may completely lose your appetite if all food suddenly loses its appeal to you. You may need to force yourself to eat.

Either way, any change in appetite – with or without nausea – in combination with tracking your usual monthly symptoms, can be a quick way to confirm pregnancy.

8. Dizziness

Should you be pregnant, dizziness is another sign that your body is working hard. This kind of dizziness often occurs when you stand up from sitting or lying down.

Dizziness in pregnancy usually means that your blood vessels have dilated to accommodate the extra blood your body will begin to produce during the first weeks of pregnancy. Even though the blood vessels are ready, the amount of blood flowing through them doesn’t happen as quickly.

So you’re left with feeling lightheaded at times because your blood vessels aren’t as full as they usually are.

Am I Pregnant?

So you see, if you track your monthly cycle, recording symptoms such as cramping, breast tenderness, and note unusual symptoms such as fatigue, unusual changes in appetite, and frequent urination, you don’t need to buy a pregnancy test to confirm your suspicions!

All you need to do is compare your usual symptoms with what you’re experiencing this time around and you will have your answer.

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