How to Fake a Pregnancy Test

There are many reasons why we want to fake someone that we’re pregnant, but whatever it is, that’s entirely up to your discretion. As a matter of fact, when you make up your pregnancy test, it’s a lot easier than getting real results! Here are the different ways to do so, if you want to know how to fake a pregnancy test.

There are two ways to fake a pregnancy test: either to make it positive or negative.

Faking a Positive Result

If you want to fool your partner as to think that you’re pregnant, here are some ways:

Use Cola or similar Soft drinks

Believe it or not, there’s some science behind putting your favorite soft drink (or carbonated drink) in your pregnancy test kit. Simply dip the pregnancy test strip into cola and watch the magic happen! Your friends will be surprised as well! Although this is a case-to-case basis and may not always work, you can try! Some folks also suggested Dr. Pepper other than Coca-Cola.

Buy a Fake Pregnancy Test Kit

Yes, there exists such a thing! A fake pregnancy test kit is much like the real thing, except that it’s designed to always bring out positive results. It looks almost similar to the actual pregnancy test kit, labels and all, so all you need to do is to read the instructions and presto – you will have a fake positive in no time to fool your partner (or your friends)!.

Get Help from a Pregnant Friend/Family

To make sure that your result is absolutely positive, the easiest way is to have a friend or family member who is pregnant to pee on the pregnancy test strip, so in that way, it will always read as positive! Keep in mind that if your partner likes to do detective work, he might go as far as pick a sample of your urine and match it with the same thing “you used” for your (fake) pregnancy test, so be careful!

Draw the Line

That’s both figurative and literal – you can just draw a nice little pink streak on the pregnancy test strip by using a pink-colored pen. Simple, huh? A good pen would be something that doesn’t get dissolved in water, or you’ll be caught! A fine Sharpie might be a good choice for you since they don’t really come off and are permanent. Just make sure you match the colors of a real pregnancy test kit line!

Let it Stand Longer

Using the technique of “evaporation lines”, you can fake your partner to having a positive result. The evaporation line occurs when you let your pregnancy test stand in the pee for very long hours, resulting in the line forming and making it look like you’re positive. If you think your partner does not know about urine evaporation lines then this trick might work for him!

Wait for your Periods to Arrive

Menstruation can actually make you somehow get a positive result. This is because menstruation happens in a similar fashion as getting the egg fertilized, but without the sperm, so it might work. Also, since urine and blood are mixed together, it might actually contribute to having a positive line for your pregnancy test.

Get an Expired Pregnancy Test

Anything that has been expired will no longer work properly, and there is a chance that it might yield to a positive result. Keep in mind that this can still become negative, though. The best ways to get an expired pregnancy test include trading with a local chemist (secretly), picking up an unused pregnancy test kit that’s been lying in your house, or go to your friend’s house and ask if there’s an expired one around.

Use Food Coloring

Did you know that the reason why most women get false positive results is that they consume a lot of foods that are rich in food coloring! You can do the same to your pee – add a dash of food color and the result might become positive in the end.

Heat it Up

When you heat up your pregnancy test strip, you will change the color due to the lack of hCG antibodies, which will get degraded due to the extreme heat. This is another sure-fire (pun intended) way to help fake a pregnancy test to become positive. A great way to heat it up is by using a blow dryer somewhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

Pick up the Soap

Another trivia: did you know that soap can also cause the results to become positive? This is why most labeled instructions say that you should use a clean container without any soap residue to make the test really work properly. The solution: add soap to your container and boom – you might just get a positive result.

Used a Used One

Okay, this is kind of gross, since it will basically mean sanitary issues. However, if you’re really bent on faking a pregnancy test real quick and you stumble upon a previously used one, this can be the last resort – not your first option!

Faking a Negative Result

If you don’t want anyone to know that you’re pregnant, you can try the following:

Use Powdered Antibiotics

If you dip your pregnancy test in urine filled with powdered antibiotics, it can actually alter the results and make you negative instead of positive.

Don’t Dip it Too Long

Simply not following the instructions on how long to dip your pregnancy stick will basically result in a negative, which is the easiest way to do so.

Add Water to your Urine

If you simply drink too much water or just add water to your pee, the result will most likely be negative, since your pee is not concentrated enough.

Put it in the Fridge

The opposite of heating it up, by freezing your pregnancy test strip, the hCG antibodies will also cease to function, and thus create the impression that you’re not pregnant due to the result.


Whether you want your result to be positive or negative, or whether you want to use it for a prank or for serious business, faking a pregnancy test can be done by these simple hacks. Which one of these is your favorite?

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