How to Buy Pillows for Toddlers?

How to Buy Pillows for Toddlers?

Children below two years old are not recommended to use the pillow because of the possible risk of SIDS (Sudden Infants Death Syndrome), and children above two years old must avoid using pillows designed for adults due to possible shoulder and back pain. They might also suffer choking or suffocation. Toddler pillows are almost half of adult pads; conceive in a range of sizes and shapes to fit children different age and size. Safety must practice when shopping for toddler pillows.

Buyer’s Guide when Buying Toddler Pillows

  • Evaluate Child’s Readiness: You must observe indications that your child is ready for toddler pillow.
  • Comfortable and Firm Support: You can press the middle part of the pillow to test how it quickly regains its shape if it doesn’t move when you press it, it’s unsafe for your child’s use. If the toddler pillow takes few minutes to restore its shapes, then it might be too firm and can cause your child discomfort.
  • The Perfect Size: Majority of manufacturers offer toddler pillows, these are much smaller than the standard pad with the dimension of 12” by 16” and thickness of 2-3 inches. Smaller size pillows eliminate excess fabric that can cause suffocation. It is also firmer than usual adult-sized pillows.
  • Pillow Content: You need to assess if it’s filled with synthetic or natural materials. It’s best to use 100 percent polyester non-allergenic Polyfill to prevent the possible allergic reaction. These are odor and allergy free, much durable and can hold its shape compared to natural fibers. It should also be 100 percent cotton; it creates the flatter and firmer pillow which is ideal for your child’s sensitive skin.

Importance of Toddler Pillow Case

Pillow case provides immense benefits. Apart from drying rapidly than pillows, having spare pillow case allows your child to sleep on the toddler pillow immediately. You don’t have to make your child wait until the pad becomes dry. This extra layer prevents unwanted odors that will contribute to your child’s discomfort. If the surface of the pillow comes with uncomfortable texture, pillow case can prevent irritation and possible allergic reaction.

If you have decided to purchase pillow case, you must follow basic features. It must make out of organic cotton, hypoallergenic, machine washable, and high-thread count. Organic cotton does not have harmful dyes, toxins, and bleaches. If the pillow does not have a clear label if it’s cotton or not, it’s best to assume that it’s not.


Right environment can give more soothing sleep to your child. Familiar pillow or blanket can offer comfort at night or during naps. If toddler pillow is not available in your area, standard size pillow can be used. But there’s a very limited chance that you will not find toddler pillows in malls and leading baby stores since they distribute widely globally. These are also available online.

There are numerous toddler pillows available in the market today, but which brand provides high quality and durable cushion that can make your child more comfortable during their slumber?


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