How Long Does A Crib Mattress Last?

A crib is more than just a baby’s napping or sleeping area – it’s their safe haven. Therefore, they should definitely get the best kind of comfort from it.

Sleep time changes as people grow older, and this is very true for babies. If they are having enough sleep then this will keep them healthy, as sufficient sleep is like the importance of food and nursing the baby. The need for sleep is very important to sleep to restore our energy and mental abilities. Before your child gets into the trouble of insomnia or restlessness or becoming ill because of no proper bedding or sleep time, they should have a better place to sleep.

When a crib mattress gets broken, parents sometimes don’t really notice the difference because they’re not the ones sleeping in the crib (and for sure babies can’t communicate properly). So, how do you tell if your crib mattress needs to be replaced, and how long does a crib mattress really last?

How Long can a Crib Mattress Last?

It’s never really accurate – many mattresses can last longer if you have taken care of them properly, but they can also be used a lot more often if your baby sleeps on it often, or when your baby grows out of it. You may notice that many crib mattresses have 10-year warranties, so it’s pretty much an assumption that a crib mattress may last as much as a normal mattress, let’s say about 5 to 10 years depending on usage.

Nonetheless, here are the factors that can determine how long a crib mattress lasts:

1. Material. This can make a difference depending on the type of material that you have. Foam mattresses are much more durable because they are easier to take care of. However, innerspring ones tend to rust easily and that’s why they are becoming more phased out.

Foam mattresses are also slowly being outwitted by memory foam mattresses (although these are mostly for adults), but it’s best to choose foam for your baby – something that will reduce the risk of SIDS. You should also consider whether the foam material is durable or not – some cheap mattresses can flatten out easily.

2. Cover material. There are also factors such as the cover material, that can contribute to a crib mattress’ durability. For instance, layers of materials can not only protect the outside of the mattress but also the inside from rotting or getting flat. Babies who like to jump up and down on the crib mattress need a durable cover material, especially one that can withstand much peeing and washing.

3. Times when a baby gets “accidents”. If your baby often wets the mattress and you’d have to wash it more often than average, that’s going to be a contributing factor as to its durability and how long you should keep it in your baby’s crib. The smell of pee is going to linger a lot more when it’s inside the foam, so if you don’t have protective covers that keep it from seeping through the foam, then it might be a good idea to replace it if you can’t wash away the bad smell.

Is it Time to Replace my Crib Mattress?

This largely depends on the situation and the condition of your mattress. Here are the signs that your baby may need a new mattress for their crib:

1. It’s smelling really bad. Despite many attempts to wash away the bad smell, if you still find the gross stuff lingering from the mattress then it’s probably time to replace it.

2. Your baby has a hard time sleeping. No one likes to sleep on a flat and unsupportive bed. If your baby sleeps on a flattened mattress then they will less likely get a good sleep. It’s time to replace that mattress to improve their quality of sleep.

3. Springs stick out (for innerspring mattresses). If your baby crib mattress is made with innerspring material, watch for springs that stick out. This can be outright dangerous for your baby so you should replace it right away.

If you do want to replace your crib mattress, see Happysleepyhead’s top crib mattress picks for a ton of choices! You might find one that suits your crib size and preference at a good price!


Crib mattresses should be kept in good quality in order to help keep your baby’s sleep schedule regular and comfortable. After all, a big part of your baby’s development comes from a good sleep. We hope this guide on a crib mattress’ durability helps you decide whether or not you should replace your crib mattress right away!

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