How Accurate Is The Bleach Pregnancy Test?

The bleach pregnancy test is a very well-known DIY test that women use as a method for testing if they are pregnant or not if they don’t have a test kit available. It usually comes in handy when they have missed a period and are starting to wonder if they have already conceived a child or not.

Because household bleach is very easy to find in the house, it is also accessible to anyone, so it is a common ingredient that is used for testing a woman’s pregnancy. If you are a little shy about buying a test kit from the drug store, many people or friends may advise you to try this unique test. But how exactly accurate is it? And is it worth doing the bleach test?

How Does the Bleach Pregnancy Test Work?

Okay, so basically, how any pregnancy test works is by the following:

1. The human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG hormone needs to be detected.

2. It needs to be found on the urine of the first hours of the day (when you first wake up).

3. Your urine needs to be very saturated in order for it to be truly effective.

The human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the hormone that gets released rapidly when you have conceived a child and you are on the way to pregnancy. So what does this have to do with household bleach?

Well, for one, household bleach contains the same thing (or at least a similar thing) as what you would find in a pregnancy test strip kit. It will have some kind of reaction when you mix it with your morning urine, just like how a test strip kit will mark positive with 2 lines and 1 when negative.

To perform a bleach pregnancy test at home, you only need a few supplies:

a. A plastic disposable cup

b. Pure household bleach (no fragrance or additives), at least 100 mL

c. Your first urine of the day (at least 100 mL)

d. Paper napkins (for cleaning)

e. Latex gloves (disposable, for sanitary purposes)

Here’s how to perform the bleach pregnancy test on a step-by-step process:

1. Start by urinating (first urine of the day) in the disposable cup and make it at least 100 mL or close.

2. Next, measure 100 mL of the bleach or have it in the same equal amounts as the urine you’ve just made.

3. Pour in the bleach into your urine in the disposable cup, carefully as possible. This is because the reaction may get ruined when you pour it right away.

4. Wait for about 3 minutes to get a reaction, which can either be:

            a. Foaming reaction at the top (kind of like soda or root beer)

            b. No reaction at all

When the mixture is foaming and thick foam comes out of the cup you’ve been experimenting on, that is a sign of pregnancy that is positive. It isn’t exactly 100% accurate so it may still be best to consult a doctor after that. But at the very least, it is a good positive sign that you may be pregnant.

On the other hand, if the mixture stays in place without any reaction at all, then that equates to a negative result in your pregnancy test. Keep in mind that you still need to be patient, though, as you may have to wait for about 3 minutes or so to get any reaction, and if not, then it’s a negative result.

Is it Accurate or Not? (Pros and Cons)

With that said and done, let’s review the pros and cons of a bleach pregnancy test. How accurate is it, really?

Here are the advantages:

1. Bleach is easily available anywhere. As we mentioned above, bleach is very common in any household as a cleaning agent. You can buy one in a local store without anyone knowing that you will use it for a pregnancy test. It is a very discreet and accessible way to test if the period you missed is already pregnancy or just some irregular menstruation.

2. There’s no need to go to the drugstore. Buying a pregnancy test kit from the drugstore can spark some controversy if you live with your parents or some friends. Testing with bleach can make the process more private. It also helps a lot if your drugstore is very far away so you can test with great ease.

3. It leaves no trace. Like what we mentioned above, some girls can be shy or protective of their privacy when it comes down to conducting a pregnancy test. When you throw away a bottle of bleach and urine, many people will just think of it as some kid’s science experiment rather than a pregnancy test.

4. Bleach testing is very popular among women since long ago. Your parents and grandma have probably used this technique when the test kits weren’t available yet.

Meanwhile, here are the disadvantages:

1. Bleach testing is not recommended by doctors. This is because bleach testing is not 100% accurate as a real ultrasound or a test kit from the drugstore.

2. For added accuracy, you may still need to check with a pregnancy test kit. This is because bleach is generally used as a household cleaning agent and not something to check the hCG (although it can react to it).

3. Because bleach is a harsh chemical, it can be dangerous. If you’re pregnant and you suddenly inhaled the bleach fumes, it can be dangerous to your little one inside your womb (whoops!).

4. You need a big, open area to perform this test. Bleach is not only harsh to you and your baby but also to different objects around the house, so it’ll be like a rocket science experiment.


To conclude, a bleach pregnancy test is a great and quick way to DIY test if you are pregnant or not. It can be done in an emergency or if you are a confused teen who doesn’t want to show people that you may have missed your period and are feeling anxious as to whether you’re pregnant or not. However, for added security and accuracy, it is still best to consult your doctor or get a test kit if you want 100% accuracy at all costs.

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