Gerber Good Start Gentle vs. Soothe

Baby formula is important for youngsters because this is where they will get most of their important nutrients from. Not all baby formula is the same – some have better taste than others and some have more vitamins and nutrients. Some are non-GMO while some aren’t – different manufacturers can have different standards for their baby formula.

Gerber is perhaps one of the best in the world when it comes down to setting standards for baby formula and baby food. They have been a trusted brand for many years and have been a staple in most homes as a starter for babies depending on their age bracket.

It is important to choose the right baby formula because this can have an impact on your child’s health. You need to be a little bit more meticulous and discerning for this so your child will be able to get the right nutrients that are appropriate for their age.

The Comparison: Gerber Good Start Gentle vs. Soothe

In this article, we compare two of Gerber’s great products: Gerber Good Start Gentle and Gerber Good Start Soothe.

Amount of Content of the Baby Formula

To compare both, let’s start with Gerber Gentle first. It contains 23.2 ounces in one container but in a pack of 6, which can be enough to fill up to 246 bottles, each at 4 fluid ounces. This is usually enough for babies who are newborns or at least in the earlier stages.

For Gerber Soothe, each container is at 30.6 ounces, so it can make up to 55 bottles at 4 fluid ounces each. It does not have a 6-pack option as of now, but you can definitely order more in one go. However, in this case, if each individual container has more ounces of baby formula then this could mean more savings for your budget in the long run.

Having more baby formula in one pack or container is important because it helps you to save time and money in having to keep buying products again and again for your baby. If you are a busy parent then surely going to the grocery store can only take so much of your time (shopping online will still take some time and money). Therefore, you should save resources by buying in bulk whenever you can.

The winner in this round: Gerber Good Start Soothe


For Gerber Gentle, the price is for the pack of 6 so we can’t really see the price for individual containers. However, if we compare the price per container of Gerber Soothe, we can see that if we add up Gerber Soothe in bulk, it is slightly cheaper than Gerber Gentle in a few dollars or so.

Having a good price is important for baby formulas, but it should not be a key factor to leave out the quality of your baby product. Because this is a consumable item that your baby will use, it should be clean, safe and quality made despite the high price. Nonetheless, having a lower price when purchased in bulk is a good thing because it can give you big savings in the long run, especially for parents who are on a tight budget with their babies.

The winner in this round: Gerber Good Start Soothe


Both Gerber Soothe and Gerber Gentle are non-GMO. This means that they have not been made from any genetically modified crops or organisms, and are only made purely of natural ingredients from plants and the like that are naturally grown without any artificial engineering.

Having a non-GMO product is important or people nowadays because it allows us to consume only products that have been naturally grown. There has been growing debates about GMO products because of their potential side effects not just to people but also to babies and animals. You wouldn’t want your child to have these side effects, right? That is why you should definitely choose non-GMO products for your baby as much as possible.

The winner in this round: Both

Milk Proteins for Sensitive Stomachs

Gerber Gentle has a formulation that is made for small tummies so the formulation is pretty toned down. This makes it ideal for newborns and younger babies. However, the milk proteins have not been thoroughly broken down as compared to Gerber Soothe. Because of this, babies with colic or gas problems are more likely to get gas with Gentle as compared to Soothe. However, it will not cause constipation whatsoever, depending on how strong your baby’s tummy is.

Gerber Soothe, on the other hand, has been specifically formulated for babies who have problems with colic, gas, fussiness, and anything that is caused by milk protein sensitivity. This is because the proteins have been thoroughly broken down in Gerber Soothe, so babies with sensitive tummies can definitely process them better. It may also help babies with reflux problems to soothe and settle down.

Not all babies can have strong tummies – some are unfortunately not very good in digesting milk proteins, which can be found naturally in breast milk and other milk products. Milk proteins that are not properly digested by certain tummies can cause colic or gas problems in babies. This is why there are specific milk formulas out there for infants that focus more on eliminating gas and colic frustrations for babies and parents.

The winner in this round: Gerber Good Start Soothe

Taste and smell

Gerber Gentle seems to have a better smell because it is made with most of the normal stuff that you would find in an infant formula. Sure, it is formulated for small tummies or those with slight constipation problems, but its smell and taste doesn’t get ruined that much – unless, by bad luck, the batch you just ordered might have been past the expiration date (in which you can return).

On the other hand, Gerber Soothe seems to have a different smell and taste because of its ingredients that are different from Gerber Gentle. Because of the fact that the milk proteins have been thoroughly broken down, the taste may be a little bit different for your baby as compared to traditional milk. Therefore, some may not like, but if your baby needs it then they have no choice, for it will help alleviate their colic problems.

The smell and taste of any milk product, specifically of infant formulas, is greatly important. It can either put off a person or baby or get them to buy the product again in the future. Smell and tastes are both first impressions, so they should be important to know about. However, in the case of special formulas for babies with colic and stomach problems, the taste needs to be sacrificed sometimes in order to help your baby get over gas frustrations and fussing.

The winner in this round: Gerber Good Start Gentle

DHA and Probiotics

In terms of formulation, both Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe have DHA and Probiotics. Both these ingredients or nutrients are commonly found in many baby formulas out there.

DHA is important to help your child’s brain develop faster, allowing them to learn the things around them better. It will help them to develop motor, speech and thinking skills much better than if they didn’t take baby formula.

Probiotics are important for babies (and adults) to help their digestive system have a good rhythm and to prevent them from getting sick easily due to the good bacteria included. Probiotics can be taken by people who have a sensitivity to lactose as a milk substitute as well.

The winner in this round: both

Wrapping It Up

As our clear winner in the showdown, Gerber Good Start Soothe seems to be the upper hand due to its amount in one container, better price and its ability to soothe tummies with colic, gas and fussiness problems. While it may taste less favorable than Gerber Gentle, it’s a better choice for infants with such stomach upsets.

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