Erect Nipples: Is It A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Most women (and sometimes men) get erect nipples when they are sexually aroused. They may also get these erect nipples when they feel a sudden cold temperature or if they are excited or are experiencing a great emotional shock or intense feeling.

The nipples are, also, one of the most important parts of the reproductive system of a woman because that is where you give your child or baby the nourishment it needs through breastfeeding.

But did you know that it can also be potentially a sign of early pregnancy if it doesn’t subside? In this article, we are going to debunk whether erect nipples are a sign of pregnancy and how it works.

When Can Erect Nipples be a Sign of Pregnancy?

Here is a general rule when your breast nipples are erect: if they are erect for a long period of time and you are not aroused or feeling cold due to the surrounding weather, this may be an early sign of pregnancy, so it may be best for you to check with a pregnancy test.

Usually, erect nipples are going to come along with a sore feeling in your breasts. Your boobs can become tender and swollen during the early stage of pregnancy, and it can also be accompanied by other early pregnancy signs.

There are, however, some other cases that erect nipples might not be a sign of pregnancy. For instance, extreme hormonal changes can occur during your menstruation, which also causes swollen breasts. This is because ovulation takes place in both menstruation and pregnancy, in which your breasts are reproductive organs that are often connected to your reproductive system and can be affected due to hormonal changes.

If your body also has some changes in progesterone then that might occur as well. Last but not least, menopausal women may also feel erect nipples as one of the symptoms and signs.

To clearly rule out other possibilities, you need to make sure that you also feel the other symptoms of early pregnancy other than having erect nipples or swollen breasts, as you could just be having a period next. Experts say that erect nipples and swollen breasts aren’t the first things that a pregnant woman experiences during the first trimester of their pregnancy. There are some cases when the breast changes happen after the missed period.

How do Breasts Change in Early Pregnancy?

DPO or days past ovulation signs are considered the ones that you often feel or see during early pregnancy. A most notable change in this period would be the swollen or sore breasts, accompanied by erect nipples, which can be off-putting for most women.

Basically, your breasts can change in the following ways during early pregnancy:

1. Your breast size can become a little larger. This is a very common symptom and it can also occur a little bit when you are on your period due to the effects of hormonal changes in your system during ovulation periods. Take note that the size difference isn’t very significantly large as you think.

2. Your nipples tend to become more erect often. This is usually a sidekick of the sudden breast size change and the swollen breasts, even if you’re not exactly aroused or feeling cold.

3. Your areolas may change in color a little bit. They may become much more pink in color, which can be due to the effects of hormonal changes during pregnancy, much like how your nipples can also turn pink when they are erect.

4. Your breasts may also start to itch a little bit. In some women, breast itching can happen, but it doesn’t really happen to all women.

5. Your breasts will most likely feel sore, so you should buy a new bra. Because your breasts feel like heavier balloons during pregnancy (and sometimes during ovulation or before menstruation), you might need to wear a bra that’s more breathable.

During late pregnancy, this may occur:

1. Breast milk may start to leak from your nipples. However, this is in little amounts only, and will usually not happen to all women who are pregnant (but could happen, so watch for it).

To contradict or lessen these early symptoms and changes to your breasts, here are the things you can do:

1. Buy or use a bigger bra. Most bras today can be more ideal for pregnant women as they are more breathable and protective of sore breasts. They will cover your erect nipples and they will also shield your boobs from the outside world, as they tend to be very sensitive in your early and late pregnancy stages. Take note that going bra-less can be a little difficult when your boobs have become larger or swollen, as they may hurt and have no support at all.

2. Use breast pads. These can help protect your nipples from leaking out milk if you experience that you’ve been unintentionally leaking breast milk from time to time, which happens to some women during their pregnancy period. Having leaking milk from your nipples can ruin any outfit and confidence, so it’s best to wear breast pads in that case, to avoid any inconveniences.

3. Go see your doctor. This is in the case you don’t feel comfortable with your new bra, don’t know which bra to choose, or the milk won’t stop leaking. There may also be concerns if your breasts start to really hurt and it’s affecting your daily life a lot. Your doctor may give advice on how to lessen the hormonal effects of these breast changes.


These breast changes are normal by all means if you ever experience them. Sometimes, it can be a little too embarrassing or overwhelming with your boobs suddenly getting larger and erect nipples (it might arouse you and/or your partner even more) but it may also feel inconvenient for women who are often on the go and working. Therefore, you should take care of your breasts during early pregnancy by buying a more breathable bra that’s suitable for such a case.

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