Enfamil Newborn Vs Infant Formula

Choosing baby formulas can be a hassle, especially for newborn babies. Knowing the right nutrients is important, as well as the formula’s composition. Is it safe for your baby to consume? What are the pros and cons? Will your baby like the taste? The list goes on and on.

Enfamil is a well-known baby formula for years, much like others. However, do you really know which of Enfamil’s products to choose for your baby? For instance, there can be formulas such as “newborn” and “infant”, but what exactly are the differences? In this article, we’ll break them down for you to know which one is the best for you.

Our Comparison: Enfamil Newborn vs. Infant Formula

Here are our comparisons for Enfamil Newborn and the Enfamil Infant Formulas:

Amount of Content

Both Enfamil Newborn and Infant are at 22.2 ounces per reusable powder tub. This means that you can easily grab and scoop your child’s formula on the go without making a lot of mess.

The reusable powder tub also makes it easy for you to refill your baby formula once you have run out of it. There is a big difference between buying something in bulk and in small amounts. If you don’t have a lot of money then you can just settle for small amounts but it can also cost you more in the long run, since big formulas tend to be cheaper in just one go.

The winner in this round: both


As for the price, the Enfamil Infant seems to be a little bit pricier than the Enfamil Newborn. To check further, you can have a look at the prices of Newborn and Infant on Amazon respectively, to keep you updated. The price may not be distinctively important, but for most moms who are trying their best to budget their savings, the price can be a deciding factor to consider with baby formulas as well.

The winner in this round: Enfamil Newborn

The winner in this round: Enfamil Newborn


Both Enfamil Newborn and Infant have a non-GMO formula. Having a non-GMO formula ensures that your baby is only consuming organic content without harsh chemicals or other foreign substances that might cause them to have less healthy bodies when they grow up.

It is important nowadays to choose something that is non-GMO, especially for babies. Having a non-GMO product that is truly organic puts your baby away from most diseases like cancers, diabetes and the like. It also ensures that what your child gets is pure and organic milk straight from cow’s milk (or wherever milk source you want).

The winner in this round: both


The main difference is that the Infant formula has about 60 IU of vitamin D as compared to the Newborn formula with 75 IU. Also, the protein for the Infant formula is at 2 while 2.1 for the newborn formula. The rest of the nutrients and vitamins are the same, however. For instance, both of them contain DHA to help with a child’s learning ability.

Knowing how much nutrients you get from your baby’s formula is important. This means that you care about what your child is getting. For babies who are still newborn and need some more nourishment, you may best settle for a newborn formula like the Newborn from Enfamil, so that you can get much more nutrients. If, however, your baby will work just fine, you can still settle for the Infant formula instead, but your pediatrician may advise some more vitamin D supplements instead.

The winner in this round: Enfamil Newborn

Taste and Smell

As backed by the moms who tried and tested it, the Infant formula presumably tastes a little better than the Newborn one, although both could have a bit of bitterness that’s not seen in most milk formulas, probably because they are intended for babies.

It is also important to know what your baby is tasting and smelling with the baby formula. This is because they can be put off with an odd smell or taste and may result in them rejecting the baby formula. You should also experiment which baby formula will taste good for your baby, especially if he or she is a picky eater at birth.

The winner in this round: Enfamil Infant

Enfamil Infant

Intended Baby Age

The Enfamil Newborn, as the name suggests, is only best to use for newborn babies, while the Enfamil Infant can be used for up to 12 months old.

Knowing your baby’s age and nutrient needs are important. For instance, babies who are still newborn (or even preemies) should have a baby formula that is much more ideal for them, such as those with more nutrients and the like. For older babies, however, such a baby formula may not suit them anymore when they grow up, especially those who are near 1 year old.

If you intend your baby formula for a child who’s gone past  3 months old, you may be best with Enfamil Infant. However, for newborn babies, you can just settle for the Newborn formula first. But since the Enfamil Infant covers a longer age range then it is our winner for this round.

The winner in this round: Enfamil Infant

Our Verdict

CriteriaEnfamil NewbornEnfamil Infant
Amount of Content of the Baby Formula22.2 ounces22.2 ounces
Nutrients75 IU of vitamin D Protein – 2.160 IU of vitamin D Protein – 2
Taste and smellGoodBetter
Intended Baby Age0 to 3 months0 to 12 months
Total Score33

To wrap it up, it’s actually a tie! Both the Enfamil Newborn and Enfamil Infant have their own pros and cons, and they may be intended for different uses. For instance, if you have a newborn baby who needs all the nutrients they can get (and also save some money), you’re probably best with Enfamil Newborn. On the other hand, if you just want an all-around formula with a better taste, Enfamil Infant is probably better for you.

We hope this small guide on the Enfamil Newborn and Enfamil Infant formulas can help you decide which is the best for your baby!

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