Best Breast Pumps For Working Moms: Make Life Easier On The Job With A Great Breastpump For Use At Work

When it comes to pregnancy and giving birth, you will occasionally be fortunate enough to get some leave away from work. However, eventually, you will need to return to work and continue with your life. However, the new addition to the family must be fed and having a great functional breast pump to use at work will make life easier for you.

We have set out and done some research to find the best breast pumps on the market today. These pumps are functional and they can be used on the job as well. This means that you can now easily feed your baby whilst on the job and you need not hide somewhere or take half the day off when you are feeding.

Best Breastpumps For Working Moms in 2018:

Before we tell you exactly how to go about selecting the right breast pump, we would like to introduce our picks for the top 5 you can select from. With the help of a couple of mothers and pediatricians, we have selected these breast pumps for the value and the quality that they offer. Here is our selection for you to choose from:

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump 

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

The working mother will definitely be drawn to this kit. It is an entire kit for you to use on the go when you need to pump some breast milk. The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump is a double electric breast pump designed for the mother who will need to pump on a daily basis. It is also for pumping several times per day.

It comes with a cooler bag that is included and this will be ideal for storing some of the breastmilk. It also features 4 storage bottles and this makes it easier to pump and store the milk for later use as well. The 8 AA batteries that are included will ensure that you can use the pump any time and you can add more batteries if needed.

While it is a little expensive for a breast pump, it is highly rated by most pediatricians and we would also highly recommend it.

Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA - S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump is somewhat more advanced and while it is not portable, it is definitely functional. The pump is also more of a kit than a single pump and can be used for pumping both breasts if needed. It is also a 12V power supply for faster and efficient pumping when needed.

What we really like about this pump is the closed system and thanks to this, the pump does not need to be cleaned. However, with dust buildup, you should do it at least once a month. It also comes with multiple pumping settings and this means that all the customization and functionality will be placed in your own hands.

This pump is really functional but quite expensive, you can also choose a couple of add-ons for more value.

BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

The BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump is the moms choice awards winner and this pump is also functional for pumping both breasts simultaneously. The addition of IDC technology means that you can control both of the breast pumps independently to ensure that you get the best possible results when pumping.

It is also constructed from food grade materials and this will not cause any problems or damage to the milk. The only downside is that you will need to dole out a couple of extra bucks if you are to choose some of the add-ons in the value bundle. It is also worth noting that it is really quiet and efficient for pumping.

The standalone pump is really affordable and we would certainly recommend it as a budget option for working moms.

Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus Premier Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA - S1 Plus Premier Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus Premier Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump is the first version of the second pump that we have seen so far. It is basically the same but does not have all the advanced technology. Due to the rechargeable battery, this pump is also really functional and portable for constant use.

It is also a closed system which means that air will not get inside and contaminate the milk. The food grade materials will be safe and you need not worry about washing it after use every time. The pump is really affordable and highly recommend for use by all working mothers. We would also recommend it for the value it offers.

Simple Wishes Signature Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra

If you are searching for a real budget option, the Simple Wishes Signature Hands-Free Pumping Bra is a great option to invest in. The bra is easy to wear and offers a ton of support for your breasts when they are swollen during the pregnancy period. Since the bra offers excellent support, it means you will not need to worry about using your hands.

The bra does not include any added bottles and you will need to purchase these separately. Fortunately, they are functional with all the major brands and this means that it does offer some great value for your money. We would highly recommend this bra for the quality and value that is offered. As well as the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Breaspumps For Working Moms:

There are many questions that need to be taken into consideration and we have found a few of them whilst doing the research. Once you understand these questions, it will be much easier to select the bra of your choice:

Why working moms need a pump:

Working moms will need a pump that is portable and functional. Even though you are working, it does not mean that baby must be fed. With a pump, you can continue your daily working life and still pump some breastmilk to keep the baby fed. It is fundamentally important to find the right one for the best value for your money.

Types of breast pump to choose from:

There are 3 types of breast pumps that you will need to choose from. All of them are functional and they range in prices as well. Here is a small breakdown of all the breast pumps and which ones might be the best for you are a working mother.

  • Manual: The manual breast pump is the most affordable of the pumps. However, it does take a lot of time and effort for you to use. The pumps need to be operated manually and this might not be the best option for the working mother in need of time-saving pumps.
  • Battery-powered: Having a battery powered pump is functional and portable. It is ideal for helping you pump breast milk on the go. These do require batteries and for the working mother, they will be really functional. It is worth noting that they almost work like the electric pump.
  • Electric: The electric option is the final option and the most efficient. It does not have any hassles and will ensure you can pump the milk efficiently without any real problems. We highly recommend this for the working mother with some added time to use it.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing A Breastpump:

Now that you understand all of the questions, it can be easier for you find the right breast pump. However, we have compiled a couple of extra features that you also need to understand to ensure that you easily find the right pump for your needs at work.

  • Hand-free feature: When working, you don’t have the time to constantly use your hands for pumping. The addition of a hands-free feature means the pump will be working even without you touching it and this offers great time-saving opportunities.
  • Storage: Does the pump come with a storage kit or not is something you need to look for. Having an additional storage kit will mean that you can pump milk readily and have it available on queue when needed for your baby.
  • Price: Yes, babies can be really expensive and we completely understand this. The pumps also vary in price and you will need to look at bundles for better value for your money. We recommend comparing the prices of the bundles and then the separate pumps.

Which one will you choose?

Now that you have a complete understanding of the pumps, it should be much easier for you to choose the right one. We highly recommend all of them, but since we are not experts, we would like you to share your thoughts on them as well. Let us know in the comment section if we might have missed any of your favorites.

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