Best Winter Jackets & Coats For Kids

Winter is quite a tough season, especially for the kids. This is because the cold atmosphere can make your children more prone to sicknesses, such as colds, cough, and flu. Without proper protection, such as jackets and coats, your child can be more exposed to such viruses and bacteria that lurk in cold, snowy weather.

Therefore, it’s best to pick a good jacket or coat for your child for the winter season. There are many benefits other than keeping your child warm and cozy – they can also stay away from illnesses and if they feel warm and dry, they can be able to play outside in the snow without a lot of problems.

When choosing the best winter jackets and coats for kids, you should know about the following things before you buy:

1. Material

The material of the jacket or coat should be soft but durable. Cotton is commonly used but for extra warmth, you can also have other materials to act as insulation from the winter weather.

2. Stitching and durability

If you want a durable jacket then you should check the stitching carefully to make sure that it will not come off on some parts. Triple stitching is a good choice when looking for a sturdy jacket or coat for kids.

3. Number of pockets

You should also consider a lot of pockets if you want to put a lot of things in it. This is especially the case for coats. You can also use the pockets to keep your child’s hands warm in the winter.

4. Color choices and design

A good winter jacket or coat should be one with a variety of design choices and colors to pick, especially if you will give it to your child as a birthday present.

5. Easy to wash

The winter jacket or coat should also have good material that’s easy to wash, especially with machine washing. It should not be too bulky so it won’t cause trouble for your washing machine.

6. Hood

A hood on the jacket or coat can be beneficial for children since it will protect their head much more from the winter cold.

Best Winter Jackets & Coats For Kids

Here are a couple of picks we’d like to suggest for winter jackets and coats for kids:

Carhartt Girls’ Redwood Jacket Sherpa Lined

Made of cotton material, this jacket is quite durable due to the main seams being triple-stitched. It also has various colors to choose from, such as pink, purple, blue and others. The internal pocket can be stored with different small items for convenience.

The hidden sleeve cuffs on the jacket can add extra warmth to your child. It is also easy to machine wash. Many people find it durable for hiking and for other outdoor activities with your child. Many kids with the size 3T love this jacket due to the right fitting for their age. It is also lightweight and not too bulky to pack up and even for places with warmer winters.

Columbia Boys’ Powder Lite Insulated Jacket

This insulated jacket comes with a variety of colors and sizes, such as for small to the big boys. It is a combination of nylon and polyester material so it is quite durable without sacrificing softness. It is also made with an Omni-Shield water and stain resistant shell to protect it from the rain and the elements, and also to make it easy to clean.

The adjustable storm hood also helps when it comes down to protecting your child against bad weather. It is also easy to machine wash due to being a lightweight and toasty jacket that is not too bulky.

Carhartt Boys Active Taffeta Quilt Lined Jacket

This taffeta quilt lined jacket is made of cotton and has a variety of shades of brown and gray to choose from. The design is made with a split kangaroo pocket so that you can use it to warm your hands, especially in very cold weather. Also, the washed-duck cotton active material makes it very insulating when it comes down to the snowy areas.

You can also easily wash it due to the cotton material. The zipper closure is also easy to use while the quilted flannel lining is just right with its insulating capabilities. It also has ribbed-knit cuffs to make it much better at insulating while the waistband also adds more warmth and closeness to the jacket.

Columbia Boys’ Steens MT II Fleece Jacket

As a fleece jacket, this one can be ideal for boys due to the design. It has a variety of colors and shades to choose from, with sizes for babies up to big boys. Polyester MTR Filament Fleece is used for the material. Polyester is good when it comes down to durability while the fleece material adds a good layer of insulation to your child’s jacket.

It is also easy to machine wash due to the material not being too bulky. It has a zipper front so it is easy to wear and unzip when no longer needed. There is also a standing collar to make it warmer for your kid to wear. The zippers are also made from YKK zippers so they are quite durable.

Valentina Kids Winter Latest Thicken Hooded Jacket

If your child wants a hooded jacket then this is a good choice. You can pick from sizes between 4 and 14 plus it has anti-UV material to make its colors vibrant and not easily fade. The jacket is also breathable while still being windproof. You can also choose between various colors, such as blue, yellow, green and the like.

The button and zipper closures are also easy to use and are quite durable. There are also 2 side pockets on the jacket to make it simple and easy to store items on the go. The insulation is not too bulky on the jacket so it is great for kids. It also has some odor-resistant material so it will not smell bad after wearing for long hours outdoors.

Steve Madden Girls’ Bubble Jacket

If you want a much more fashionable jacket for your kids, this is a great choice for you due to the cozy outer neck part. The jacket has different colors and styles to choose from and there are also some styles that are hooded for convenience from snowy weather and other outdoor elements. The inside is quite warm due to the insulation material.

Polyester material has been used to make the jacket quite durable. If your child likes to play out in the snow, this is a thick and warm jacket to consider and you can even layer it with a fleece sweater or a shirt underneath for added protection. The hood can also be removed if you don’t want to use it for now.

London Fog Boys’ Active Puffer Jacket Winter Coat

This jacket and coat for boys can be a great gift for their birthday or for Christmas. It is available in very edgy styles and colors and you can choose from sizes 4 to 16. It is made with polyester material so the durability of the jacket can last for years to come. It is also easy to take off due to the zipper closure.

It is also worth noting that the jacket is not too bulky to wash so it is easy to launder. However, it is still quite thick to shield you from the winter chills. Also, the jacket has a hood to protect you from the elements and the like.

Dickies Boys’ Sherpa Lined Duck Jacket

This jacket has a combination of polyester and cotton material so it is durable without sacrificing the softness of cotton inside, especially for kids. With 3 choices for colors, it can also be worn by different ages of boys. Dickies is a great brand when it comes down to apparel, so it’s a must-buy for long-term use.

The tab ribbed knit storm cuffs can also help your child to adjust depending on the warmth levels they need in the winter. The hand warmer pocket at the front works well for the cold snow season while the material is also easy to machine wash. The brass zipper at the front is quite durable and easy to pull for kids.

Amazon Essentials Boys’ Lightweight Puffer Jacket

For the winter cold, a good puffer jacket for kids would be this one. It’s not just in black color – you can choose from red, blue, green, orange, gray and other colors as well. It has nylon and polyester material to make it stand against bad weather and to keep your child insulated from the winter chills. It is also a down-alternative fill jacket so it is not going to cause allergic reactions to kids with down allergy.

The jacket also has a water-resistant shell to make it easy to clean and dry up when you’ve encountered rain and snow outside. It is also quite packable with its drawstring bag included. The front has a full zipper that is easy to operate and the hood can be used for shielding your child’s head against the elements.

LJYH Children’s Collar Motorcycle Jacket

For children who want a fashionable but also a functional jacket or leather coat, this is a good choice for them. It has a slim design to keep your child warm and cozy, especially if you will let them ride with you on a motorcycle. The leather material of this jacket is easy to wash and is not too hard so it’s great for kids.

The jacket also does not give off a bad smell when it gets wet, so it’s going to be less of a concern for parents. When not used in the winter, you can also use it as part of a costume for your child if they are at a costume party.

OCHENTA Boys’ Winter Cotton Quilted Outerwear

As a fashionable jacket for kids, this one has been made with cotton for softness, acrylic for color and polyester for durability. The hood can be useful for keeping your child from the elements while the zipper closure makes the jacket easy to remove or pair with other clothing.

The jacket is also lined & padded with quilted pining so it will insulate your child from the cold weather. It also has 2 pockets for your child to put their items there, while the style is available in 2 colors.

Columbia Boys’ Glennaker Rain Jacket

This jacket is made with a cool design with different colors, plus the elastic cuffs make it more insulated for your child. The reflective detail makes it easy to see your child at night. The fabric is also waterproof while the zipper closure makes it easy to take off.

While this jacket is suited for the rainy days, its thickness is also great for the winter season. You can also use the hood to keep your child protected from any drizzling rain. The lightweight design also makes it easily packable and not too bulky for children to use.


To put it all together, winter jackets are very important if you live in an area with frequent cold snow. They should not only be fashionable, but should also be great with their insulation and durability, and these picks are the best candidates for such. We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best winter jackets and coats for kids!

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