Best Water Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are one thing, but being waterproof is another. Traveling is often a hassle if you have gear that you don’t want wet, including your baby. This is when you may be looking for an ideal baby carrier that is waterproof.

Why do you need a waterproof baby carrier?

There are a number of reasons why you could find a waterproof baby carrier very handy:

1. You can shower with your baby together. A waterproof baby carrier can find its way with you in the shower if you want to keep carrying your baby and don’t have anyone else. This is helpful if you want to go swimming with your baby but the rules say that you have to shower first, and you can’t just drop off your baby somewhere without a guardian.

2. Your baby doesn’t get as wet as they’d be in a normal carrier. Babies not getting wet while in the carrier have less chance of getting sick with flu or cold. They are exposed to less mold and their body doesn’t get soggy with wet material. Unlike cotton, polyester is a different material that dries quickly, leaving your baby protected against mold that can cause viruses and bad bacteria.

3. It’s ideal for traveling and boat rides. If you will be traveling with your baby on a boat, it’s probably for the best that you prepare yourself and your little one and gets yourself a baby carrier that will still be dry (or at least dry quickly) after that splash of the ocean or river.

4. They can still be tough yet lightweight to carry around. Many of these baby carriers are made with polyester so they can be quite durable. They are still lightweight, however, so they don’t get in the way of your other luggage.

Best Water Baby Carrier

Below are our top picks for the best baby water carrier:

Beachfront Baby Wrap – Water & Warm Weather Baby Carrier

Ideal for going to the beach, this baby carrier is made with safety-tested fabric by the CPSIA and ASTM so you can be assured of its quality. The baby carrier can take from 8 to 30 lbs. of baby and it doesn’t get too uncomfortable since it has a high position on the chest. This means you will be able to reach your baby easily.

The baby wrap can be used in the shower or even at a water park due to the material being made of polyester jersey mesh for ease of drying during damp and wet moments. There are 3 sizes to choose from along with a plethora of color choices for you and your baby.

Since the size nearly fits all, it can be okay to use for both parents (mom and dad) and you can easily walk and carry your baby regardless of whether it’s wet or not. The whole mechanism makes it easy to wrap as well and you can combine it with your baby’s swim diaper for extra protection while in the water.

Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier

As a ring sling carrier that has a little more style to it, this one can be used by those who work or go outside every single day or take their baby out to the park. It can be used in the shower due to the waterproof qualities. You get many different choices for the fabric color for a fashionable feel.

This baby wrap can be used by infants, newborns, and toddlers alike. Those who weigh 8 to 30 lbs. can fit in just fine inside the baby wrap, which meets the CPSC/CPSIA Safety Requirements. It also has a good height for you to reach your baby and kiss them.

Polyester jersey is used for the material so that it will be able to dry quickly under the sun when it’s splashed with water or after the shower. The ring sling also has mesh fabric so it won’t be bulky for the wearer that much. The ergonomic design makes sure that the weight distribution with your baby isn’t going to strain your back and neck.

Biubee Water Sling Baby Wrap Carrier

Yet another ring sling design baby carrier this one is best for the pool or for the beach due to the simple design yet vibrant color. The nylon mesh fabric allows it to dry easily while still being breathable for you and your baby to wear and also lightweight to pack in your travel gear.

Babies who are newborn up to 35 lbs. of weight can be kept in this baby carrier or sling and taken anywhere with their parent or guardian. It has a fashionable design so you can pair it with any of your favorite OOTDs. It doesn’t have any long straps, making it less complicated to tie up.

Since there is a portable bag on the design of the baby carrier, you can occasionally slip in some baby essentials in there for future use or for emergencies. This bag is also made with a low-profile design so you don’t have to carry an extra bag of pouch just to carry your essentials (or your baby’s).

There is also a thick plastic ring that acts as the binder of the whole ring mesh sling. This makes it safer for your baby as compared to the metal rings that can get corrosion, which can be bad for your little one (and you as well).

Beachfront Baby – Versatile Water & Warm Weather

This ring sling for babies is okay to use even in chlorinated water, such as swimming pools, making it easy for you to take the baby for a swim or a dip. Its ring sling is also adjustable so you can keep your baby close however you want them to be.

The fabric and dyes have been tested by the U.S. consumer product safety requirements so they won’t be toxic to your baby. What’s more, all of the materials not only dry quickly when wet, but they are also lightweight to carry around. The baby wrap is best for babies who are 8 to 30 lbs. of weight. It even has instructions on how to use it.

Cuby Breathable Baby Carrier Mesh Fabric

For summer trips with your baby, we recommend this one due to the breathability and support at the same time. It is for unisex use so even the dad can use it just fine. It’s also not that bulky so you can keep it in your traveling bag.

The fabric is made with soft material that won’t rub against both your shoulders and neck, keeping you comfortable. It also dries quickly due to the kind of fabric used. The size is adjustable for different body types due to the ring sling included.

Bitybean UltraCompact Baby Carrier

If you want something that looks more modern in terms of design, this one may be a choice for you. It looks like a tank top but it’s actually a baby carrier on its own. Ideal for babies who are 3 months old or more, it can carry little ones from 8 to 40 lbs. of weight. The shoulder and waist straps are easy to fasten and are quite durable.

The composition of the whole baby carrier is 60% nylon and 40% polyester so that it can be comfortable yet durable at the same time. It also makes the whole thing machine-washable. We also liked the fact that it is not that bulky at only 8 ounces when you pack it in your travel bag.

There are 6 colors for you to choose from and there are adjustable straps for you to customize to make it fit well to your body (and to your baby). You can also add an accessory to it to make your baby feel more comfortable, such as a fleece infant liner or a sleeping and shade hood.

Ring Sling Mesh Baby Wrap Carrier for Newborn Toddler

This baby carrier has a deep seat for your little one to get in and sleep or see the world through your eyes. It has a comfortable weight distribution through the back and shoulder so it won’t give you that much of a backache or neck pain.

Since there is a raised height, this can help babies to hear their mother’s heartbeat and can also be used for nursing them. The polyester jersey mesh can give breathability for the baby and for the parent.

The mesh fabric is also lightweight so it won’t make you sweaty for too long. It is intended for babies up to 30 lbs. of weight and it can be folded when not in use to keep into your travel bag.


To wrap things up (pun intended), a baby carrier that’s waterproof can mean business if you want to travel with your baby more often. They can be lifesavers for you and your little one in general, at home or while outdoors. We hope that you learned more about waterproof baby carriers in this article!

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