Best Unicorn Toys & Gifts For Kids

Unicorns are the product of the imagination of people, or so they say. Unicorns are basically horses with horns, kind of like rhinos, but they have the body of a horse, and sometimes, they also have wings. Unicorns come in different sizes and shapes, as well as colors and patterns. They can be your child’s nighttime guardians to help them get some sleep in the dark. They are also usually huggable if they are in their plush form, which can also be a sleep buddy.

Children find unicorns very interesting because they are colorful, imaginative and creative. Unicorns are the embodiment of good things and miracles. If your child wants to have unicorns in their room then they can benefit from the cute and colorful plush toys and the like. Many unicorn toys out there are usually not very expensive and are still beautiful to look at and can also be used, such as dresses and accessories.

Best Unicorn Toys & Gifts For Kids

Here are our top picks for the best unicorn toys and gifts for kids:

Melissa & Doug Giant Unicorn, Stuffed Animals

This wireframe unicorn is a great stuffed toy to have for kids. It has shimmering details that give it an enchanted appearance, making it magical to see for the kids. Measuring 32 x 45 x 12 inches, this unicorn is fine to its details of the plush fur, the soft texture, the hooves in glittery pink and the unicorn’s horn.

It is ideal for kids 3 years old and above and it is durable and incredibly soft to the touch. It can be used for pretend play or as bedtime or bedside buddy in their room.

furReal StarLily, My Magical Unicorn Interactive

As a unicorn that lights up, this unique stuffed toy is equipped with 100 sound-and-motion combinations that make it interesting for children. It also has an audio response so it is like a talking unicorn that can be a great gift for a little girl. You can pet and hug this unicorn with its soft design.

The wings and horns are beautifully decorated while the horn also flashes in different colors. You can also pose the legs to stand, sit, lie down and the like. You can also watch her dance when you expose her to music.

William Mark Feisty Pets Glenda Glitterpoop

Do you want a unique unicorn? This one can be changed with its facial expression. Its eyebrows can change from sad to angry while the mouth can also change in expression, making this one a unique and dynamic unicorn to play with. The unicorn stands 8.5 inches tall and has a purple and white color combination.

It will be a surprising find for your little one due to the expression change plus the durable but soft polyester fibers which are surface washable. All you need to do is to gently squeeze it behind the ears to change the expression of the face.

Aurora Unicorn Fancy Pals Purse with 8″ Unicorn

Do you want a unicorn purse? This unique gift for kids is a great choice for you. It is made with super soft material on the unicorn body as well as on the horns to make it a fluffy bag buddy to go on shopping with. It is good for children from 36 months and above.

It is also a great toy carrier and it has a colorful but shiny design around the bag with a butterfly emblem on the side. With shiny polka dots around, this bag can be used for going out in the grocery with mom.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Twinkle the Magical Unicorn

A magical unicorn that is both educational and colorful is a great gift for someone. It has various functions for the buttons, such as moving its head, flapping its wings, walking forward, and more. It also has fun phrases, lights and more, which can be enjoyed by your little one.

In addition to the other features, Twinkle’s light-up horn even changes color so it is great to play in the dark or during sleepovers. It is good for any role-play or pretends play scenario with kids and it also comes with a small fairy figure.

Schleich North America Rainbow Unicorn Mare Toy Figure

As a more realistic unicorn toy figure, this one is made with glitter on the mane as well as on the tail with rainbow colors for the ends of both. It also has a sparkly rainbow gem emblem on the side plus the realistic coating of white all over the unicorn.

Because it is made with high-quality plastic and individually painted, it is not only personalized with its touch and design but is also a great figure to display anywhere. It is also resistant to fading with its colors so you can play with it outdoors.

Enchantmints Unicorn Music Jewelry Box

If you want a jewelry box that is meant for your little stuff, this is the jewelry box to have. It measures 6 x 4 x 6 inches and it has a mirror on the lid that is perfect for little kids. It has a standing and spinning unicorn when the music is played by opening the box.

The box is just right for tiny treasures and there is also a large bottom drawer to keep the big stuff. You can also organize your different jewelry using the two tiny side drawers to hold necklaces, rings, and other treasures.

Lambs & Ivy Dawn Plush Unicorn Stuffed Animal 12″ – Penelope

This cute little 12-inch stuffed unicorn is a great huggable plush to take with you when going to bed. This unicorn has a pink tail, ears and hooves and a shiny unicorn horn as well. It is made with polyester so it is not easy to break for its material.

The unicorn is a great match if you already have a pink nursery room or toddler’s room. What’s more, it’s also lightweight so you can take it with your child wherever they go or when they go to sleep.

Fingerlings Baby Unicorn – Alika

A fingerling is a unique toy that you can ride onto your fingers and make them a finger puppet. This one of a kind toy is a baby unicorn that is an interactive pet that has a response to noise, motion, and touches so it will be a great buddy to have for your little one.

The unicorn is able to perform blinking eyes, head turns, and a variety of cute noises so that your child will be entertained. It can also be kissed and the unicorn can make the kiss back, so it is a truly interactive baby unicorn. It only requires batteries, which are already included (you can also hold them in different ways).

Bright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn Toy

As a glowing unicorn toy for babies, this one has 3 numbers on the side, which take the form of buttons that can be pressed by the little child. Each number has a different color so it can teach children not just about counting numbers but also color recognition.

The body of the unicorn also glows with its mane or hair. The pink color of the hooves and the mouth will also captivate the children with this glowing unicorn toy. The unique thing about this unicorn is that with every touch, it changes directions.

Douglas Sunbeam Unicorn

This plush figure for kids takes the shape of a fluffy unicorn with a fluffy mane and tail. It is squeezable with its body and the embroidered design around the neck makes it unique out of all the unicorns out there. The horn of the unicorn is of gold color so it has nice detail to it.

Made for 3 years old and above, this charming unicorn can be taken with you when traveling, sleeping, camping out, coming over to a friend’s house, and more. It will also stand up just right and is not wobbly or too squishy.

My Audio Pet Unicorn Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless Speaker

Do you want a wireless speaker but want a fashionable one? This is one of a kind due to its unicorn design and character look. This speaker is not only room-filling but is also decorative and colorful with its face and ears. It is at 3 watts for its speaker wattage and it is good for use with Bluetooth devices.

You can play anything through this speaker, such as your smartphone, tablet and other devices that are meant to be paired with Bluetooth. It also has a built-in microphone, other than the speaker itself.

Little Live Pets – Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn

As a sparkling unicorn toy, this one can be interactive due to its batteries and innovative technology inside. It has a button to press to turn it on and it even dances to the music that it plays! The color of the unicorn changes when it is functioning or dancing.

You can also use the included donut to feed the unicorn when it gets hungry. The super luxurious hair of the unicorn can be brushed as well, including the tail. This is a fun unicorn you’d like to have when pretend to play scenarios with friends.

Unicorn Tent for Girls – Unicorn Pop Up Kids Tent

This unicorn tent for kids is shaped like a regular tent with a triangular top roof and a decorative round cylindrical shaped bottom. It is easy to assemble and the roomy interior fits 3 children comfortably, so you can have a slumber party or campout inside with your friends or family. It is also great for both indoor and outdoor parties.

It can be packed for easy travel and you can also use it for pretend plays of castles and knights. Its unicorn design around the tent is fade-resistant so it can be used in the sun. It also comes with a unicorn headband.

Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table

As a unicorn-themed water table and activity center for kids, this one can help children play with each other and pretend to give the unicorns a bath or shower with the falling fountain mechanisms. Simply let them pour out the water from the different parts of the water table to bathe the unicorns.

It is a good educational tool as well due to the fact that the waterfalls can give your child an insight into the cause and effect of STEM play. It also has an easy setup so it can be put up anywhere in the backyard for a fun time out in the summer.

Kidoozie Foam Unicorn Pogo Jumper – Fun and Safe Play

Pogo jumping is a fun activity to let out your child’s stress in jumping off the couch all the time. This fun pogo jumper is good for kids up to 250 lbs. of weight and it can also encourage a healthy lifestyle through outdoor playtime by strengthening core muscles, which is important for kids’ development. It has a unicorn-style on the pogo jumper, which kids will like.

LYLKD Little Girls Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirts

Have your little girl dress up like a unicorn in this colorful rainbow tutu with a unicorn headband. It fits various sizes of kids and it can be ideal for ballet dancing, as a costume, for various occasions and much more. It can also be a birthday party costume and will get your child to look dazzling and cute.


To wrap it up, unicorn toys are not only great for developing a child’s imagination, but they can also be great buddies for traveling, for sleeping and the like. They are colorful and are fun characters that your child can play with. We hope you enjoyed these top picks for the best unicorn toys!

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