Best Trolls Toys

Trolls is a series of toys that were made in the 90s but is now famous again due to the Dreamworks film of the same title, in which the Trolls merchandise characters star in. The great thing about the Trolls toys is that you can style them in any way that you want. Their hairs are customizable and can be colored as well, which helps to enhance your child’s creativity.

The Troll toys all have their unique personality and you can make yours stand out with your own set of fashion items. The Trolls can be styled to whatever you want and you can tie their hair, add accessories and the like. The Trolls are more than just dolls, but they are also style practice dolls that are unique if you already have Barbie dolls. They are usually small and easy to take with you wherever you go, and their long hair allows you to style them in various ways possible.

Best Trolls Toys

Without further ado, here are some of the best Trolls toys for you:

Trolls DreamWorks Poppy Talkin Plush Doll

This plush doll from Trolls has a comb to match it so that you can style its hair in any way that you want. The figure measures 14 inches tall so you can take it with you on road trips or while sleeping. It also makes cool sound effects and talks as part of its fun factor.

Because of the squishy body, you can hug it and produce sound effects straight from the film itself. You can also make different styles out of her hair. Ideal for 4 years and up, this Troll doll only requires 2 AAA batteries.

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Pillow Pets Branch DreamWorks Trolls – Stuffed Plush Toy for Sleep

Another Troll doll to play with, this one is good for the boys. He makes a great companion to any adventure due to the soft, huggable and durable plush material. You can also style his hair in any way that you want. The material used in this Troll plush is BPA & Phthalates free so that it will be safe for kids to enjoy.

You can also unfasten the plush into a pillow that measures 16 inches. It is easy to wash the inside pillow and you can sleep with it. The comfortable design of the Troll plush can be a great best buddy for any kid. It is also foldable so you can take it with you anywhere due to the Velcro strap.

Max Fun Set of 13pcs Trolls dolls

Containing 13 pieces of Troll dolls, these can be great action figures to play with so that you can create your imaginary sceneries with the characters from the movie. You can also use them as cake toppers for added decoration, especially for your little one’s birthday.

Each of these figures is 3 to 6 cm tall and are ideal for kids who are aged 4 years old and above. They can also be great car decorations or any purpose whatsoever. They are made of durable plastic so they are very stable to put into any décor idea and they also have the right colors from the movie. You can also fit them in 3-inch Easter eggs.

Trolls Just Play Poppy True Colors Styling Head

If you want to style Poppy from the movie Trolls, this is a cute styling head to play with. It has 11 pieces included as well as a wearable headband that is made with blue flowers (you can also wear the headband yourself). There are many colors on Poppy’s hair that you can style and tie up.

There are many different barrettes that you can choose from the pieces and you can also tie the hair up and comb it. There is a storage base that you can put all of Poppy’s hair accessories in one place. It is good for kids who are 3 years old and above.

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Fashion Frenzy Set

This fashion set is inspired by the DreamWorks Trolls movie, which features four Trolls characters: Poppy, Satin, Chenille, and Fuzzbert. They all look fantastic and easy to comb due to the hairstyle that you can make out of them. There are 4 figures and 3 accessories to choose from.

Each of the figures can be styled due to their hair being very dynamic and colorful. The dolls are at 2 inches in size. There are two dolls that are connected by a tiny bow and you can remove it so that you can play them separately.

DreamWorks Trolls POD’ular Troll Tree

Have your little trolls sleep on their tree pods with this amazing set. It stands 16 inches tall and it comes with a variety of sleeping pods for the trolls. The pods can be interchanged and customized to your liking – you can hang them anywhere in the tree.

Made with a colorful and creative design, it also has various other accessories, such as a bug clip, zip line, tiara, and instructions. You also get a Poppy figure as well as 3 mushrooms that you can place in the playset. There is also a zip line where the trolls can slide.

DreamWorks Trolls in Trouble Game

Are you ready for a great game to play? This board game has everything you need, including a game board that features many designs, the Pop-O-Matic dice roller that rolls the dice, and a total of 16 troll pawns to choose from that are featured in the movie.

You also get a Guy Diamond troll figure along with the set. To keep the trolls in place, there are 4 adhesive foam pads included, as well as the user instructions on how to play the game. There are zip lines on the game board as well as the multi-sided dice that makes the game more challenging.

Crayola Trolls Light-Up Tracing Pad, Coloring Board for Kids

Get your creativity started with this tracing pad from Crayola that is inspired by the Trolls movie. You can draw your favorite characters with this set, which includes 12 short colored pencils for drawing, as well as 10 Trolls tracing sheets in which you can use to draw and trace your favorite Troll.

It also has 10 blank sheets where you can draw the Troll and you can use the included graphite pencil, to begin with. You can color them up with the included colored pencils to add more fun and excitement to your drawing and for arts activity time.

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Coronation Pod

This figure and playset come with the scene from the coronation in the movie. It includes 11 accessories, including the crown and some other dresses that Poppy can wear. It has 2 figures as well as a critter. There are also lights when you turn them on and the whole thing spins (requires 3 1.5V “AAA” alkaline batteries).

You can style the hair with accessories and have them dance in the party pod. The Troll figures are about 4 inches in size and are recommended for kids 4 to 8 years old.

Hasbro Trolls Operation Board Game

Yet another great board game about Trolls, this tabletop game requires a very steady hand in order to take out the pieces or put them in without touching the sides because the tweezers will set the buzzer off. The player with the most charms wins, so it is a game that can be played with friends or you can play it alone.

The charms that you can collect are small but are easy to pick with the tweezers, but you have to be careful so that you don’t buzz the buzzer. There are a total of 12 plastic charm parts in the game package.

Trolls DreamWorks Poppy Hug Time Harmony Figure

If you want Poppy to sing her various songs and phrases from the movie, this is a great Troll doll to have! This one has a hair that can be styled and combed in any way that you want, added to the fact that she can sing and say some stuff. If you also have other dolls such as the DreamWorks Trolls Branch doll (sold separately), then Poppy will harmonize with it!

There are many possibilities that you can make with this Troll doll due to the soft and plush hair that you can comb and style, as well as when she sings the hit song “Get Back Up Again” from the movie.

Townley Girl Dreamworks Trolls Nail Art Set

Those who love nail art will like this Trolls nail art set. It has a variety of shades to choose from as well as sticker art for your nails and other accessories. It is ideal for kids 3 years old and above and has a lot of stuff inside.

It is made up of 240 nail gems that you can put into your nails for added decor, 42 stickers to stick and get creative with, 7 polishes that are of different colors depending on your favorite Troll, and a carrying bag for traveling with your nail art set. You can use it for a nail art party with your friends.

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy Collectible Figure

As a collectible figure, this Poppy figure from Trolls can be styled with her hair with the unique comb and headband. It stands at 4 inches tall and is ideal for kids who are 4 years old and above. Many people liked her to be in a collection of other Trolls dolls that you may already have.

You can also put Poppy as a cake topper if your little one is having a birthday very soon, or if you’d just like to bake a cake for your child, as this Poppy figure has just the right size for it.

Play-Doh Dreamworks Trolls Press ‘n Style Salon

This salon-themed Trolls clay dough set allows you to make your own troll hair from scratch. In this set, you can mold in the troll’s hair using the clay and have them grow silly hair with various colors that you like! You can also style them using the included scissors, which are meant for clay.

It comes with 2 figures (Poppy and Branch) that you can design and mold hair from. There are a total of 7 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound with different colors to choose from so you can get creative with their hair.

Bendon 68707 Trolls Imagine Ink Magic Ink Pictures

This magic ink set allows your child to reveal different pictures and colors that can be seen inside the booklet. It enhances your child’s imagination with a mess-free marker that will only work on the special coloring booklet included in the package, which is Trolls-themed!

Trolls Just Play Poppy True Colors Styling HeadPillow Pets Poppy

While we mentioned the Branch head pillow earlier, this Poppy head pillow can be a great partner for it! This snugly and fluffy comfort pillow can be your travel buddy or sleeping buddy in Trolls style! It is not only soft but also washable and durable for many road trips and uses, as it is made of high-quality washable chenille.


To wrap it up, Trolls toys exercise your child’s creativity as well as their freedom of expression and hand-eye coordination in styling their hair and accessorizing them. They are immensely popular with kids nowadays, not just in the 90s. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best Trolls toys out there!

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