Best Toys & Gift For 7-Year-Old Boys

There is a popular song that goes “once I was seven years old”, in which we are reminded that childhood is very precious. Toys and gifts can make a 7-year-old kid’s time worthwhile in their childhood, so we should really give them the best.

In fact, many parents have birthday parties that are grandiose when their kid turns 7 years old. Many children tend to have more maturity at this age and they begin to enter the old kid stage and near their pre-teen stage. This is when they want to have more usable items rather than just toys and they begin to develop their personality at a young age.

Therefore, you might want to give them gifts that are appropriate for their personality, for their likes, and for their preferences to make your gift ideal for your little kid. Many toys and gifts out there today are the best for 7 years old.

Best Toys & Gift For 7-Year-Old Boys

Here are our top picks for the best toys and gifts for boys who are 7 years old:

Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket, 4 Rockets – Outdoor Rocket Toy

As an outdoor rocket powered by science and physics, it only requires you to stomp on it to work. It can reach up to 200 feet in the air and it does not require any batteries to run. You get a total of 4 rockets in the package.

You can set it outside so that your kids can watch the rockets fly high. It is a good science activity or project to educate them in early STEM subjects. It can be played by the entire family and it is easy to set up with the stomp pad and the air hose.

AZLAND Sports Watch

This digital watch is available in boy’s colors and is also waterproof or water-resistant up to 100 feet, so it is good for surfing, swimming, and wearing at the beach. It has up to 3 years of battery life and has various functions, including an alarm clock, a stopwatch, a 12/24-hour format, a time/date change, and a nightlight function.

It can fit those with wrist sizes of 4.7 to 8.7 inches and it is backed by a 12-month warranty. The buttons are very easy and intuitive to press while the display is also clear and concise to look at.

Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids

A terrarium is a kind of indoor garden in a jar by which you can create your own garden inside without compromising the health of your little plants. It has different garden decor, some soil, and the plants that are ready to grow.

The terrarium also glows at night with the innovative LED light under the lid, so it can be fun to look at while in a bedroom as a nightlight. The light can be powered or charged using a USB cable that’s included. The jar measures 4 x 6 inches so it fits most bedroom desks and tables anywhere. You also get removable stickers for added decoration.

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

A science kit for kids, this one can enhance your child’s creativity and STEM skills to let your young scientist explore and learn the basics of science from the different experiments. There are a total of 11 activities to choose from and that includes a color-changing volcano!

Included in the set are test tubes, measuring scoops, sticks, pipette, plastic cups, cotton swabs, instructions, and much more. It also has simple chemicals, such as citric acid, vegetable oil, crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer, red cabbage powder, color tablets, corn starch, and baking soda, which can be experimented on in a safe way for kids.

K’NEX 70 Model Building Set

The K’NEX is a famous toy in the 90s where you can connect different pieces and build models of cars, boats, planes, and other toys. It is like a LEGO block but more intricate and complex so it is for the big boys. It will enhance their engineering and building skills so it is also an educational toy.

When your child creates a model or toy from the set, it can be moved around, such as a model car or any land vehicle. It has a container that organizes all of the pieces once you have finished building them. There are a total of 705 pieces in the set for you to build from – all of them are in different colors.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Master Falls 70608

If you like the Ninjago movie then you will definitely find the Master Falls very familiar. It is a scene from the movie that has a realistic design that’s faithful to the adaptation. It has Master Wu, Kai, and Jungle figures that you can play with so that you can recreate scenes from the movie or make your own.

The details of the Master Falls are very accurate – from the rocks to the mini-map, to the green leaves, to the fire torch and to the water below the bridge, this set is quite enjoyable due to easily fitting the pieces inside. When built, it measures 6 x 8 x 5 inches for the jungle bridge. You get a total of 312 pieces to build from.

HUSAN Electronic Piggy Bank Mini ATM

Do you want a mini-ATM for kids? This cute electronic piggy bank is a great gift for them. It is available in 3 colors and can fit in up to 100 pieces of paper bills or 600 coins in total. Measuring 7 x 11 x 4 inches, this one only runs on 3 AA batteries as it absorbs your bills or coins.

The cool thing about this ATM for kids is that there is electronic password protection using the keypad. It is made with ABS plastic so it is durable and safe for kids due to being BPA-free.

Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies 22 Channel

If your little boys want to have a Walkie-talkie then this set is a good pick for them. They are not too heavy at only 90 grams and they can be tied to a belt. They can allow 22-channel two-way communication and they have a simple talk button on each unit.

The buttons on the units allow you to navigate and change the channels really easily. There is also a built-in microphone that lets both parties talk clearly. It is backed by a 90-day warranty. With a channel lock feature, it also has a squelch option from levels 1 to 6. You only need 3 AA batteries each to run this unit set.

Adventure Kidz – Outdoor Exploration Kit

For the great outdoors, this kit includes a set of binoculars for seeing different far objects and sceneries. It has a compass in case you get lost, a handy sack bag that can keep your gear dry and fresh, a flashlight in case you get in the dark, and a magnifying glass for discovering small objects and insects.

You can also use the emergency whistle in case you need to team up or regroup with the rest of your party. It is great for STEM learning as well as for adventuring outdoors or at your own backyard for the summer season.

Johnnie Lene Pinstripe Boys Formal Dresswear Vest Set

A cool party dress for boys would be this one since it looks formal and stylish. It has a long sleeve inside and a vest over, so your child will look handsome in this dress wear. It has various sizes to choose from and they all come with a zipper tie.

The dress wears also has a tie and a neatly-designed pocket. The pants are easy to wear due to the elastic back so that they can fit most boys with different sizes. There is a choice of either a bow tie or a necktie for the outfit. You can pair it with your favorite shiny shoes.

Mattel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

A classic game for kids, this one is a boxing game between two plastic mechanical robots that requires you to punch the opponent using the buttons on each side of the ring. Your children will love the realistic sounds of this toy due to the fighter’s actions, which will encourage your child to have their skill and speed enhanced while playing it.

ZOOB BuilderZ S.T.E.M. Challenge

Another classic builder set, this one enhances your child’s STEM skills by building cool, wacky creations, and creatively. There are instructions for 40 types of creations that you can make and you can even put on wheels on some of them so they can roll into action and can be played with. There are also foam pads, challenge cards, and rubber bands to make the creations more realistic.

Shifu Orboot (App Based)

If your children are glued to their smartphones or tablets, this unique app lets them learn the different capitals and landmarks of the world with an interactive app. It is a globe that features augmented reality so that they can search for different countries and explore their well-known landmarks or animals. It also comes with a pretend passport and a stamp, other than the 10-inch globe.

Zoomer Dino

This dinosaur is a balancing toy that rolls around your home and you can train him to dance or do other actions. It is a great pre-historic pet for kids that will help them to learn how to control and interact with pets. It uses only 3 AAA batteries to run and you can just charge it using a USB cable for the unit.

Being remote controlled, it can be tamed and it has a colorful design. It is also touch-sensitive and responds to your every move so it is an intuitive dinosaur.

MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope with Tripod

If your children are interested in stargazing then this is a gift for them. It is a traveling telescope that is portable and has various eyepieces that are included for you to choose. It can be used during the summer when the sky is very clear and you can observe the stars, planets, and much more. You can easily set up the telescope and you can also use the included moon mirror, which has a 1.25 and 1.5x eyepiece.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

If your child loves cars, they will love the Hot Wheels series. This one is a great garage to store all of your child’s Hot Wheels cars that can also be used as a playset in itself. It has various slides, ramps, and much more. It has up to 36 car spaces for you to park your cars into. The action zones only require 3 C-sized batteries to work and you can even put the cars into the gas station for refilling.

Jurassic World Thrash ‘n Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure

For kids who love dinosaurs, they will absolutely like this Tyrannosaurus Rex model, which can be moved and posed in any way possible. It is a character from the original Jurassic Park films that is quite realistic in its design. The unique thing about this T-Rex is that it has a sound effect features like chomping and stomping, so it will be an awesome and edgy gift for your little boy(s)!


As a whole, toys for 7 years old are typically unique and much more comprehensive and sophisticated than little boys’ toys. They tend to be used for everyday activities and for learning while some of them are educational and at the same time, can enhance your child’s imagination. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best toys for 7-year-olds!

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