Best Toys & Gift for 11 Year Old Girls

An 11-year-old girl is already in the stage of a pre-teen, and that’s why they need more interactive games that are pertaining to arts and crafts.

Playing is a natural and necessary activity to do for kids, because they can be more active physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether they are playing alone or with friends, when children can work with a toy or a unique gift, they are getting the importance of playing, which is the enrichment of their talents and hobbies.

Given to the kids, such skills like arts and music should be enriched with toys and gifts. If your little one is a girl who has talent, then it is your duty to develop the talents they have been given. Sometimes we think that we have not a lot of talent or that someone else has more ability than we have, but you can give your little girl some self-esteem if you let them play with creativity enhancing toys.

Sometimes, kids do not use their talents because we fear that other people may think they’re not very good, but you can encourage them by giving them these toys and tools to play with and improve their skills with. Tell them that people should not hide talents and they should use them, such as drawing or painting.

Best Toys & Gift for 11-Year-Old Girls

Below are our top picks for the best 11-year-old toys and gifts you can find:

Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones Light Up

This foldable Bluetooth headphone is a great gift for a girl who likes to listen to music due to the fashionable design and comfortable ear pads. It also has 40mm speakers so that the music is very good. The fact that this is wireless makes it kid-friendly while there are 3 color combinations to choose from with pastel colors.

As a convenient feature, both sides of the headphone have easy switches to skip songs and also control the volume. The battery life is pretty good as commented by the customers because you can even turn off the lights at the sides to conserve battery life.

AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket

If you want your little girl to feel cozy at night, this mermaid tail blanket is a comfortable blanket to have. Measuring around 55 x 28 inches, this one can protect you from catching a chill because of the thick but breathable blanket material, which can be useful when you on the air-conditioned living room or anywhere that’s cold.

It is also easy to get in and out of this blanket due to the fact that the back and bottom of the mermaid blanket are open. This can be used for not just in the bed or in your car – you can also sleep on it on your couch sofa, camping, cots, and various sleepover scenarios. Hypoallergenic cotton and acrylic are used for the material.

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Razor A2 Kick Scooter

Travel in style with this cool and hip scooter, which has been made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum to make it lightweight while with Red S to make it very durable. At the back, there is a safety fender brake for quick stops so that your child can stop wherever they want. It also has a smooth set of 98 mm inline-style urethane wheels.

The scooter is also available in a wide variety of colors and shades while the springless shock system makes the riding very smooth even on bumpy terrain and pavement. It does not require any assembly and measures 26.5 x 13 x 34 inches when it arrives (it’s also foldable).

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

Get your child into STEM in the way kids can enjoy by using the “yucky stuff” to learn more about science, such as bacteria and mold. They can experiment by creating fake blood, snot, intestines and the like with this unique kit.

Various tools and ingredients are included, such as 4 Petri dishes for the experiment, a magnifier to see what’s going on, 4 cotton swabs to pick up samples, as well as other ingredients like gelatin, sugar, food coloring, yeast and much more. The kit also has fun facts about body parts for them to learn about.

Sumolux Winter Kids Warm Cat Animal Hats

For the winter season, this would keep your little girl warm as much as possible. With various designs to choose from, it is made with cotton yarn, acrylic, polyester, and cotton. The cotton yarn can keep the material very smooth and soft while the acrylic gives it color. The polyester makes it durable and this scarf hat also looks very fashionable.

The design is not only good-looking, as it can also keep your kids warm in autumn and winter. Kids who are 7 years old or even 5 years old can even buy this cute little fuzzy hat.

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4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Cool crystals can be a great STEM or science experiment for your little girls, who probably love cute and glowing crystals that are colorful. With this kit, they can grow and maintain their own stunning crystals in a multitude of colors, such as magenta, blue, white, purple, pink, aqua and much more.

The kids can also learn more about the science of crystal growth with the included fact sheet that can be a great educational experience for them. The kit comes with all of the crystal compounds that your child can play with, as well as seven display dome for the crystals to grow in. There are also stirring supplies and the user instructions on how to set them up.

ALEX Spa Style & Go Nail Studio

This nail studio is complete with stickers, a nail dryer some nail polish and the like. It is a good choice for kids who love to do nail art, which includes a variety of nail art stickers, such as signs, symbols, cupcakes, fruits, pizza, emojis and the like. It has over 100 nail stickers in the pack while it also has a nail dryer that only requires 2 AA batteries to run.

There are 4 bottles of nail polish that your child can play with to become the manicurist on the go at a young age. Don’t worry though – all of the stuff in this kit are non-toxic and are generally safe for kids to use.

JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket

Another great mermaid tail blanket to mention would be this one, which measures  55.1 x 27.6 inches overall. It is a manually crocheted blanket for your little girl so it is not only authentic but also fashionable in terms of design. It is also comfortable to slip inside and make your little princess look and feel like a real mermaid!

There are many colors to choose from while it is also in the right length from the tail to the top for most kids. It can be used on the sofa, in a camper, in the car, and on your child’s bed. You can also machine wash it like most blankets just fine.

Ultimate Slime Kit -DIY- Make Glow-In-The-Dark

Level up your child’s slime interest and slime game with this fun scientific kit. The box comes with a lot of ingredients and stuff, such as 2oz PVA solution to make the slime sticky and clear, 2 ounces of borax solution, Thermochromic powder to make the slime change its color when pressed, and a glue bottle which can fit 4 ounces of slime.

It also has a bunch of glitters and glows powder to decorate your slime into something unique. The kit also has a straw and 3 wooden sticks. To help mix your slime properly, it also has a small scoop, some measuring cups and mixing cups. When you are finished with your slime, you can put them all in the included 3 storage containers and a small zip bag for safe keeping.

Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

Enhance the inner artist in your child with this amazing art kit. With over 80 pieces of art stuff to choose from, your child can create their own masterpieces with the following tools: 24 color pencils to draw and color sketches in a subtle way for color mixing, use the 24 oil pastels to give a richer color for posters, use the 24 watercolor cakes to create realistic watercolor paintings and use the 2 paint brushes to accomplish that feat.

Your child can also use the 2 drawing pencils and a pencil sharpener for basic sketches. It also has a kneaded eraser so that the drawing paper won’t be messed up. It also has sanding blocks included, and all of these tools and art supplies are in an attractive wooden carrying case.

4M Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit

Crocheting is also a great hobby to do for your little kid. This crocheted set comes with two crochet hooks as well as a plastic needle so it will not be a threat to your child’s safety. What’s more, it already contains 7 colors of yarn to make your child’s favorite designs.

Your child can look at the 14-page instruction book to learn how to crochet on their own. It also has enough materials to make useful items like a belt, placemat, a handbag or a coaster.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit

Who said girls can’t enjoy engineering and electronics? If your child wants to be an engineer someday, they will love this STEM toy. It can help your child to learn how to build up to 100 different electronics circuit projects using the included 30+ electronic components.

It has easy parts that snap together and also an instruction manual on how to connect each part. You can guide your child to help them learn how to make the different devices function together in a circuit, such as a rotating fan, a speaker, some lights and the like.

Fashion Angels American Girl 24109 Ultimate Crafting Kit

Another must-have for the girl who loves arts and crafts this one contains a lot of glitters and glamorous bits to design your own jewelry. It can be used to make your own bracelets, necklaces and the like – both for your 11-year-old girl and your child’s doll!

You can also use it to make your own gifts that you want to give to your best friend or to a family member. It comes with all of the stuff needed to make the gifts and jewelry, such as the beads, embroidery floss, cords, hooks and the like.

SmartLab Toys All-Natural Soaps Science Kit

Create your own soap with this unique scientific experiment kit. Your child can shape the soaps in awesome ways and even give them scents. It comes with scents and oatmeal to make the soap very usable and refreshing when you use it in the bathtub! There are a total of 14 soap molds to choose from, such as shells, flowers and the like. The soaps can all have different colors as well.

USAopoly Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

If your little girl is a Harry Potter fan, this deck building card game is a good gift for them. It only requires 2 to 4 players and is a great 45-minute to 1-hour game that can exercise your child’s thinking skills, as well as let them enjoy the Harry Potter series. It is a complete set with playing instructions.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

Children who already have the Nintendo Switch can enjoy this classic but awesome game of Mario Kart 8. Play with Mario and other Nintendo friends and enjoy with friends with up to 4 players in a multiplayer scenario.

Just My Style Emoticon Message Beads

Little girls can express themselves with this unique emotion message beads that they can craft. It can give them the opportunity to create bracelets and necklaces with their own phrases, names and the like. It has letters, words, phrases, emojis, shapes and the like to choose from.

Craft-tastic – Yarn Tree Kit

This crafty tree kit is a great activity for kids to enjoy. By wrapping a wire tree, they can learn how to mix the different colors of yarn in order to create their own unique colorful tree. Your child can make the tree into a display item in their room, eventually.


As a whole, it is important to give your child toys and gifts not only to make them feel special but also to enrich their hidden talents. As we all know, the natural talent of humanity is acquired in practice and it is not all the time that human talent is inborn.

A person’s talent can be derived or comes from practice, so if your kids want to have a strong affinity for a certain hobby or career, such as arts and crafts, or music, they will enrich their talent only if they get in touch with practice and application with such toys or tools. We hope these gifts for an 11-year-old girl can help you decide on your child’s favorite things!

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