Best Toy Organizers

Kids will be kids – they will mostly want to keep a lot of toys in their arsenal. The problem lies when they have too many toys and don’t know where to place them! In most cases, their bedroom or playroom turns into a big chunk of mess!

That’s when you will need toy organizers, which can help simplify the cleaning job of the parents. Toy organizers can be convenient ways to keep your children’s toys in the right place without being a nuisance around the house. Plus, it will also teach your little one on responsibility for cleaning their own toys after they have finished playing with them.

Keep in mind that toy organizers not only need to be sufficient in space and compartments, but it also needs to be quality in design, such that it should be easy to clean to help parents maintain their kids’ toys. However, being colorful is also a plus to get your kids interested in arranging their toys.

Best Toy Organizers

Here are some of our picks for the best toy organizers out there:

Honey-Can-Do SRT-06475 Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins

Made with colorful designs for the individual drawers, this toy organizer comes with a total of 12 plastic toy totes, each measuring 5 inches in their depth. Also, it can be mounted to the wall so it can be safe during earthquakes and also prevent all the toys from toppling over.

Moreover, it can fit into most bedrooms and playrooms due to space-saving designs. The surfaces are smooth and this makes it easy to clean (stain-resistant). There are two sizes for the bins: 16 1/4 inches (large bin) and 11 3/4 inches (small bin). Since the bins are removable and can be rearranged, your child can have fun with arranging them according to the color that they want, which can also help with cognitive skills.

AmazonBasics Kids Toy Storage Organizer Bins

With a set of primary colors for the storage bins, this one can be ideal for very young kids and toddlers to help them recognize the colors easily. It can also take up to 25 lbs. as a whole due to the durable composite wood frame, which is also backed with steel dowels for added stability.

Since the natural wood look makes it stand out, it can also match most interior decor. Also, it can be easily anchored to the wall using its wood sides. You can place any kind of toy, big or small, in this organizer due to the variations in the size of the bins. They are all easy to remove and put back to help your child learn how to clean up their toys.

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Tot Tutors Springfield Collection Supersized Wood Toy Storage Organizer

If your child has very large toys, such as teddy bears, balls, and the like, this one can be for them. It has a minimalist color scheme so it can go with nearly any kind of home decor you may have. It is also a combination of wood, plastic, and metal, so it combines durability, style, and easiness of maintenance. A total of 12 standard bins and 4 large bins are included in the set.

The bins measure 16 inches for the large and 11 inches for the smaller ones, which are all easy to assemble and put back. Each of them is BPA-free and phthalate-free to keep your toys from getting harsh chemicals and thereby protecting your child. The storage capacity of the whole organizer is 7.5 cubic feet.

Delta Children Design and Store 6-Bin Toy Storage Organizer

For children who prefer toy organizers that have a theme, such as their favorite cartoon character, they may love this one. It comes in a ton of designs, including Toy Story, The Lion King, Super Friends, Spongebob, Spider-man, PJ Masks, Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, and Cars. Each of them has a total of 6 bins that vary in size.

There are also large bins that are perfect for not just toys but also storybooks and board games. They can be placed in any children’s room or playroom due to the ease of setup and the design. Your child can even decorate their own organizer by adding the stickers (included) to the walls of the organizer so that they can personalize it further.

Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid, Kids Collapsible Storage

For large stuffed toy collections, we’d recommend this one. It is a big toy chest that can be filled with all sorts of things, such as stuffed animals, characters, books, games, and the like. It comes in 3 different patterns and is also collapsible in case you need to take it somewhere. Moreover, it has handles on the side to make it ready for transport.

The whole chest is also easy to close using the Velcro tab. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth due to its smooth surface, made of 75g non-woven material. The whole toy chest measures 27.5 x 15 x 16 inches. What’s more, the lid is also detachable in case there are too many toys inside (and the lid won’t keep all of them in place).

ECR4Kids 3-Tier Toy Storage Organizer with Bins

This toy organizer has a simple design with evenly-sized and distributed organizer bins. Each of them is all GREENGUARD Gold Certified to ensure that they are free of plastic chemicals that may harm your child. You can order the storage rack organizer in 3-tier and 4-tier designs depending on how many toys you need to store and clean up.

The heavy-duty plastic frame that is reinforced with steel is used to make the whole organizer. Since it has open-front access, it is easier for your child to pick up the toys that they want. Handles on the side help parents to move the toy organizer in any room that they wish. It even has rounded edges to keep kids from harm and accidents. Moreover, it has bright primary colors.

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B. spaces by Battat – Totes Tidy Toy Organizer

As a toy organizer that is made with translucent storage bins, this one comes in various colors, such as ivory, sea, and mint, so it can look good if you have a room that has a blue theme. It has two types of bins: small, and large, which can make it ideal for both small toys and big ones like stuffed bears.

The modern design can make it ideal for most apartments and homes. Plus, its side walls also have a wavy pattern so it can be unique compared to other toy organizers. Real solid wood dowels are used to make the whole toy organizer durable. Assembly can also be done easily using the included hexagon key tool.

Pomeat Hanging Mesh Space Saver Bags Organizer 4 Compartments

For those of you who lack horizontal space, you can try a vertical way of organizing your child’s toys. Try this hanging mesh organizer – it has 4 compartments which can be easily seen due to the mesh material around it. The blue color can complement most home designs while it can be used for storing various toys and other kids’ items.

The organizer can be hung from the ceiling using any nail or hook and a long strap. If you live in an apartment or have a room with very minimal space for a toy box or toy organizer, this can be a solution for you. It can be ideal for displaying unused toys as well.

Step2 Corvette Kids Room and Toy Organizer

If you have a kid who is a fan of cars, this Corvette organizer may be just the right toy space for them. It has decals that can work well with any car lover and car-inspired bedroom plus it has a total of 9 regular bins and 2 large bins for the bigger toys.

There are also different colors for the toy bins for your child to organize them in their own way. The whole toy organizer measures 35 x 26 x 14 inches and weighs 19 lbs, which makes it easy to assemble and move for most parents. The bins are also easily detachable for rearrangement.

White Sort ‘N Store Toy Storage Box

This large toy box has a big space for many toys and it has curved edges so it can be safe for kids to use. Also, there is a compartment at the bottom featuring two trays for keeping secret items that are small such as accessories. It is quite simple in its design and requires less effort in installation.

If you and your child aren’t really that concerned with individual storage bins then they can work out just fine with this toy organizer, especially if they have a lot of toys to keep.


To sum it all up, toys can be organized with the help of toy organizers. They are not only colorful but are also sufficient in space for most small and big toys for your kids. They also help teach your children an early sense of responsibility in taking care of their toys and putting them in the right place. In the long run, it will also be helpful to parents when cleaning up after their child’s mess.

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