Best Toy Cash Register For Kids

Toy cash registers are great ideas for a gift for kids. They are the best for teaching kids how to count money. Money is worth gold because it is commonly used in our daily expenses and this is the reason we work.

We should teach kids that money is a major financial component to strengthen our economy. Money is not only paper bills and coins but it is the basis for promoting national development. With money, it serves as a way for us to buy anything that we want and need. Households use the money on buying as well as spending on products in their daily lives.

One important thing to teach children is to know how to count and manage money. With a cash register that is a toy, they can learn how money works and it can also teach them math skills. These toys can help inform the amount of money that is needed for a product to children and to provide ideas or information about how much any item usually costs.

Best Toy Cash Register For Kids

We chose the following best toy cash register sets that might interest you:

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

This cash register with LCD screen is easy to operate due to the clear screen that you can see the numbers from. The buttons on the activated calculator make it simple to press and enter the amount that is needed to dispense. There are also 73 pieces in total in the cash register that can be useful for kids to learn basic math and money skills.

It is great for children 3 years old and above and it uses the standard “Cha-ching” Sound when it opens, so it is definitely like a real cash register. It also has a credit card that your child can use for pretend play, other than the pretend coins and bills.

Fisher-Price Classics Retro Cash Register

As a classic and retro style cash register, this one has 6 plastic coins that come in a variety of denominations that are represented by their colors. Your child can buy any ice cream, balloon or apple with the simple flick of the switch of this classic style cash register.

The operation of this classic retro cash register is easy: just turn the crank when the coins go down, and the drawer opens up from the mechanism. It is not only a great way for your child to learn math, but it can also hone their hand and eye coordination skills. It will also help them to learn how to count numbers and recognize the different denominations.

LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register

This high-tech cash register only requires 3 AAA batteries to run and you can use it to check out 20 items that are included in the package, such as groceries including eggs, bread, strawberries, cheese, grapes, carrots, milk and so much more! It can be a great toy to play with your friends when you invite them to a shopping spree at your house!

There are also cool sounds and fun songs to sing along with when you turn on the cash register. It can be used to learn different things about math and counting as well due to the 50+ fun phrases and educational songs. It has coins and a shopping card included as well to make the pretend to play more fun and realistic.

Little Tikes Count ‘n Play Cash Register Playset

Another classic style cash register would be this one. Its size number match makes it educational while the color distinction also provides fun learning for kids, which is important for toddlers. All kids need to do is to to use and slide the credit card in the slot of the cash register in order to drop coins into the drawer – perfect for teaching your children on how to operate it.

There is also a change dispenser so that you can use it to dispense the coins. To open the drawer, kids need to pull the handle at the side. Made with an attractive set of colors, this one is good for both boys and girls who are 2 years old and above. It is good for stimulating imagination, math skills, and creativity.

FUNERICA Toy Cash Register with Scanner

Amazingly large for a cash register set, this one is complete with a ton of freebies. It has a working microphone to announce to your customers their amount tendered, while the calculator allows you to compute the total amount of money that the customer has to pay. There are also included play pots and pans that make it a great restaurant and grocery store cash register.

It also has free play money such as bills and coins, as well as a pretend credit card. It also has other supplies and groceries and you can scan the item with the included item scanner, which will teach your children on how to handle a bar code scanner. It also has a credit card scanner on the side and a button to press to open the cash register.

Play Circle by Battat – Cha-Ching Cash Register Set

This cash register set is colored pink so it is good for babies and toddlers who are 3 years old and above. The plastic construction makes it lightweight but still durable and its scanner can be used to scan the items that will be bought by the customer. There is a calculator that works in the middle to compute the total item sale. The scanner also lights up for realism.

There is also a ramp on the side that moves the item from one place to another, just like a real cash register, while there is also a key that gives you access to the bottom cash dispenser, in which you can sort out the coins and the bills in two shelves. There is also a pretend credit card that the cashier can swipe to pretend to use it.

Best Choice Products Educational Kids Pretend Toy Cash Register

Educational and colorful, this one contains all different cash register items in just one go. It has a microphone to talk to the customers and a scanner that can light up with sounds to scan any item that your customer buys. There is a working calculator at the center to compute how much your customer needs to pay.

There is a sliding ramp on the side to move the items from the grocery cart one at a time. You can also open the cash dispenser using a key and you can sort the bills and the coins in the shelves. Made for 3 years old and above, this colorful cash register is at 13 x 7 x 8 inches in size.

Liberty Imports Supermarket Cash Register with Checkout Scanner

Another large set, this one also includes the play money, which is in Euro instead of dollars, so it may be a different set if you already have dollar play money. It also has a unique weighing scale that can be used to weigh in the veggies and the fruits, which can be important in computing the cash that your customer needs to pay up.

Other grocery items are included, such as catsup, a tuna spread, bottled water, milk and many more. It has a bar code scanner and a calculator as well.

Melissa & Doug Spin and Swipe Wooden Toy Cash Register

Great for toddlers due to the quality colors and attractive design, this one can be operated with the pretend coins and the pretend credit card. On the cash register, you can pretend to buy food (cheese), blocks (ABC) and shirts by pressing the corresponding button to dispense the coin and open the cash register.

It is good for 3 years old and above and is good for developing your child’s counting skills, fine motor skills, and color assortment.

Velocity Toys Toy Cash Register

This working calculator and cash register have an item scanner, a conveyer belt, some pretend to play money, a pretend credit card and some groceries, as well as a microphone. It is educational and can teach children how to count money and scan items, so it is good for pretend shopping.

It also has lights and sounds and it makes a ‘ding’ sound when opened, which is the signature sound of most cash registers. It also has lights to attract your little one.

VTech Ring and Learn Cash Register

Great for toddlers, this colorful cash register has large numbers that they can press on the calculator, and they can also use the simple buttons to trigger the sounds and the bottom rack or the cash dispenser. There is also a weighing scale for products such as fruits, fish, chicken, and veggies.

There is also a shopping cart to fit everything in, plus a credit card to use for pretend play when shopping. It also has 80+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases to enjoy with the press of buttons.

Hape Checkout Register Kid’s Wooden Pretend Play Set

Durability is the name of the game with this cash register that is made with an abacus at the top and some wooden buttons. It also has a unique bar code scanner and a credit card scanner that is made of wood as well. It has a neatly-organized bill drawer and slots for the coins as well.


As a whole, toy cash registers for kids are not only a math tool but it will also help them in the future when they work as a cashier in the supermarket or if they also need to budget their money, so they won’t be easily fooled. We hope you enjoyed the top picks for the best toy cash registers for kids!

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