Best Toddler Snowsuit

Feeling cold is a big no-no for children, especially in the winter. They need to be fully protected and suited up for this occasion and this kind of weather. Playing in the snow can be fun, but where’s the fun if you get cold and sick afterward? That’s where a snowsuit comes in. Toddlers can wear these snowsuits when they go outside and play snowball fights, make their own snowmen, and much more.

The importance of wearing a snowsuit that is good in quality is to keep your little toddler dry and warm. They can get active even while in the winter chills and they are mostly fully articulated, which means your child can move around even with an overall snowsuit.

So, if you are looking for some snowy protection, look no further and shop for an appropriate toddler snowsuit right now! It will not only protect your little ones from the cold, but some of them even look fashionable!

Best Toddler Snowsuit

We rounded up some of the best toddler snowsuits out there for you:

Carter’s Baby Boys’ Pram

Playing around in the snow can sometimes take its toll on your little child’s head, so they may like a hoodie as well. This one is so comfortable and has cute ears on the hood, adding to its fashion sense. The polyester material and fleece lining make it durable and warm at the same time.

Its zipper closure allows your child to easily get in and out of the snowsuit. It is also easy to launder in the washing machine and it is great for babies to toddlers. If your baby is still too young, they might want to try out this baby suit due to its size availability.

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Columbia Baby Tiny Bear II Bunting

Yet another baby bear hoodie, this one is available in very cute colors to choose from with different sizes. It has fold-over designs on the hands and the feet, allowing your child to adjust depending on the weather outside. Its asymmetrical zipper makes it easy to get in and out of the hoodie.

Easy to wash and launder, this hoodie for toddlers is also made with polyester for durability. As it is from Columbia, a famous brand of outdoor gear, this is definitely a good quality baby or toddler snowsuit to have. For babies, however, you can make easy diaper changes due to its zipper design.

Arctix Infant Bunting Snow Suit

If you want a snowsuit that’s like a raincoat or suited for wet snow, this one is a good choice. It has feather touch insulation at 156 grams that are not too heavy for kids to carry. It is good for temperatures of up to -20 degrees Celsius while it still looks fashionable due to the array of color choices.

Made with polyester material for durability and weather-resistance, it is easy to machine-wash and it even has a sewn-in ID label in case your kid gets lost (put some contact information into it). Fold-over flaps are available for added insulation or weather adjustment depending on the situation.

Arctix Infant/Toddler Chest High Insulated Snow Bib Overalls

Designed to be like a jumper, this one is meant to be worn with other pieces of clothing for layering (and for a fashion sense). This snow bib overall is made with polyester and of different colors and sizes. A ThermaTech Insulation at 120 grams is used for its insulating materials that can withstand temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius.

Its comfort suspenders make it friendly for kids while the Durable Water Repellent finish allows it to be water-resistant, keeping your little ones safe and dry. On the ankle, hem guards, and scuff parts, 600 Denier Ballistic is used to make it more durable.

Columbia Baby Snuggly Bunny Bunting (Collegiate Navy)

A different color of our previous pick, this one is for the boys and for those who like a darker color for their snowsuit for easy laundering. Made with 60/40 duck down, polyester, and microfleece, this baby bunting suit is good for the worst weather to let your little ones play with comfort due to its insulation.

Added to that, it included fold-over cuffs to lock in body heat – perfect for when your child doesn’t want to wear mittens or baby boots. Outside, its Omni-Shield makes it weather-resistant and easy to clean off stains.

Columbia Baby Boys’ Foxy Baby II Bunting

Also a baby bunting outfit with a bear design, this one is available in different colors and is a combination of fleece and polyester. Its bottom feet fold-over design has a cute paw print to make it stand out from the rest. Its asymmetrical zipper makes it easy to use for moms who want to change their baby’s diaper.

The fold-over design is available in both the hands and the feet parts to help them keep warm. A plush high-pile fleece bunting material is used for the baby suit which gives it a soft and medium weight for most toddlers.

Carter’s Boys’ Heavyweight 2-Piece Skisuit Snowsuit

If the snow in your area is very intense, this is a toddler snowsuit you might want to pick. As a 2-piece design, it is a combination of a hooded jacket with a zipper and a jumper at the bottom (also known as a snow bib). The hoodie is a good choice for those who also like to keep their head warm.

The zipper closure is quite durable while many colors and sizes are available for this fleece-lined toddler snowsuit. If you live in a warm place and heading for an area with lots of winters, this may be a good travel suit for your child.

Columbia Frosty Freeze Bunting Suit

Made with a camouflage design, this one is easy to wash, water-resistant on its outer shell has a durable zipper closure and is made with polyester to make its fibers stronger. If your baby is allergic to the real down, its faux down is a good choice.

It is a soft and smooth baby bunting suit that has fold-over hand and feet cuffs to keep your baby dry and warm. Babies and toddlers who often ride on their stroller can benefit from this baby suit.

Pink Platinum Girls’ Insulated Two-Piece Snowsuit

For your little girl, this 2-piece snowsuit is not only fashionable with a multitude of color choices but is also easy to wash and zipper without compromising durability and warmth. To keep your baby extra toasty inside, it has elastic snow cuffs as well.

The straps on the included snow bib are adjustable for different sizes of children. Its fleece lining is very warm while the Velcro-closing placket proves to be easy to make the baby suit a breeze to put on and off.

Arctix Kids Limitless Overall Bib

As a baby bib for toddlers to be paired with a hoodie or jacket, this one is a fleece vest with various color choices and a 600 Denier Ballistic reinforced material for its hem guards, scuff and ankle parts to make it durable. Its zipper closure is easy to unzip for parents for easy wardrobe changes.

The material for the outside shell is made of ThermaLock coating and 85g of ThermaTech insulation to keep your baby warm and dry inside. Since it is made with lightweight flexible materials (such as quality nylon), it won’t hinder your child’s outdoor play.

iXtreme Boys’ Insulated Two-Piece Snowsuits

Made for the little boys, this two-piece clothing for the winter is available in different sizes and colors. The polyester material on the snow pants and the fleece-lined jacket allows it to be more durable in the winter and very safe to machine-wash in cold water.

Its fleece lining allows it to be warmer than usual clothing to help in the insulation while playing in the snow. Its outer shell is made of weather-resistant material so even if your child rolls around in the snow, it won’t easily get ripped apart. Many parents commend it for the good quality of the material and true to size design.

Columbia Baby Snuggly Bunny Bunting

Another one from Columbia, this one is a unisex snowsuit for both boys and girls with the different colors available. A combination of Microtex Lite II Taffeta, Polyester and Microfleece, this snuggly snow wear is a combination of 60/40 duck down for authentic warmth that is not too bulky to carry around.

It even has fold-over cuffs to keep your child more comfortable while its microfleece lining on the hood remains gentle on your child’s skin. It’s material outside is wind & water-resistant while its pull-on closure allows for easy on and off. If you prefer your child not to wear mittens or boots, these fold-over features on the hands and feet can suffice.


To wrap things up, snowsuits are indeed very vital if your child wants to play in the snow. If you live in a place with a lot of winters, keeping your child active is a breeze if they have the right gear, such as a snowsuit, to help them play outside without feeling cold.

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