Best Scooters for Kids & Toddlers

A scooter for kids and for toddlers is a great toy to have when they want to be active outdoors. Scooters can be powered manually unlike battery-operated vehicles that are for kids. They are like bicycles that allow your child to learn how to balance properly.

Scooters can vary in size and range and many of them are ideal for toddlers due to the design. Some have a thinner plating while some are more durable when it comes down to the design. Some are meant for older kids while some are adjustable with their handle. It all depends on what you want for your child. In this article, we will look into the best scooters for kids and toddlers alike.

What to look for in the Toddler Scooters

If you want to look for the best scooters for toddlers, here are some guidelines you should know about:

1. Safe design

A good and important factor when choosing an ideal scooter for toddlers would be a safe design. Its corners should not be too sharp and the handle should be okay for little hands. There should be no parts that could otherwise be a potential threat to your child’s safety.

2. Ease of adjustment

You can have an easy adjustment for a scooter for kids due to the handle. The adjustable handle is important if your child grows up too fast. A handle with a height adjustment is important if you want other kids to use it, especially if you have smaller and bigger kids in the neighborhood and in the house.

3. Durable material

A durable scooter for kids can be ideal for kids who are often outdoors. Kids who are playing with scooters need something that can be protected against wear and tear to avoid being flimsy. If a scooter is too flimsy then it might cause injury to kids.

4. Smooth wheels

The wheels should be smooth enough to glide as much as possible, especially when you are riding the scooter on pavement, grass or even on rough grounds. Wheels that are smooth enough can cause less likelihood of injuries.

5. Color or design

The color or design may also be depending on what your child wants to have, such as a cartoon character or a favorite color or design/pattern.

6. Age range

Knowing the age range of the scooter for kids is important so that you know that it’s best for your child. For example, older kids may want a taller and much more challenging scooter rather than one that is for younger kids or toddlers.

Best Scooters for Kids & Toddlers

Here are our top picks for the best scooters for kids and toddlers:

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar

Age Range: 5 to 12

This scooter has a t-bar so it is ideal for younger to older kids. It has a handlebar that is easy to tighten with the use of the supplied hex wrench to make sure your ride is safe. It gives you an incredibly smooth glide due to the polyurethane wheels as material to make it ideal for city and suburb pavements.

It is available in a variety of colors and has a kick scooter design. It has two steering options to make sure that is ideal for different kinds of riders, made for better curving and carving. It has an adjustability of 24 to 36 inches for the steering stick. It has a total of 3 wheels.

OxGord Scooter for Kids

Age Range: 3+

This scooter is ideal for toddlers and it has a T-style handlebar which easily locks in place for safety purposes. The combination of carbon steel alloy and the high-quality aluminum frame makes this scooter quite durable. To make sure that it is ideal for various ages when your child grows up, it has an adjustable T locking handlebar.

You can adjust the handlebar from 14.5 inches to 24 inches to make it ideal for different children. It has a foldable design so that you can take it with you anywhere. It has a 3-wheel design and is made with polyurethane wheels that are easy to ride with.

Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

Age Range: 2 – 6 years

This cool scooter for kids has a max weight capacity of 110 lbs, which makes it ideal for various kids of different ages. You can also make adjustments on the handlebar of the scooter from 26.5 to 31 inches from the deck to accommodate different ages of children. There is a spring-loaded steering mechanism on this scooter for beginners such as toddlers.

It has a front pivot to make sure each turn is as smooth as possible. It has a lock button as well which is ideal for learning kids. There are high-rebound PU wheels with ABEC-5 bearings to also make the ride very smooth when your child steps onto the scooter.

Razor A Kick Scooter

Age Range: 5 and older

Armed with a quality design for the material, this scooter is made with aircraft-grade aluminum to make sure it can last for a very long time. It is intended for older kids due to the two-wheel design. The 98 mm inline-style urethane wheels are very smooth when it comes down to gliding while the ABEC 5 bearings add to a smooth turn of the wheels.

The scooter supports riders up to 143 pounds due to the quality material that it is made from. It also has a T-shaped tube and deck design that you can easily fold to store into your garage, car trunk and the like. It is a must-have for kids who are often on the go.

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

Age Range: 2 to 5 years old

As a kick scooter for kids, this one has a variety of colors to choose from and it has non-marking wheels to make it ideal for all sorts and kinds of grounds, such as indoors or outdoors without leaving a mark. It has a safe lean to steer design and this makes it ideal for beginners. It can be used by children up to 44 lbs and it also has a flexible fiberglass reinforced deck to add to its durability.

Because of the fiberglass, you will find it absorbs bumps in the sidewalk to make sure that your child’s ride is smooth and safe. The size of the scooter is ideal for pre-school students and kindergartners.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter

Age Range: 24 months+

This scooter is intended for babies and toddlers and it has Smart Stages technology that adjusts depending on your child’s age. This one has 50 learning songs, tunes & phrases so that your child will learn different kinds of songs while they are having fun and riding in the scooter. To learn all about the basics in school when they enter prep or kindergarten stage, the scooter has  3 shape buttons teach numbers, colors, shapes, opposites and other things.

There is a motion switch that makes this scooter unique. It is ideal for children who love hands-on activities. The learning content is something that you can’t find in other scooters. This one is intended for indoor use as it is the best for learning toddlers of younger ages.

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

Age Range: 2 to 5 years

This scooter is ideal for children due to the wide base and a size of 12″ x 23″ x 27″. The deck is textured so that it will not be unsafe for kids. The traction is added with the deck’s design while the hand grips are as comfortable as possible to avoid children getting a sore pair of hands. Its turning radius provides safety to make sure that your child will be able to turn the scooter in the right way to avoid crashing.

The base is wide enough for beginners while the weight capacity is up to 50 lbs, so it is ideal for small to medium-weight children.

LaScoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat

Age Range: 2 to 14 years old

This scooter is a 2-in-1 design such that you can flip or connect a seat onto the scooter to make it into a tricycle of the sort. You can also remove that seat to make it into a real scooter. The scooter has a weight capacity of 110 lbs so it is ideal for most children. The PU flashing wheels that light up makes it a great gift for children and is safe for its form and design.

The front tires are large so that the surface that your child will be riding on will not very bumpy. Since the scooter is controlled by leaning, this will make it much easier to steer for children. The height option is from 24.5 – 27.5 cm.

Razor Spark 2.0 Kick Scooter

Age Range: 3+

With this scooter, the handlebars can be adjusted depending on your child’s height and the whole scooter is simple and easy to fold and carry. It has a cool color set of pink, orange, and red. It is also made with aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deck to make sure that it will be quite durable as a scooter for kids and toddlers.

This is a scooter with foot controlled sparking mechanism to make sure that it will be easy enough to hit the brakes when you are riding on it. The light up urethane wheels can help illuminate the way while the rear fender brake keeps your child safe. In addition to that, the motion activated LED running lights under deck make it great for night or afternoon riding.

YBIKE GLX Pro Scooter, 12cm

Age Range: 5 and up

This scooter is made with a wide fiber-reinforced non-slip ABS deck to make sure it gives your child just the right traction, especially on the bumpy ground. The 3-wheel design of this scooter makes it easier to balance for most children. It has a 110 lbs maximum weight to make sure it will be okay for most kids of the given age limit.

When assembled, it measures 22.4 L x 11.4W x 36 H inches while the wheel core is at 100 mm with 125 mm front wheels. There is an adjustable handlebar that extends from 28 to 32.5 inches so it accommodates different children.

Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

Age Range: 1 – 3 years

This scooter is a 3-wheel system which has a spring-loaded steering mechanism that makes it easy to turn and also very smooth when it comes down to being ridden on by kids. It has comfortable dual-injection grips to make sure your child does not get sore hands after riding for hours. The high-rebound PU wheels also make for a smooth ride.

The adjustable handlebar can be set from 26.5 to 31 inches from the deck to make sure it fits all children of different ages. Its weight capacity is 44 lbs so it is intended for those who are younger or has a smaller weight. Last but not least, it has a lock button to keep its direction straight.

VOKUL Mini Kick Scooter for Kids

Age Range: 3+

This mini scooter for kids has a 3-wheel design and a colorful set of wheels and a deck. It has a handlebar and can be adjusted and the safe lean-to-steer mechanism is excellent for beginners. The ABS material for the scooter is durable and ideal for most kids while the low-to-the-ground design makes it okay for smaller children to avoid injuries.

It can take up to 77 lbs per child or rider. It has an easy assembly and is equipped with shock-absorbing polyurethane wheels to maintain a smooth ride. Also, it is equipped with ABEC 5 chrome and light up wheels to make sure it not only gives your child a smooth ride but also an entertaining one in darker afternoons.

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Age Range: 3+

This scooter has a 3-wheel design and is made with a combination of quality steel, aluminum, and plastic materials so it is durable without sacrificing the weight. It is made with a slip-resistant polypropylene deck so that it will not make it unsafe for children, especially those who are young. It is also easy to put together and has a good stability due to having 3 wheels.

It has foam handles so it is easy to grip for children’s little hands. The urethane wheels can go through various surfaces such as pavement and grass. It has a weight rating of 45 lbs per rider.

Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe Kick Scooter

Age Range: 1 to 5

This scooter has a seat on its stand so it can be ideal for smaller kids. The handlebar can be tightened depending on your child’s preference. The non-slip silicone deck makes it safe for most kids to ride on. It is available in 5 colors to choose from and you can also replace the t-bar seat and convert it into a real scooter for bigger kids to enjoy.


To conclude, these scooters will be ideal for most kids due to their varying age ranges and designs. Whether you want a 3-wheel or 2-wheel design, the scooters can be great depending on your child’s preferences. We hope these picks for the best scooters for kids and toddlers can make your child enjoy riding them!

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