Best Roller Skates For Kids

Roller skates are great for kids because they are like bicycles and scooters, such that they provide your child with a good amount of entertainment and outdoor play. However, having a good pair of roller skates also reduces your child’s risk for accidents and also keeps them comfortable when wearing them.

Back in the 90’s era, roller skates were a huge thing. Today, they are still somewhat relevant – and if you’re a true 90’s parent, you can show your child today the awesome excitement of wearing roller skates. Therefore, you should get your child the best roller skates that are for kids, and are safe and comfortable.

Best Roller Skates For Kids

Here are our top picks for the best roller skates for kids:

Roller Derby Girl’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate

Designed to be like the 90s roller skates, this one is perfect for little girls. It has a molded shell with a hinged cuff to protect your child’s feet from danger. It also has to lock cam-lever buckle closure straps so that your child’s feet are secure and safe when they use the roller skates.

The push button design helps you to choose and adjust to the appropriate size of your child’s feet. It can fit most 12-2 sizes and 3-6 sizes for kids. The wheels are made from polyurethane cast at 54 mm in size. The bearings are made from G-force 608zb carbon to make it glide smoothly without sacrificing durability.

Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate

Made for the boys, this one also has a molded shell with hinged cuff so that your child’s feet are protected and compressed well to avoid accidents and imbalance. There is also a push-button mechanism to make the size changes depending on your child’s feet. As for the safety features, there is also a locking cam-lever buckle closure strap set on the shoes.

Like our previous pick, this one uses the G-force 608zb carbon bearing set to make sure the wheels stay quiet but are still durable. It also has a set of 54mm cast polyurethane wheels. The main difference between this model and the other is that this one is aimed for boys due to the red and black color scheme.

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Chicago Kids Adjustable Quad Roller Skates

This roller skate for kids has a quad design and is much like those 90s roller skates that we often see. It has a button that you can use to adjust the wheels and the shoes overall. The hi-top silhouette, two-piece boot construction makes it comfortable for most boys and girls who would want to wear this roller skate for children.

To keep your child comfortable, there is a breathable nylon mesh inner boot material. Adding to the comfort would be the padded collar to make sure your child’s feet are protected from sudden accidents. There are also 2 micro ratchet buckles featured for a better skating experience with good safety and stability. Toe brakes are also present to easily stop.

Kandy-Luscious Kid’s Roller Skates

If you want a set of colorful and cute roller skates for girls, this one would do the trick. It is made with a durable PVC leather and meshes material to make it very comfortable to wear in any weather. The easy lace system also makes it easy to adjust the roller skates whenever and wherever you go – it is ideal for growing kids and those who will use the skates for different children.

The ABEC-7 bearings are designed to be ideal for beginners due to the smooth rolling. It also uses 58mm 82A polyurethane wheels to make it less noisy when you glide through the neighborhood or whether you use it indoors. The vibrant colors will also be loved by your kids.

Roller Derby Fun Roll Boy’s Jr Adjustable Roller Skate

Another roller skate with a funky design would be this one. It has an action comic design that will be a great unisex gift for both boys and girls. It uses 608ZB bearings to make it smooth in terms of gliding while its polyurethane cast wheels are also smooth when it comes down to any surface you use it on.

The cam lever locking buckles keep your feet safe and strapped to your roller skates. There is also a molded ankle support unit so that your feet won’t get tired easily when you roll with your skates. It also has a soft comfortable padding to make it breathable.

Chicago Girls Sidewalk Roller Skate

If this is the first time your child is ever getting roller skates, this is a good first option. It has oversized quad wheels that are great for kids who are still learning how to balance on roller skates, especially toddlers and those who are below 10 years old. It has a simple design and has a controlled high top boot for optimum safety.

To keep your child safe when they are wearing the roller skates, it has a self-adhesive power strap to keep their shoes tight while the built-in toe-stop helps your child to instantly stop when they feel like they are in danger. It is also not too heavy on your child’s feet due to the unique design, while the Velcro strap is quite secure on top along with the laces.

Riedell Skates R3 Roller Skate

For the big kids, this one is a good choice. It has a black design but you can also choose between different colors. It uses KwiK ABEC 5 bearings to make the gliding as smooth as possible, both for beginners and those who are already used to wearing roller skates. It also has a good nylon plate made of PowerDyne Thrust technology to ensure durability without sacrificing speed.

The toe stops help to grip easier into the ground for an easy braking system with the roller skates. There is also a speed groove in each of the Radar Cayman wheels to add more speed to your child’s roller skating experience.

Roller Derby Girl’s Laser Speed Quad Skate

This quad roller skate is a good buy for girls, but can also be for boys due to the unisex color. It has a heel stabilizer to make it easy for you to balance if you are still a beginner, and a padded collar to keep you as comfortable as can be. The laces & Velcro power strap provide you with great safety and compression when you balance on the roller skates.

The chassis is made of Tru-Tac technology to make it easy to glide without sacrificing speed, along with the ABEC7 bearings. The wheels are made with clear urethane at 54mm and have pro core technology to add to its speed without being unsafe at all.

WiiSHAM Fun Roll Adjustable Canvas Roller Skates

If you want a pair of roller skates that are made of canvas material, this is a good buy. It has different colors to choose from so you can buy one for both boys and girls. It has a lightweight torsion beam frame to make it easy for your little skater to be able to balance without feeling the excessive weight on their feet. The 608Z Excellerator bearings also help with the balancing act without sacrificing speed overall as well.

The sizing is adjustable for kids who have small and medium sizes (10-13 and 1-4, respectively), so even kids can pass it on to their younger siblings if they want to use it in the future. The durable 54mm wheels are made of urethane and won’t really make too much noise when you glide with them.

Roller Derby FireStar 1378

Another one for the big kids, this one is a good choice for those boys who like black (or girls who like black as well) due to the sports shoe design. The lace and Velcro closure both look good and provide your child with the best safety possible. It also has 54mm Urethane wheels to make it easy to glide without the excessive noise, especially when you use it indoors.

The torsion beam frame is not heavy at all so that it can accompany your child’s weight without being too much of a burden when balancing. The 608Z Excellerator bearings also give your child the right amount of balance and speed with the mechanism of the wheels. The inner workings of the shoes also provide excellent ankle support.

XinoSports Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids

For the big kids who want to step up from quad skates to inline skates, this would be a great choice. The wheels are illuminating in design so you can find them fun to wear at night without worrying about safety. They are ideal for kids with sizes 1-4 on medium and 5-8 on large. They are made with 70 mm 82A polyurethane wheels and ABEC-7 bearings.

The wheels, though they light up, don’t need any batteries at all! Just glide with them and enjoy the comfortable and soft inner padding with the right support. If you are looking for an inline skate for kids, this might be for you.

Fisher-Price Grow with Me 1,2,3 Roller Skates

For the toddlers and the little kids, this would be a great pair for beginners. It has a low design with oversized wheels for those who are still learning how to balance. It has a quad design and even has a freewheeling style for the rear wheels. They can also be walked in when the wheels are locked for safety purposes.

Nsasy Roller Skate Shoes Girls

This pair of shoes is designed in a cute way but has LED lights at the bottom to match the current fashion trend among kids. It has various colors to choose from and there is a switch inside of the shoe to turn the lights off to save its battery. To make it into a pair of roller skate shoes, press the button at heels and the rollers will pop up automatically.

Because the wheels are mute bearing in terms of design, they won’t make too much noise. Also, it has wear-resistant rubber soles that will be ideal for various events and activities for kids. Additionally, you can also tuck the wheel inside and wear them as normal sneakers if you like.


To conclude, most of these awesome roller skates have different designs and are ideal for various age groups – however, they are all very exciting and fun to wear, provided that your child employs the proper safety guidelines and wear gear to keep themselves safe when they are using the roller skates. We hope that this mini-guide to the best roller skates for kids would help you decide on what to buy for your little kid!

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