Best Pokemon Toys for Kids

Pokémon is a Japanese franchise of toys and video games coming from Japan. It is not only very immensely popular among kids, but also among the adults and those who grew up in the 90’s kids. From Pokémon Red and Blue/Green in the GBA up to the latest ones on the Nintendo Switch, such as Pokémon Shield and Sword and Pokémon Sun and Moon, the adventures to finding different Pokémon and catching them never ends. There’s also the app called Pokémon GO, which enabled the franchise to be marketed to the Gen Z’s or the millennial kids.

If your child really wants to be a Pokémon trainer like Ash and his best buddy Pikachu, they will definitely love Pokémon toys that are meant for them. They can come in various toys, such as card games, video games, figures, and other memorabilia. If you are a true Poke-fan then you will most likely recommend such stuff to your little kids!

Best Pokémon Toys for Kids

We picked some of the best Pokémon toys for kids for you:

Mega Construx Pokemon Gyarados

Are you a big fan of Gyarados? This awesome water dragon is in a figure that can be built from scratch like a set of LEGO blocks. It has a body that can be posed in any way that you want. The bottom base also looks like water once you have finished it.

When you finish building Gyarados, he spans 9 inches long and it also comes with a convenient Ultra Ball on the side. You can display this awesome water-type in your bedroom as a bedside buddy! Gyarados is fully detailed from the iconic fins, fangs, and spikes.

Mega Construx Pokemon Pikachu vs. Bulbasaur

Another toy that you can build from scratch is this Pikachu and Bulbasaur figure set. It comes with a base that has a tree and some grass on the side, in which you can place Bulbasaur and Pikachu on either side. You can power up Pikachu with its thunderbolt or have Bulbasaur let it out its vine whip.

Because all of the figures can be posed in any way, it can be used to make pretend battle poses. You can also use it with other Pokémon construction sets from Mega Construx if you have those (such as the Gyarados we mentioned earlier).

TOMY Pokémon Xl Multi-Figure Pack

If you would like to have quality figures from the latest Pokémon franchise, you will have a better chance with this pack, which includes 12 different highly detailed Pokémon figures. The figures that you could be receiving include Abra, Munchlax, Eevee, Litten, Rowlett, Rotom, Pichu, Pikachu and others.

Great fo4 years old and above, these cute little figures are not only colorful and are highly detailed. Other figures include Grubbin, Togedmaru, and Popplio. They are mostly in the 2-inch range and are made from non-toxic rubber. It is great for pretending plays or for a personal collection of Pokémon.

Pokémon Large Plush, Pikachu

How adorable! This little Pikachu plush is soft, cuddly and can be your new bedtime partner! Pikachu holds an apple in its hand and stands 12 inches tall. This Pikachu can be taken with you on travels or when you just want to sleep at night. It is applicable for kids 3 years old and above.

Many kids like it for its adorable design and it can also be a great birthday gift. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a tail, but other than that, it is a highly huggable plush for a good price and is very stuffed overall and sits up just right.

Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Carry Poké Ball Belt

Be the Pokémon trainer that you’ve always dreamed you would be with this awesome and fashionable Pokémon belt in which you can keep two Poké Balls that are included in the package. The two Poké Balls are made up of the normal ball and a Net Ball.

The belt is very adjustable to make it easy for you to pick up the Poké Balls. It is good for kids who are 4 years old and above and there is also an included Pikachu figure, which measures 2 inches. The belt holds up to six Poké Balls at once so you can put up many different Poké Balls and put various Pokemon figures in them as well.

Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game

If you love the trading card game, you will definitely like this gift. This is the set that comes with the Snorlax and Snorlax-GX cards, and also includes four (4) Pokémon TCG booster packs. It is a good set for when you want to trade with the TCG or you can also use the code card for online trading.

There is also an oversized Snorlax GX card in the set. You can use the booster packs to power up your decks when you are playing the Pokémon TCG with friends and family.

Itazura New Pokemon-Go inspired Electronic Coin

For those who love Pokemon and Pikachu but want to have something like a coin bank, this is a cool, cute and unique gift to have. This is a Pikachu coin bank in which Pikachu will pick up the coins that you place and pick them up to put them inside the box.

This piggy bank for kids that has a Pikachu design is also officially licensed by Pokemon. It also makes the sounds of Pikachu when it picks up any coin. It is a good way to teach children how to save money and at the same time, you can enjoy watching Pikachu pick the coins up.

Pokémon Large Plush, Gengar

Are you a big fan of ghost-type Pokemon? You can’t escape the fury and cuddly charm of Gengar in this cute little plush! This one is based on the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y design and you can take it anywhere with you due to the huggable design and size. It measures 10 inches tall so it is just right for a kid, young or old (great for ages 3 years and up).

The plush quality is pretty good for this ghost-type Pokemon. Gengar will shield you from any nightmares under your bed when the lights turn off. The cool thing is that Gengar is able to stand on his own.

Pokemon Random Reverse Foil Single Cards

If you want a pack of Pokemon TCG cards, you will like this great deal. It has 25 common and uncommon foil Pokemon cards that will be a great addition to any TCG set. It is made with the assortment, so contents may vary, just like any TCG set or card set.

There will be 25 random cards with no duplicates and all of them are shiny. Each lot is different so it can be a great way to test your luck.

Pokémon Hero Figure, Ash And Pikachu

As a 5-inch figure, this is a figure that you might want to have if you love Ash Ketchum from the series, who is accompanied by trusty pal Pikachu! This model of Ash comes with a Pokeball and a Pokedex on his hand, as well as the many points that you can bend – a total of 13 points that are flexible and movable.

Ash is in his Kalos outfit and also stands 5 inches tall with the 2-inch Pikachu on the side. It is good for ages 4 years and up.

Cardinal Pokemon Hedbanz Game

Do you have what it takes to guess all of the different Pokémon? This goofy guessing game is a fun game because all you need to do is to wear a hat of an unknown Pokémon (that you can’t see) and the other players ask yes or no questions to figure out which Pokémon character you are.

There are a total of 60 character cards to choose from, as well as the equipment such as the 24 scoring chips, 6 headbands, and 6 headband toppers. There is also a timer and a set of instructions on how to play the game. It is good for kids 5 years old and above.

Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Carry Poké Ball, Pikachu and Great Ball

This toy set contains a Pikachu figure as well as a Great Ball, which can be opened and closed to fit Pikachu inside. The detail is very good and the color is true to the series. The Pokeball is easy to hold, open and close and the 2-inch figure of Pikachu can fit inside with the push of the button of the Pokeball.

Pokémon Deluxe Essential Handbook

If you want an on-the-go guide for over 700 Pokémon species out there, this is the handbook that you should check out. It is a great read for those who are old-time Pokémon fans, as well as those who want to know the Pokémon evolutions, Pokémon types, weaknesses strengths and behavior in the wild, and how to catch them.

Pokemon Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box Collectible Cards

This classy TCG set is a must-have for those who love Ho-oh, as it comes with a shining one inside, along with 10 Pokémon TCG shining legends booster packs. It is a good starter kit for those who want to expand their TCG sets as it also includes 65 card sleeves.


As a whole, Pokémon toys can be interesting because of how awesome and famous the series is, from the video games to the trading cards and up to the TV series. They are also a must-have even for the parents and the adults who love Pokémon. We hope you enjoyed these best Pokémon toys for kids!

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