Best Playpens and Play Yards for Babies

Playtime for kids is an important time in their lives. They not only learn to exercise outdoors and keep themselves physically fit, but they also get the right amount of vitamin D, which is needed to boost their immune system and keep their skin healthy.

Outdoor playing has its benefits for little ones. For instance, it not only trains them physically, but it also boosts their mental awareness as well as their social skills. If you let your child play outdoors with their other playmates, daycare classmates, siblings and much more – you can give them the right childhood that they deserve and you can teach them how to be more sociable in the future.

Play yards for babies and playpens are a great place to start socializing. Although not all of them are for outdoor use, some are great for indoor spaces and can provide your little ones a good amount of space not only for themselves to play with, but also for the other kids to play with. These playpens can come with a lot of toys and other amenities that will surely keep them motivated for hours upon hours of playing, whether solo or with another friend.

Best Playpens and Play Yards for Babies

Here are our top picks for the best playpens and play yards for babies to crawl and have fun in:

Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

As a travel-friendly play yard for babies, this one has a hexagon shape with a green bottom for babies to sit on and stand on. It has durable side frames that are foldable and are easy to carry around. The whole thing comes fully assembled and unfolds in seconds.

Its weather-resistant canvas floor is good for whether you transfer your baby outdoors or indoors. It stands 26 x 48 inches and spans at 14 square feet in total. It also has mesh sides so it is good for breathability. You can pack it up in its own travel bag due to its portability.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Portable Playard

This play yard may look like a crib, but think again! It comes in two colors: Carnival and Aspery, and both of them have automatic folding feet and wheels so they can be used on the go as a playpen that is easily transportable. It also has soft toys so that your baby can play with them.

There is also an included carrying bag for added travel convenience. To fold it, all you need to do is to push the button in the middle to close it and pack it away. It also has a durable frame around it to protect your baby when they are playing.

Pack and Play Portable Playard Play Pen for Infants and Babies

This hexagon playpen for kids has a concave entrance in one side for the baby to crawl inside nicely. It also has a mesh surrounding on the walls of the frame to make sure your baby gets enough breathability inside. It can open and close easily so it is good for indoor or outdoor use or while traveling.

There are 2 safety latches to keep the baby safe. The floor is also water-resistant and padded to keep your baby dry and comfortable wherever he or she is.

Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard

If you want something to travel often with, and you have a good amount of budget, you can go for the classic Graco Pack ‘n Play that many moms already have today. It is very useful for its packable design, which makes it travel-friendly. There are 6 colors to choose from and the full-size bassinet provides your baby with the right amount of room to either sleep or play.

You can convert it to a playpen, to a changing station, to a bassinet all in just one product. It measures 40 x 28.5 x 29 inches when unfolded and 39.5 x 29 x 10.5 inches when folded.

North States Superyard Colorplay 8-Panel Play Yard

This tall play yard may be the best for babies who want something that is colorful and large enough for more than just two playmates. It has very colorful fences and with a total of 8 panels all in all. You can fold it and carry it anywhere, set it up indoors just fine. There is also a smaller 6-panel version.

It has a width of 18 inches per plastic panel and they will not scratch hardwood floors. There is a self-locking positioning feature in which you can hear a click – this makes the assembly process easy and hassle-free.

Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard

As a portable play yard that has a mesh screen on all sides, this one is situated a little higher from the ground. It is about 50% larger than most traditional play yards, making it ideal for more than 2 kids to play inside. With over 10 square feet of space, it can also be used as a travel crib if you have a lot of kids at home.

It is also waterproof and can easily be spot cleaned. Many people find it easy to move around and can be a great play yard for the living room.

Regalo My Play Portable Playard Indoor and Outdoor

A hexagon shaped play yard for indoors and outdoors is a great choice for those who want more security. It has mesh sides and a sturdy frame. The bottom has an aqua color and has enough padding to protect your child from the bottom cold (it is also situated higher than the ground).

The whole thing has 6 panels in total and can be easily washable. It also comes with its own carrying case for travel use. The whole thing measures 26 x 48 inches overall. The play yard can also be easily secured with the use of the foot locks.

Baby Trend Nursery Center

This all-in-one bassinet and diaper changer, as well as a play yard for babies, is a great travel buddy. It has its own baby mobile at the top for your little one to get entertained. It has a diaper stacker on the side for quick diaper changes when they need it. The bassinet on top is easily removable.

It has two colors to choose from and has a single-handed locking mechanism for ease of use. You can also fold it whenever it is not in use and you can also lock it into place with its wheels.

Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety

To attract your baby’s attention, you can also get them this colorful and attractive activity center. It has quality door panels that act like fences, all of which have various colors that your child can look at. It has designed rubber feet at the bottom so that it will stay in place.

The size is just right for your baby to learn how to crawl, walk and sit down. It has various activity stickers and designs to choose from as well. HDPE that is BPA-free is used for the molded doors that surround the baby, so they are safe and non-toxic.

Baby Care Play Mat Pen

Another playpen that is for babies with bright colors would be this one, which comes in vivid red, yellow and blue, for easily attracting little babies. It is free from formaldehyde, EVA, latex, lead, BPA and phthalates for making it baby-safe and super hygienic. It is also tested to European Toy Standards EN71 so you have nothing to worry about.

It has a total of 31.6 square feet of space and it can help your baby to learn to sit up and stand with great ease. It has curved edges for safety and a double-lock door to keep your baby secured.

Cosco Funsport Play Yard

If you like items from Cosco, this is a good baby play yard for you. It has a simple design but quite safe, and is available in a wide variety of choices for colors and designs. It can also be a napping crib other than as a playpen for your baby. It sets up or folds away in less than a minute and you can also travel with it due to the foldable design.

While it does have a thin pad at the bottom, you can just add your own mattress if you want your baby to sleep on it or to become extra comfortable (e.g. a quilt). Any standard play yard mattress can fit it just fine.

Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Made by Evenflo, this brightly-colored playpen for babies has a cute design. It has patterned sides that act like mesh holes to make sure your baby stays ventilated inside. It has various colors for the frames and it can work well for any interior floor surface due to the pads not scratching any floor.

The size of the whole thing is 28 inches tall and spans up to 18 square feet overall, making it ideal for many playmates inside. It can be folded for traveling and it also has a quick connection design for easy setup without entrapment.

Delta Children 36″ x 36″ Play Yard

As a play yard for babies that has a soft design for the frame, this one is ideal for little ones who want something that doesn’t take a lot of space at home. It stands 38 x 38 x 28 inches and it is great for babies who are 35 inches tall and weigh less than 30 lbs. overall.

It conforms to ASTM and CPSC standards and JPMA certifications for safety and it only weighs 28 lbs. so it is easy to move from one room to another. It also comes with a mattress in case your baby wants to sleep on it. A carrying bag for travel use is also included.

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard

This play yard is complete with a baby mobile and wheels for mobility, the folding ability for travel use and a bassinet as well as a changing table. It has various pockets on the side for different accessories. Babies up to 30 lbs. can use this simple play yard.

Kidzone Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center

With over 8 panels, this brightly-colored indoor and outdoor playpen for babies has a flexible shape, as you can change it to a hexagon, to a square or to a rectangle, which makes it good for homes with limited space or area for the kids. It has a safety lock and does not ruin the surface of hardwood flooring.


To wrap things up, playpens and play yards are exciting things to give to your baby. It will not only develop their skills in standing up and walking, but it will also give the parent peace of mind when they are doing chores around the house and allowing the baby to play safely in their own space. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best playpens and play yards for babies!

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