Best Play Food For Toddlers

Play food is toys that are meant for kids to use for pretend play. They may use it for pretending to play a restaurant place, an eatery, a fast food chain, a grocery store and much more. This kind of toy is usually non-toxic and safe for the children to play with.

When choosing one, they should be quite realistic and sized just right for the kids who will play them. They should also fit well into the pretend plates and others, such as pots and pans that your child may have when pretend to play. These play food can enhance your child’s creativity when playing, especially if they want to be aspiring cooks and chefs in the future.

In a restaurant scenario, the kids can use the play food for pretending to cook dishes, prepare them and then serve them to the guests. Therefore, it is important that pretend food look realistic as well as easy to hold and manage for the kids, especially if they have kitchenware playsets.

Best Play Food For Toddlers

We pick these awesome play food for toddlers for your little ones to play with:

KidKraft Tasty Treats Play Food Set

As a set of 115 pieces of food, this one comes with a variety of snacks to choose from, such as veggies, fruits, snacks, hotdogs, burgers, waffles, drinks, and many more. It is a set that is free from BPA so it is kid-friendly and won’t be toxic to them.

The set ingredients are all very colorful and also come with various designs such as pretzels, chocolate bars, cookies, mushrooms, croissants, ice cream, and others. There are even condiments, such as salt and pepper. Your child can use it to pretend grocery or even for cooking and serving in a pretend restaurant.

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Melissa & Doug Food Groups – Wooden Play Food

Teach your child on how to group the different foods according to their type with this unique and educational food for kids set to help children plan a well-balanced meal. It has 4 wooden crates that measure 12 x 8 x 12 inches each.

Your child can sort out the different food pieces here, such as the bread, the meat pieces, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and much more, into the different carts. They are realistic and easy to hold for children. They are applicable for kids 3 to 6 years old and is also hand-painted so they look very vivid in their colors.

Learning Resources New Sprouts Munch It!

As a set of breakfast items, this one comes with a total of 20 pieces in the whole set. The bowls included are 4 inches in diameter and each contains a bowl of pretend food, such as cereals and macaroni and cheese.

There are also other breakfast items such as bread with cheese, a muffin, a carrot, berries, an orange, an apple, a doughnut, a hotdog sandwich, a cookie, a banana, and a yogurt. There is also a juice drink in a container included. The breakfast items are great for kids who are 2 years old and above and are made from crush-resistant plastic so they are ideal especially for children’s hands.

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Hape Pop Up Toaster Wooden Play Kitchen Set

Another breakfast set that your kids can enjoy playing with would be this one. It has a toaster that works well for role-play situations where you need to toast bread. There are other breakfast items includes, such as the toast bread loaves, cheese, and honey.

The cheese can be sliced due to the included knife that is also made from wood and shaped to be dull enough for kids’ safety. All of the toys in this set are made from wood so they are ideal for durability and non-toxic playing. They are best for kids who are 3 to 5 years old.

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Grocery Cans

This set of grocery cans is a good choice for those who want to make a pretend grocery store in their own house or backyard. It includes 10 cans with removable lids in a variety of sizes and designs. These cans are not just for grocery store roleplays; they are also great for playing house.

The labels on the grocery cans are clear and concise as your child will also learn how to read the labels with this toy set. They will exercise color recognition and sorting out the different food with the play food set.

Mommy Please Play Food Set for Kids & Toy Food

As a large play food set, this one contains 202 pieces altogether. They are made from plastic that is BPA-free so they are safe for kids to enjoy, while they are also colorful and durable. The set includes French fries, canned food, milk cartons, milk jugs, potato fries (large), catsup and mayonnaise, eggs, hotdog sandwiches, and more.

The set also includes fruits and vegetables, among which include orange slices, corn, broccoli, and grapes. There are also other foods and snacks such as a hamburger, chicken drumsticks, pizza slices, crackers, bread, and the like.

Learning Resources Fresh Picked Fruit And Veggie Tote

Designed for kids who are 2 years old and above, this tote bag set comes with fruits and vegetables that can be used for pretend shopping. Its included canvas tote encourages conversations about recycling since we all live in the age where tote bags are in the trend.

The tote bag is also a good example for children in making environmentally conscious decisions when they are going to the grocery store. It has various fruits and veggies that are colorful and they can be used for pretend shopping as well. The tote bag also has some designs on the front.

FUNERICA Cutting Play Fruit Toys Set

Become a pretend chef or cook with this fun kitchen set. It includes a chef’s hat, an egg timer, some kitchen utensils, and food. The utensils include a spoon, a fork, and a knife, as well as some cooking pots and pans. It also has a stove that has knobs that you can turn.

In the kitchen set, there is also a basket to place all of the grocery items and you can pretend to cut the food with the included pretend knife for kids. The food items included are tomato, broccoli, corn, and a carrot.

Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Grillin’ Goodies

Barbecue time is a fun playing activity for kids, and this set can help them to pretend they are on a barbecue cookout. It has 20 pieces in total and it includes catsup and mustard, as well as various kitchen utensils such as tongs, spoon, fork, knife, and spatula.

It can be used for when you have any Little Tikes grill as a complete set. It also has corn, hotdogs, burger patties, burger buns, hotdog buns, and so much more. It also has table napkins to place in the grill set and in a table.

Liberty Imports Realistic Kitchen Fruits Vegetables

As a set of fruits and vegetables, this can enhance your child’s ability to hold a knife due to the included pretend knife. It can help your kid to know how to chop vegetables and fruits with the pretend cutting board. The highest quality ABS plastic material is used for pretend food.

The food items are all durable, safe, washable, and crush-resistant so they can be used by your little ones in their pretend play. What’s more, they are easy to cut so they are quite realistic for teaching children. Their jumbo size makes them easy to hold for kids as well.

Melissa & Doug Sandwich-Making Set

Combined in a wooden container, this play set is a 16-piece food set that allows your child to create their own sandwich with the food pieces. The whole box measures 9 x 13 inches and has various food items that you can mix and match.

Included in the set is a wooden knife to pretend to cut the bread. You can put your favorite sandwich items in there, such as tomatoes, green veggies, cheese, ham, and much more, and you can also choose the type of bread, whether it’s a hamburger bun with sesame seeds on top or a regular bread loaf slice for sandwiches.

Step2 101 Piece Play Food Assortment

If you already have a Step2 Kitchen or playhouse, this would be a great accessory set to have. It has a lot of food groups and food types included, such as sandwiches, bread, cookies, doughnuts, crackers, chocolate, and even mushroom soup. It has beans and peas, as well as tacos and sandwiches.

You can also play with the pastries and the veggies included, or use the included fries as pretend snack along with the hotdog sandwich. It has very colorful designs and it has a total of 101 pieces, which is quite large and ideal for grocery shopping as well.

Melissa & Doug Slice-and-Bake Wooden Cookie Play Food Set

Does your child like baking? This fun set includes basic baking sets that can be used for pretend food preparation. It has oven mittens, an oven tray, and some other baking utensils. It has various cookies and dough that you can place together.

You can pretend to bake the cookie set and place them into the tray and use them in any pretend oven that you may have. It allows you to customize each cookie.

Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

Great for color assortment, this food playset is good for educational purposes and also to help children know and get acquainted with the different types of food. It is grouped into 5 different baskets with color labels on them, so your child’s job is to place them in their corresponding baskets.

Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Wooden Play Food Set

Made as a fridge food set, this one contains various play pieces such as orange juice, ice cream, butter, Swiss cheese, bologna, low-fat milk, yogurt, waffles, and frozen vegetables. They can be used for pretending grocery shopping for kids.


As a whole, play food for toddlers is a good imaginative tool for helping children to get creative when they are working in the kitchen. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best play food for toddlers for their pretend play!

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