Best Outdoor Playsets for Kids

If you are looking for a way for kids outdoor play to be fun and exciting, that’s where outdoor playsets come in handy.

A playset can be made with various playing stations, such as slides, activity walls, climbers, swings, a playhouse, and more. It can have many benefits, such as spark your child’s imagination and also keep them active. If they play with their friends, siblings, and/or family members, that’s a plus point for their social interaction skills.

For kids who often get bored or tune in to their gadgets often, why not give their eyes a break from technology and get them outdoors? These outdoor playsets can help them develop their physical, mental, and social skills in one place while having fun at the same time.

They are not only kid-friendly and safe but they are also relatively easy to set up and can be a fun addition to your child’s outdoor activities.

Best Outdoor Playsets for Kids

Here are our top picks for the best outdoor playsets for kids:

Step2 Neat & Tidy II Playhouse

Age Range: 18 months – 8 years

This cottage playhouse for kids has a durable design so it can withstand rough play for your kids. It has a molded-in floor that has drain holes so when it gets filled up with water during the rainy days, it can be easy to drain. It also takes less space compared to most outdoor cottages for kids so it can be ideal even for small lawns.

The supplies and features inside are all realistic and easy for your child to use. It has a Dutch-style door that makes it look like a real house. It even has a sink, a grill, and a counter space for your children to play pretend barbecue grill or bistro restaurant.

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

Age Range: 18 months – 5 years

As a playhouse or playset that has a slide, it can be easily played with by kids. The slide and the stairs are both on the right size and height for most children. It also features a fun periscope at the top so they can look for different things from the top of the playset.

This pretend-tree house measures 19 inches on the high platform so it can house in up to 3 kids at once. The steps are also large and make it easy to climb for most children. We also like the fact that it can be easy to put together due to the simplicity of the design.

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set

Age Range: 7 to 11 years old

This large playset for kids a bunch of swings, a wavy slide, and monkey bars to boot. It can be ideal for a large lawn or space so that more kids can play at the same time. Its wavy slide is at 9 feet long and the belt swings are all safe and sturdy.

Since all of them are all covered with plastic caps on the edges and most of them are rounded, they can be safe for kids during rough play. It is also made without lead to protect your child from harsh chemicals. The free-standing design of the fireman’s pole makes it easy to set up – no cement or gym rings required!

M & M Sales Enterprises Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin

Age Range: 5 years and above

For those who want a simple yet effective outdoor or backyard playset, this one can be for your kids. It is a swing that takes less space and can be enjoyed by the whole family and your kids. It can take up to 600 lbs. of weight at once due to its sturdy design.

It even has a steel frame so it can withstand the test of time. All you need to do is to tie it to a tree or playground and it’s all set. It uses a UV-resistant polyethylene rope so it won’t deteriorate when exposed to the sun. The size of the whole swing is 39 x 64 inches.

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

Age Range: 24 months – 6 years

As a slide playset for kids, this one features a basketball hoop and a soccer goal as well so your child can enjoy different games in one set. The scoring system of the basketball hoop also uses the clickable knobs to make it easier. Since the slide and the stairs are both large enough for kids, it can be safe to step on and slide on.

Each set comes with a multi-purpose ball as well to play with. The crawling space can also be used as a tunnel for kids after they’ve played soccer in it. Due to the molded grips on the sides, the playset can be safe for little ones.

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ

Age Range: 24 months – 10 years

For those kids who like a little extra realism in their cooking games, this one can be for them. It has a life-like set up for a barbecue grill, which also includes toys for cooking, such as a hotdog, burger, kitchen supplies, a pizza oven, and much more!

The fun thing about this kitchen playset is that it even has a clicking sound on the knobs! Since it has a lot of extended counter space, it can hold a lot of items on the go for your child to store. There are even pegs so your child can hang their favorite pans and utensils.

LÆGENDARY Playground Swingset

Age Range: 3 years and up

This backyard set is complete with a disc swing and a tree swing so your child can have fun outdoors. It has a carabineer and a 4-feet strap to attach the set and the disc swing measures 12 inches in total. All of them are approved by the ASTM F963-11 and CPSIA section standards for child safety.

The rope has a total size of 6.6 feet and you can use the 4.2-feet tree strap for durability and a stable play. The length of the rope can also be adjusted using the secured rope from the disc. All the hanging hardware needed is included in the set for easy setup.

UTEX 3 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent

Age Range: 6 months and up

This unique and colorful tent tunnel can be a fun and happy place for your kids. It uses high-grade 190T polyester taffeta that is tear-resistant in case your children go crazy inside. You can load it up with balls to make a ball pit or use it as an outdoor tent of sorts. It also has sufficient ventilation for your kids’ safety and for peek-a-boo games.

To help you set it up, it has an instruction sheet as well as a zippered storage bag in case you want to take it somewhere. It can also be a good playhouse to set up during picnics and get-togethers.

Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber

Age Range: 3 to 9 years old

Do you want a unique dome playground for kids? This one can do the trick, which can fit up to 5 kids at once. This UV-resistant play dome is also rust-resistant so it is definitely for the great outdoors. It has a total weight capacity of up to 1,000 lbs. so more kids can join in!

Installation can be quite simple and can be best for those with fenced homes. The total size of the play dome is 91 x 46 x 91 inches and requires at least 7 feet of space. Because of the weight capacity, kids can also use it as monkey bars for playing!

Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster Ride-On Playset

Age Range: 36 months – 8 years

This outdoor coaster for kids can be a fun alternative to a real rollercoaster. It has a 3-piece track that is easy to set up and works much like kiddy slides. Due to the vibrant colors, your child will find it attractive as well. It can help enhance their motor skills due to the fact that they have to push the coaster car back.

The stairs are also non-slip in design to avoid accidents for your little one. Overall, it can be a great exercise and a fun activity center for them to play with.

Swing-N-Slide PB 8272 Cedar Brook Play Set

Age Range: 36 months – 10 years

As a treehouse playset for kids, this one is made with authentic pre-cut lumber and hardware to make it last for a long time (and become safe for kids). It is also coupled with 2 swings for enjoyment as well as a picnic table for snack time (or pretend play). The whole treehouse can be a fun experience and even includes a rock climbing wall and a slide.

It meets and/or exceeds ASTM safety standards so it can be safe for kids to use. Up to 315 lbs. can be supported by the whole treehouse setup.


In the long run, having fun outdoors not only gets your children off the gadgets, but it also helps them to develop their social interaction and skills of handling different things, such as situations. A playset for your child can be an important aspect of their overall development while they are still young. Let your child have fun and learn at the same time!

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