Best Musical Baby Toys

Christmas is around the corner! Musical toys for babies can be a great gift for them because it will help them feel excited and entertained, or it can also help them to fall asleep better. Musical toys provide auditory training for your little ones so that they can exercise their ears as they grow older. They can learn how to listen to different sounds from objects.

These toys also usually have lights to accompany the sounds to make it more entertaining for the little ones to enjoy and learn from. It practices visual and audio perception in just one toy. They can also come in exciting colors that will attract your baby whether they are in the crib, in a stroller, in a walker or just crawling around your living room.

Many of these musical toys can give off sounds from classical melodies or even the famous nursery rhymes. Your baby will then learn how to sing along to these lovely tunes and it will also exercise their singing skills! A lot of developmental advantages can be found when you give your baby the best musical toys out there to keep them busy so that you can do other things at home as well.

Best Musical Baby Toys

Here are our top picks for the best musical toys for baby:

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This colorful toy has both lights and sounds that will entertain your baby. The handle has colorful rings that can be rattled and there are a total of 7 melodies that can be played with this toy. It is ideal for ages 3 to 36 months or babies who are up to 3 years old. All you need to power up this toy are 2 AA batteries.

There are also volume controls so that you won’t get irritated by the loud noise. Classical music is used in this musical toy while its size is just right for the little hands of your baby.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

For little girls, this tea party set may be a good choice. It has pastel colors and very bright and happy themes for engaging your child in terms of playing. Only 3 AAA batteries are required for this toy and it will teach children the different colors, counting, matching, and other skills with its audio programs.

The teapot set plays 7 songs and it also lights up in 6 colors so it will be interesting for babies. At the back of the lid of the teapot, there is also a mirror so babies can see themselves.

VTech Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads

Cows can sing – and this VTech toy will prove it! This one has a variety of fabric textures so that your little one will enhance their tactile development or sense of touch. The toy comes with 30+ playful songs so that your baby can enjoy the different phrases, sounds and sing along to the various melodies in the toy.

Because of the small size, it is a good crib toy or diaper bag toy. It only needs 2 AAA batteries to run and even has light-up buttons for additional playing.

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table Activity Center

If you have enough space at home, this activity table will be just right for you. It contains a musical keyboard and some random buttons that your child can press to make sounds out of. The table has sliders, pulling mechanisms, spinning toys and much more so they will engage your child to explore and learn.

There are instruments included other than the piano keys, such as the xylophone and the drum. The language section also helps your child to learn new vocabulary. You can also choose between music mode and learning mode.

John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride

A musical toy that focuses more on animal sounds would be great to give to your baby, such as this one. All your baby needs to do is to press the farmer and it will play the good-old “Old McDonald Had a Farm” song. It has many farm animals onboard that you can attach and detach so it is a great playing mechanism for babies.

The toy is more than just sound – your child can match animals to each picture inside the train or wagon so that they will make the sounds correctly for each animal.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Classical music has never been this entertaining – and pocket-sized! This magic cube allows children to play different parts of a Mozart piece and put them together to create a symphony or masterpiece. It separates the instruments such as the violin and harp in different buttons or pictures, allowing your child to enhance their thinking skills.

There are other sounds or instruments in the cube as well, such as the French horn, piano, and the flute. The cube also has a volume control slider while the magic cube contains a total of 8 Mozart pieces for your child to play with.

Think Gizmos Activity Toys for Toddlers

A cartoon penguin toy such as this one can be entertaining and engaging for babies due to the color and the sounds. You can press any of the activity buttons on the penguin’s belly to activate different sounds. You can choose from different modes: story, music an learn, all of which can be ideal for little children to learn from and enjoy.

There is also a volume button in one of the controls to make sure the noise doesn’t irritate mom and dad. The cute image of the penguin comes with an egg on the belly. Additionally, strong ABS plastic is used so that it is kid-proof in terms of durability.

VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

Rattling toys can also be considered as musical toys, and this one is no exception. It has lights and sounds and is very easy to handle for little ones, from 3 months to 3 years old. It requires only 3 AAA batteries to run and it has over 60+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases for your baby to enjoy and learn from.

There is also an image of a puppy at the bottom and various animals around the mic so that your baby can feel encouraged. There are 2 colors for the microphone body: blue and pink, so you can choose for both boys and girls.

Discovering Music Activity Table

Another great activity table to give to your child would be this one. It has numbered keyboard keys from 1 to 5 and it also includes sharps so it looks like a real piano and sounds almost like one. The different shaped buttons can be used to produce sounds when pressed as well.

There are also other instruments around the musical table, such as the French horn, drum and the guitar. Three languages (English, Spanish, French) are also switchable with the toy table. This allows you to teach your baby in different languages (especially for non-U.S. residents).

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight, Yellow

This flashing toy has over 50 sing-along songs that your child can sing to, as well as different music, sounds and fun phrases that they can learn and add to their vocabulary. Because the 5 light colors in the flashlight are not too bright, they are kid-friendly overall.

The flashlight only needs 2 AAA batteries and it has an auto shut-off mode after 45 seconds of inactivity to save battery power. There are many buttons and dials available in the flashlight so that your child can learn about colors and animals.

SGILE Baby Drum Musical Toy

As a combination of drums and keyboard, this one features 3 drum pads as well as 6 keyboard keys. The keys can have different sounds such as the guitar, trumpet, saxophone, keyboard, and tambourine, depending on the button that you press. As the picture says, it may also play the different animal sounds so that your child can get familiarized with them.

The keyboard toy only needs 4 AA batteries to run and it is easy to turn on with the little switch at the bottom. It can be a great starter for any child who wants to take piano lessons in the future.

ToyThrill Light Up Dancing and Singing Duck Toy

Ducks can sing as well – and this is a great toy to have if your child loves ducks! This one has 6 buttons on its chest (much like the penguin toy we have reviewed earlier) and it can be used to switch between different modes. It can also play melodies and say phrases to help children with their auditory senses and listening skills.

The cool colors and lights will also entertain your baby while the variety of songs will also keep them busy. It also does not get stuck because it has circular wheels on the bottom that turns it around.

WolVol Musical Learning Workbench Toy

A workbench with tools for carpentry and engineering can also be a great musical toy to have for babies, especially for little boys. It has pretended tools such as the bench clamp, chainsaw, electric drill and the like – and they all emit realistic tool sounds! There are various music effects in this toy bunch and it even has lights to come along with it.

It has only 2 AA batteries required to run and it can also produce sounds by hammering the ball into the game tube for added interactivity. The bright colors will also catch the attention of your little one.

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity-Pop Musical Dino

This dinosaur toy is a great choice for those who also want to have interactivity other than lights and sounds. Its ball-popping action will be great for babies who want to play with balls and shoot them into the dinosaur. It also has a dino mouth in which the balls will come out after being shot inside.

There are also 8 tunes that can be played in the dinosaur when the ball drops. It will help to enhance their motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination other than their listening skills.

B Toys – B. Symphony Musical Toy Orchestra

Another orchestra toy that your child can play with is this one. This is meant for bigger babies who are old enough to play with small toys. It has 6 toy instruments that you can arrange and place in the orchestra pit. When you place them, they will play the different instrument parts.

There are a total of 13 instruments, such as the xylophone, trumpet, clarinet, cymbals, flute, accordion, tuba, guitar, violin, piano, guitar, sitar, and drums. There are also lights to accompany the sounds and there are 15 melodies to choose from (all are classical, of course).

Hohner Kids Musical Toys MS9000 Baby Band

This set of 4 musical toys can be held by 4 kids or babies so that they can start their own marching band at home or outdoors. It is an ideal gift for ages 3 months and up and it can make simple shaking noise due to the rattle inside. Because it is BPA-free, it will not leak out harsh chemicals to your baby.

The rattle set comes in different exciting colors as well and they are all very easy to hold due to the molding of the handles.

HXSNEW Toddler and Baby Musical Toys

This toddler toy is very unique because it looks like a round glass cake or donut at the top and a fishbowl in the middle. It has various toys inside like a carousel and it also produces various sounds depending on the button that you press on the top surface. Because of the round surface, it can be used as a drum as well, other than producing sounds.

It is ideal for kids up to 3 years of age and it can also attract babies due to the sounds and the colors. It has 5 volume levels so it won’t be too distracting for adults.

PlayMonster Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano

This unique popping piano is a must-have gift to babies and kids who love to press buttons for piano sounds. It pops up a star when your little one presses any key in the piano, which makes it very interesting, other than the sounds it makes! It only requires 3 AA batteries (included) and is ideal for babies 1-year-old and above.


As a whole, these musical toys not only enhance your child’s auditory skills, but they can also help your child to become more musically-inclined and keep them entertained and busy. We hope these sets of musical toys for babies can be one of your picks for your little one!

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