Best iPad Case for Kids

Children nowadays are more geared towards technology. The use of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, is evident nowadays. They also play games with their gadgets. It is no doubt that tablet gadgets such as the iPad are also very kid-friendly due to the widescreen it has.

The use of such gadgets has also been widespread, but even though we often hear about social media impacts on children, with using sites like Facebook, Twitter, there are still some good effects because there are some cases that using the iPad or any smart tablet can be educational. After all, we can no longer prevent children from learning how to read anything on the internet, but we can teach them responsible use of the internet and playing games.

One of the best gifts for kids is to have an iPad case, which can help them to personalize their style and also to protect their gadget from exposure to the elements and breakage.

Best iPad Case for Kids

Here are our top picks for the best iPad cases for kids:

HDE Kids Case for iPad Mini 2 3

As a shockproof iPad case for kids, this one is available in 10 shades of colors that can be used for the iPad Mini 1 and 2 up to Mini 3 in various models. There are also customized cutouts so that you can have open access to various buttons that are included in the iPad, such as the charging port, volume and hold buttons, camera, speakers, and the headphone port.

It is also non-toxic as it is not chemically treated, while still being vibrantly colored, shockproof, and rugged in design and is comfortable to hold is made from non-toxic EVA foam cushion material.

Dteck iPad Mini 1/2/3/4 Case

Made from PU leather, this colorful case is available in a variety of designs to choose from, but your kids will love the creative pony design drawing on one of the choices. It is applicable for Apple iPad Mini 1, 2, 3, and 4 with a slim design.

Bearing an Auto Wake/Sleep feature, the holes perfectly fit camera lens and screen, making it a very convenient iPad case to consider. In addition, its stand stability design makes it easy to use for watching videos.

Lioeo iPad Case for Kids Proof 9.7 iPad 2 3 4

Great for kids and toddlers who love to watch YouTube videos and take them anywhere; this will be a worry-free case that is shockproof and protective due to the EVA foam case with the handles on the sides for ease of holding.

It is ideal for iPad 2, 3, and 4 and comes in 6 colors to choose from. Great for both boys and girls, the raised bezel around edges protects the iPad screen to keep it away from being wrecked when dropped. It is also a stand-up case on its own.

TopEsct New iPad 2017/2018 9.7 inch Case/iPad Air Case

This silicone-made shockproof iPad protector comes with a set of holes that can be clipped with a carabineer set for attaching to your bag or to anything else. It also has a tempered glass screen protector other than the case cover stand.

Fitting the iPad that measures 9.7 inches, this one is also applicable to the iPad Air. The iPad case is non-slip, anti-dust and scratch-free while the precise cut-outs enable you to access different features of the iPad while still being protective. It is available in 4 colors to choose from.

Speck Products iGuy Freestanding Case

Do you want a unique iPad case for kids? This funny one comes in Mango Orange, Grape Purple, and Chili Pepper Red and looks like a funny man with hands and feet. The iPad case has a flexible, foam construction and is made as the lightweight iGuy.

The cool thing about this iPad case is that it has a convenient viewing angle for short people due to the freestanding design. It also fits many different iPads including the iPad 4. It also fits models iPad 3, iPad 2, and iPad 1 and can also be a fun decoration in the room due to being squeezable like a toy.

Kidspr Protective Case with Built-in Screen Protector

Colorful and unique, this one is ideal for the Apple iPad 2/3/4 and has combinations of colors at the back. It has precise cutouts for iPads of different models so that you can make your experience more convenient when trying to use the ports, buttons, and cameras of your iPad.

It is made with polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU so it is shockproof as well as durable and easy to hold. You can also hold it conveniently with the 180-degree rotatable grip handle. It is backed by a 12-month warranty as well.

Pure Sense Buddy [Anti-Microbial Kids Case]

If your child is anything but washing hands before using the iPad, this anti-microbial iPad case may be for them. There is also a shoulder strap for mobility so that they can carry it anywhere they like, while it also has SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection so that no matter what your child holds before and after, they won’t get as much bacteria as other brands.

This iPad case also has a stand and a kid-friendly handle for adding convenience. In addition to that, when you order the iPad, case it comes with a DIY screen protector & cleaning spray with a microfiber cloth.

Fintie iPad 9.7 iPad Air 2 / iPad Air Case

Shaped with honeycomb hexagon patterns at the back, this one has a silicone material so that it will be kid-friendly, as we all know that silicone products are mostly safe for kids as toys. This case is ideal for the iPad 6th / 5th Gen and the iPad Air 1 and 2.

It is lightweight to hold and shockproof when accidentally dropped to the ground. It has different bright and fun colors to choose from, is made with rubber-like silicone material and has raised bezels to make it easy for viewing and protection.

SUPCASE iPad 9.7 Case

Made with a more modern design, this tech-like style of an iPad case is not only rugged and durable but is also quite formal in style, which kids might also love. It is ideal for iPads that are of 2017 and 2018 model (9.7 inches) and it also has its own integrated screen protector.

The iPad case is cut precisely to give you full access to ports and functions. What’s more, it has screen and lens defense due to the beveled edges and the shockproof material. Patterns and design colors include rose-gold, camo, white, gray, black, and much more.

AVAWO Kids Case for Apple 9.7″ iPad

Are you feeling like traveling with your kids? This travel-friendly case is ideal for the iPad models 2, 3, and 4, as long as they are 9.7 inches in size. It can also take the iPad 4th Generation while being shockproof and lightweight at the same time.

It can be folded so that it is good for watching movies, such as for horizontal viewing or typing position if you like. The material is durable and is made with non-toxic EVA foam so it is kid-friendly while still giving you a firm grip for safety.

ULAK Heavy Duty iPad 9.7 inch Case

This iPad case is not only stylish with its rose gold and grey color combination; it also fits the iPad Air 2, Air, Pro 9.7 and up to the 2018 released models. It has 4 corners covered and raised lip features to make sure its bumps protect it from scratches and the like.

You can also enjoy watching your favorite YouTube videos with the included foldable universal kickstand. It has a silicone outer skin and hard PC inner shell so it will be quite sturdy.

Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly iPad case for kids

Another unique novelty gift for kids, this one has the design of a butterfly, which fits iPad 5, 6, iPad Pro 9.7 and the 2017 model with good universal fitting. It has shock absorption, is made with non-toxic EVA foam rubber and is ready to fly into your garden!

You can impress your guests with this fun and cute design and it has various colors to choose from. Your kids will have fun watching their favorite videos in a butterfly-shaped iPad case!

pzoz Case Compatible iPad Case for Kids Shockproof

This case is bear-y cute (get it?) as it has a bear design all over. It has a choice of brown and pink and is suitable for the Apple iPad Air 1/2, Pro 9.7, 2017/2018, A1893, A1954, 5th Generation and the 6th Gen iPads. It is not only shockproof but is also made with silicone handles on the side.

Kids will love using this iPad holder due to the custom shaped silicone handles on the side, which fit their fingers easily. Your child will love the cute cartoon style design while the safety of the BPA-free materials will put you at ease.

Mumba iPad 9.7 Inch Protective Case

Yet another one with a kickstand, this one has a modern design with super rounded edges for kids. It has various colors to choose from (such as blue or pink) and fits Apple iPad 5th/6th Generation and the iPad 9.7 2018/2017 models. What makes it durable is that it is made from Polycarbonate and TPU with added bumpers for protection.


To conclude, iPad cases are not only important for durability and protection, but they also make each iPad or tablet a stylish one that will reflect your child’s personality. They are also colorful but they must be non-toxic to make them kid-friendly. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best iPad cases for kids!

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