Best Gas Drops For Infants

Have you ever heard of gas drops for infants? In this article, we will find out about gas drops, why babies can have them, their benefits, and if they are safe for your little ones.

What are gas drops for infants?

If your baby has stomach problems, such as colic, you may encounter gas drops as a recommendation. Gas drops are medications that essentially come in a dropper and a bottle, which means they are mostly meant for babies and newborns.

The main objective of a gas drop is to break up large gas bubbles that are inside your baby, which are most likely causing the colic, and can help your baby to pass the gas more comfortably and easier, leading to less screaming at night.

Gas drops are given usually at bedtime, after meals, or as recommended by your pediatrician. It depends upon your baby’s colic severity as to how much you should give to your little one. Sometimes, you can also mix it with your baby’s favorite drink, such as juice or formula/milk. You may also want to check the dosage based on your child’s age as well as weight to avoid overdosing.

Gas drops have different benefits for your child, such as the following:

1. It helps to stop their bouts of crying. If your little one cries inevitably at night, chances are, they may be suffering from colic or gas problems, which make them feel uneasy and unable to sleep properly. If your baby doesn’t get enough sleep then they may not develop properly and their immune system won’t be as strong as much. Their bouts of crying can be lessened if they take the gas drops to ease their tummy ache.

2. Their tummy ache will disappear easily. Most babies get tummy aches due to the colic or gas problems, which comes from their underdeveloped stomachs which don’t easily pass the gas quickly, unlike with adults and children.

3. It helps them burp easily. Babies who take gas drops can be helped with their colic and burping problems, so it is especially helpful for infants who have frequent stomach problems.

4. Most gas drops are easy to administer. Like most infant medications, gas drops are quite easy to give to your little one, since they can come in simple packaging that already includes a dropper.

5. It can be mixed with other baby formulas. Frankly, you can mix the gas drop with your other baby formulas, such as milk, or you can mix it with their favorite juice if they already drink such, which makes administering much easier.

Are gas drops safe for babies?

Yes, gas drops are safe for babies to use, provided that you use only up to 12 doses a day if you self-medicate your baby’s gas problems in an emergency. For best safety results, you should consult your pediatrician as to how much gas drops should be given to your little one based on their age, weight, and the severity of their gas problems or colic.

Added to that, babies who are taking thyroid hormone medication should not be given gas drops due to the complication that can happen. Always seek the advice of your child’s doctor to make sure your baby doesn’t get side effects of gas drops. Other than that, gas drops don’t really cause much side effects when used properly.

Certain side effects, which occur rarely, include allergic reaction, dizziness, itching, rash, trouble breathing, and the like. Again, these are very rare symptoms and can only occur to babies who have an allergic reaction to oral gas drops.

Best Gas Drops For Infants

With all of those said, here are our top picks for the best gas drops for infants:

Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops

Made with a berry flavor that your little one may love, this gas drop can work within minutes and it is made without artificial dyes or sodium so it can be safe for babies and infants. It contains 1 fluid ounce of gas drops and you can give up to 12 doses a day for this gas drop.

It also contains no alcohol or saccharin that may irritate your baby’s tummy. You can administer it orally, or with your baby’s favorite formula/milk or with water and other liquids such as juice. It can be a good home remedy if your baby needs a quick fix when it comes down to gas problems and colic pains.

Colic Calm Tummy Calm Gas Relief Drops

This gas drop is made with 9 active ingredients, all of which can contribute to help your baby pass the gas quickly and safely. The ingredients include gentle ones such as chamomile, Aloe Vera, vegetable charcoal, nutmeg, passion flower, radish, ginger, and sarsaparilla, as well as lycopodium. These were sustainably harvested under GMP for medicines and made into a gas drop for babies and kids.

Not to mention, the gas drop may also work for babies who have hiccups, bloating, and other stomach upsets. The Aloe works well for bloating, the chamomile is good for irritated stomachs, the passion flower is good for gas relief, the sarsaparilla is also good for gas relief and sour burping, and the other ingredients may help well with other stomach and digestive troubles.

Mommy’s Bliss – Gas Relief Drops

As a 1-fluid-ounce bottle, this can help with babies who have stomach discomfort and it can also be used with gripe water if you already have that. It is free from parabens and dyes so it can be safe for your little one. What’s more, administering the drops is easy due to the included dropper in the pack.

Up to 100 doses can be made from this pack alone, which is applicable for newborn babies and up. If your little one has hiccups then you can use the combination with gripe water to administer this gas drop. It is usually given before your baby feeds on anything.

Mylicon Gas Relief Drops

As a formula that is free from dyes, this one can help with gas problems and comes at 1 fluid ounce. It can be given up to 12 times a day like with most gas drops and it contains no saccharin, alcohol or artificial flavors to keep your baby safe from harm. It is also gluten-free for babies who have special needs with gluten allergy.

Ideal for newborns and above, the simethicone active ingredient works in the stomach to gently break up gas bubbles. Many pediatricians have recommended this brand and when you administer it, the flavor is not that bad for most babies.

Equate – Infants’ Gas Relief Drops, Simethicone

Containing 1 fluid ounce or 20 mg, this simple gas drop is good for infants with its non-staining formula, so it’s not going to be hard to clean off your baby’s bib or clothes in case you have trouble feeding them. It is also dye-free and contains no artificial flavors, saccharin or alcohol.

It also already comes with a free dropper and it may work as a go-to remedy for babies who are frequently having gas problems. You can also combine it with gripe water if your baby has other digestive problems.

Major Pharmaceuticals Infants Gas Relief Simethicone

Also made with a dye-free formulation, this gas drop is an oral suspension that comes in a 30-ml container or 1 fluid ounce. It can be an alternative to Mylicon, as with our previous pick, and has no harmful preservatives, flavors, and the like.

The fully-enclosed dropper makes it ideal for babies who are prone to gas problems to avoid swallowing of air. It is also a bit cheaper than some of our previous picks so it can be a good choice if you don’t have a lot of budget for your baby.

Colief Infant Digestive Aid

This formulation can help with babies who are suffering from colic, fussing and crying, as well as tummy bloating. It can make up to 90 servings with its 0.5-fluid-ounce content. It can be added to breast milk safely so it is good for moms who are nursing their little ones.

Unlike our previous picks, this one needs to be given with milk or other drinks and not directly to your baby due to its formulation.


To wrap it up, gas drops for infants have a lot of benefits. Babies who get colic and gas can feel uneasy and they won’t be able to calm down unless their tummy ache disappears. We hope you liked our top picks for the best gas drops for infants!

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