Best Double Jogging Strollers

A double jogging stroller can be a great form of bonding with your baby while going outdoors. Jogger strollers can be beneficial because they have a lot of storage for you to keep, such as for baby items and even for your personal belongings.

These strollers can also be a great way to keep you fit while handling your baby, who can get more exposure to the great outdoors. You don’t need to go to the gym to get fit – having a jogger stroller can help you lose pounds as well. In fact, you may be burning up to 30 calories in 30 minutes when doing so.

Aside from bonding time, you also get this awesome opportunity to show your baby throughout the neighborhood while working out at the same time. It also helps motorists to easily see you when you cross the street versus just carrying your baby the old-fashioned way.

If you have twins or two babies, which double jogging stroller should you buy? This article can help you decide, as we bring you some great finds for you and your little ones.

Best Double Jogging Strollers

Here are our top picks for the best double jogging strollers:

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

With 3 colors to choose from, this double jogger stroller stands with 16-inch rear tires and a 12-inch one at the front. All of the tires are made of rubber so that your little ones have less bumpy rides. The seat recline comes with a 5-point safety harness so that your babies can stay safe and sound throughout the trip.

There is also an extra canopy at the top for keeping them in the shade. Babies who are 6 months and older can ride the double stroller for each seat. It is able to take 50 lbs. in weight and up to 42 inches in height per child.

The swivel wheels can be locked in place for you to keep your babies secure while the brake system can be activated by your foot at the rear part to stop easily. The folding mechanism is also quite compact and easy for busy moms (and dads).

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller

If you want extra-large canopies, this may be for you and your little ones. It even has a car seat adapter compatibility design so you can use it as a travel system for you and your babies. We liked the fact that its canopies have a UPF 50+ rating for sun protection.

It has a 9-position adjustable handlebar with a wrist strap, which can be helpful for you to push it in the right level of your body. It is also helpful in case dad or the other child in the family pushes it. Because it has reflective accents, motorists can easily see you when you stroll with your baby across the street.

The stroller has over 10 pockets and a cargo basket at the bottom for easy storage of whatever you like throughout the trip. Babies who are up to 44 inches high and up to 50 lbs. can ride on each seat. There are also different colors to choose from.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller

Coming from the ever-famous Baby Jogger brand, this one is easy to fold due to the quick-fold technology, which allows one-step folding for the super busy parents. It has an all-wheel suspension system (with rubber tires), which can help to reduce the bumpy ride factor for your little ones, even in uneven terrain.

The brakes can be hand-operated so you don’t have to fuss in stopping your stroller. You can choose between black and green colors while the canopies can also be adjusted for each side. Babies who are newborn and up can use this stroller just fine.

It even has peek-a-boo windows for easy view of the outside world. The vents can also keep them cool and comfortable during the summer. You can also lock the front wheel in place for safety. Its folded dimensions are 15 x 32 x 34 inches.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

As a jogger stroller, this one has a total of 4 wheels – two large ones at the back and two smaller ones at the front. Since it has lockable swivel wheels at the front, it can keep the baby stroller in place. Its bicycle tires can help your baby to stay put with less bumpy rides.

The folding mechanism is done by the trigger mechanism so you can use it for traveling without much fuss. The seats are also extra padded so your children can get comfortable for hours of sitting there. You can choose from 6 colors and designs for the stroller.

It has a 5-point safety harness for each of the seat, allowing your baby to stay safe throughout the trip. Each seat also has a canopy that protects them from the elements. It even has parking brakes and 2 large storage baskets to keep in your baby items and personal stuff.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller – 2016

Made with all-terrain tires, this baby stroller can be easy even on uneven roads. It has 4 different color choices and it has large canopies on both sides of the stroller for the two seats. It is easy to fold due to the lightweight design.

The peek-a-boo windows can enhance interactive play with your little ones. Since it has a front-wheel suspension, it can help your babies to have a steady trip throughout the neighborhood. Since the 85-inch tires never go flat, they are less of a maintenance hassle.

Its seats are padded so that your babies can stay extra comfortable. The seats have a combined weight capacity of 100 lbs. and head height limit of up to 26 inches. Since it has a hand-operated brake, stopping the stroller can be a breeze overall.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0 Jogging Stroller

Able to take up to 100 lbs. overall (50 lbs. each), this jogging stroller has a UPF 50+ rated canopy to protect your little ones from the rain and the sun. Babies who are up to 44 inches can sit well on each of the seats. It even has compatibility with any car seat and adapter.

The seats are well-ventilated due to the design while the 5-point safety harness doesn’t need to be rethreaded to keep your baby safe. It has a lot of pockets on the sides and the large basket can help you to put your most-needed items in there with your baby.

When assembled, the stroller measures 30 x 43 x 48 inches overall. Its front wheel can be locked in place as well to keep your baby stroller safe from rolling out of bounds.

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller – 2016

If you prefer a baby jogger stroller in which the two seats are designed vertically, this one could be for you. The design allows both of your babies to be positioned with one in front of the other for a change. However, you can also reassemble this double stroller in many ways.

In fact, there are 16 different possible configurations that you can perform with this baby stroller. It can take up to 45 lbs. per baby and it has a 1-step folding mechanism that most busy moms and dads will love. You can also add in your own bassinet kit or car seat for a total travel system.

Its UPF 50+ sun canopy can be adjusted and you can also use the peek-a-boo window to find out what’s going on with your baby while the canopy is active. Babies from 6 months and above can ride in this stroller just fine.

Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double Jogger Stroller

As a multi-use 3-in-1 stroller, this one can be used as a jogger stroller, a bike trailer, and even just a regular stroller. Its convertible nature makes it a great playground for kids as well. You can just fold it and reassemble it however you like.

There is a front-wheel with two large wheels at the back. It has high visibility along with a signaling flag. The top cover can help keep your baby safe from the elements and it could even act like a kids’ mini traveling tent.

Thule Urban Glide – Double Jogging Stroller

This jogging stroller has double canopies as well while having a lockable front wheel that can also swivel for easy navigation. It’s not that heavy at only 32 lbs. and its brake can be hand-activated for easy stops. You can also fold it with just one hand.

The handlebar also has an ergonomic design to prevent the parent from having fatigue for hours of jogging. In fact, the canopy can also be adjusted for your baby’s comfort while you can see what they’re doing with the peek-a-boo window.

Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller

This double stroller is made with non-toxic, eco fabric, which is not only comfortable for your children but also for the environment. You can also use it with any car seat or bassinet due to its nearly universal fit to major brands, such as Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Nuna, Chicco, and Graco.

It has 12-inch air-filled tires that you can also inflate using the included pump. Since it has large canopies, your babies can be protected against the sun and rain, as each of them is UPF 45+ rated. There are also mesh windows that your baby can use to view the outside world easily.

Loading your stroller is easy due to the auto-lock mechanism. Its handle is made with TPR, which means that it doesn’t contain PVC or foam yet it’s still comfortable to touch and grip for hours. The canopy set and the footrest can be easily adjusted depending on your needs.


To conclude, double jogging strollers can not only be life-savers for moms and dads but it can also be a source of their weight loss due to the extra effort they do for pushing them. They can provide your little ones with outdoor experience while giving you some confidence and mood boost. We hope you liked our top picks for the best double jogging strollers!

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