Best Cool Piggy Banks For Kids

Saving money is something that little kids should learn in their young age. When you save money, you prepare for the future and you can buy anything that you want! If your child learns how to budget their money by having a piggy bank, then they can learn the importance of money that’s either hard-earned or coming from their allowance from their parents.

Teaching kids the value of cash is very important so that they can adapt the habit in the future. There are many cool piggy bank designs out there that will get your child to save money. They are usually very easy to use and any responsible adult can crack them open. Having a piggy bank at home with your kids teaches them discipline when it comes down to spending. They will know how to spend their money wisely only on things that they really want and need and not be tempted to splurge all the time.

Since it’s “Year of the Pig” for 2019, according to Chinese Zodiac, piggy banks are very in-demand nowadays. There are also some piggy banks that are educational when it comes down to their design, and can also have lights and sounds to teach children numbers and letters. They can be more than just a saving tool but a fun teaching toy for kids to enjoy.

Best Cool Piggy Banks For Kids

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best cool piggy banks for kids:

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank

This piggy bank is more than just your average money-saving tool – this one is very colorful and can be a learning toy for kids. It has 10 colorful coins that your child can drop into the piggy’s back to help them learn how to insert coins into a piggy bank. What’s more, it has counting numbers on the belly to help them get acquainted with numbers.

It also has a door that can open and close to retrieve the coins. This piggy bank also has songs, phrases & sounds that your child will enjoy.

Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank

If you want a very simple piggy bank that has a classic ceramic design that can be broken when it gets full, here is a good piggy bank for your little one. You can choose from 5 styles and colors depending on what your child wants and the cute face of the pig will make it a great room decor as well.

It is roomy enough to hold a lot of savings and it also has a rubber stopper at the bottom so that it will not easily break or move out of place when your child slips in coins on it.

Moonjar Classic Moneybox: Save, Spend, Share

This unique piggy bank, while it doesn’t take the shape of a pig, can be a great 3-part money box that can be intuitive for kids to segregate their money. They can use the 3 slots for different things: for saving, for spending and for sharing – all with 3 different color-coded compartments.

Measuring 5 x 5 x 5 inches overall, this one has acrylic lids that can be easily removed. It also has a slot that is big enough for bills, so your child can also drop in some dollar bills or whatever currency you have.

Money Savvy Pig – Purple

This piggy bank is unique for its divisions and its transparent design, so you can know just how much your child has saved. There are 4 divisions on this one: save, spend, donate and invest, all color-coded with labels. You can teach your children how to set goals for their money with this unique saving tool.

Each compartment empties independently so you can worry less about dividing your child’s money for specific purposes. This money-saving pig is better for coins due to its coin slot size. It may be used for bills but it could be hard to get the bill out of it.

Dog Style Coin Money Box Piggy Bank

For those who are looking for something a little extra – this one is a dog-shaped piggy bank made of ABS and electronic components. It uses 2 AA batteries because it automatically grabs the coins once you place them in front of the dog. This is a cute gift for kids due to its robot-like mechanism, sound, and yellow flashing eyes.

It can store about 40 coins and is also a good novelty gift for your little kid who wants to save money in the long run. It also has other designs other than the dog, such as a cat and other dog breeds.

HUSAN Code Electronic Piggy Banks

If you prefer something that is like an ATM, this one accepts paper bills instead of just coins. It is made with ABS material and has a safety pin code lock with numbers so it works like an ATM. You only need 3 pieces of AA batteries for this money bank and it can take up to 100 paper bills.

You can also use it for keeping coins due to the coin slot at the top. It can hold up to 600 coins in its capacity. Your child will know how to use an ATM at a young age with this unique piggy bank.

HairPhocas Cute Pink Pig Money Box

This classic piggy bank has a cute design and can accept all kinds of coins with its overall dimensions of 7 x 4 x 4 inches. It is made of quality plastic material that is non-toxic and safe for kids to use. With its large nose on the front, you can twist it to remove the coins if you want to get your savings out.

If you are a big fan of the Toy Story movies, this one looks exactly like Ham from Toy Story. Even children from 2 years old find it as a great toy and piggy bank at the same time.

Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls

As a great gift for the little girls, this one has a cute design for the piggy bank that is also made from classic ceramic material. It has butterfly designs around the pig plus a cute ribbon, making it stand out from the rest of the designs out there. Because it has a hand painted design, it looks very authentic.

This piggy bank measures at 8 x 7 inches so it can fit many coins inside. The slot at the top is at 1.5 inches so it can also fit bigger coins out there. To hold the coins firmly inside, there is a removable rubber stopper at the bottom.

Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Piggy Bank Craft Kit

Creativity has never been this rewarding – your child can make their own DIY decorated piggy bank based on their preferences! This kit includes a brush, 4 pots of paint, stickers, glitter glue and a treasure chest to keep everything organized. There is also a rubber stopper at the bottom to make it easier for coins to be retrieved.

Ideal for kids 8 years old and above, this decorating kit is a great gift to your child who is very good at arts and crafts, and would like something that’s colorful and involves decoration and customization. Washable and kid-safe art supplies have been included.

Peradix Cute Cat Stealing Coin Bank

This is yet another coin-stealing bank that is much like the dog bank that we reviewed earlier. This one takes the shape of a cat in a box that keeps the coins inside as you place them. It has interactive sounds and motion so it will definitely motivate your child to feed the cat with coins.

It can also be a cute and novel decoration and not just a saving tool for coins and for kids to enjoy. There are 4 designs to choose from and it can easily work with just 2 AA batteries. What’s more, the box is made out of environmental ABS plastic that is durable.

Y&Y Star 3pcs/lot Cartoon Oink Piggy

As a great piggy bank design, this one can become a keychain that you can give to your children and they can be used for bags and the like. Each pig is equipped with lights so it can act as an emergency flashlight as well. There are 3 pigs in the package: pink, beige and black.

The pigs also make sounds other than lighting and they only require cell batteries (already included). ABS plastic material is used for making these cute little pig key chains.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Glowing Moon Money Bank for Kids

Another unique piggy bank that you can give to your child is this one, which is designed as a moon instead of a pig. This one is for the STEM or science lovers due to the very cool moon shape with realistic craters. It will be a great learning tool for kids due to the moon bank learning guide that comes with it.

Since it is made by National Geographic, you can assure of its good quality as a 4-inch bank that can take many coins inside. Kids from 2 years old and above can use it just fine with its hard plastic material that’s quite durable. It is also something that glows in the dark so it is a good room decor!

Peachtree Playthings Disney Belle Coin Bank

For the inner Disney princess in your child, this one is designed to look like Belle. She will take many coins at a space of 6.5 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches. There is also a stopper at the bottom to make sure you can remove the money without breaking the figure. Because of the glittery appearance, Belle can also be a room decor to your little princess’ personal space.

Added to that, it is hand-painted but also made from vinyl so it is not easy to break and is quite lightweight for kids to handle.

Jhua Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank

Also designed to be an ATM for kids, this one has a white color scheme that can also be a great room decor. With the keypad on one side, it requires the child to input a password to retrieve their money. It has a slot for bills at the front and coins at the top. There is also a voice command so kids will learn how to listen attentively.

This is a great training tool for children for when they keep a real bank account and use a real ATM machine in the future. It will be a great gift for someone who also wants to save money in a small ATM machine.

Collections Etc Boys Railroad Standing Bank

If you want something bigger, this one takes the shape of a railroad standing bank. It can fit many coins inside due to the tall shape while it also lights up with the help of 2 AA batteries with the lights on top, just like a real railroad warning sign! This one is a good gift for little boys who want a railroad sign style piggy bank.

Kate Spade New York Woodland Park Elephant Bank

Elephants can make great piggy banks, too! This one is hand-painted and has a modern white-black design, which makes it great for nurseries or for anyone needing a unique piggy bank that’s not a pig. It is also easy to clean with its surface and stands 6 inches high. The size is just right for many coins not just for kids but also for adults.


As a whole, piggy banks are more than just ways for kids to save money – it also teaches them how to manage money while having fun with the cool and unique features that modern piggy banks today offer. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for these best cool and unique piggy banks for kids!

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