Best Car Seat Travel Bags

Going out for the holidays with the family? No problem – most airlines will allow you to check in your baby car seat for free. Travel seats for babies can be bulky to carry around manually though, much like strollers, although on a smaller scale. Nonetheless, you might need a bag for them because it can be awkward to carry them as they are.

Here are some reasons why you should have a car seat travel bag:

1. It is ideal for frequently traveling or flying. The FAA recommends that if you are carrying a car seat for your little one on the airplane, you might want to go with a travel bag to fit it in. This is so that you can avoid the hassle of baggage checks.

2. You can carry your baby car seat easier. Imagine having to carry your baby car seat from the car to the airport and back with just holding it – looks awkward, right? To solve that problem, most travel bags are shaped like a backpack so that you can just carry them at the back and you can also hold other things along the way. The convenience of a travel bag just for the car seat can save you time and effort.

3. It will keep your baby car seat safe and damage-free. One of the most important reasons why travel bags are recommended for car seats is that it can protect your baby car seat in the long run. All that slamming in the airport as well as during travels can make your car seat unprotected or damaged when not handled properly.

4. You can use the bag for other things. Aside from car seats, you can also use it for other baby items or travel accessories.

Best Car Seat Travel Bags

Here are our top picks for the best car seat travel bags:

J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

This travel bag has a simple design and can fit most baby car seats just fine. You even have extra space inside for diapers, baby clothes, and other baby items. It is airline-certified and is made with polyester material so it can be quite durable.

Because it has extra padding, it can protect your baby car seat from getting damaged during handling and moving. The harness-style backpack has ergonomic straps that can be adjusted according to your needs. The inner lining is also water-resistant and anti-microbial so keeping it clean can be a breeze.

You can even put your details on the ID card on top for easy identification. The opening has a dual zipper design so that you can access the inside quickly.

VolkGo Durable Car Seat Travel Bag

With a large design and size of 34 x 18 x 18 inches, this one is made with durable nylon that is water-resistant, making it travel-friendly and can be used for camping and the like. It can fit most baby car seat brands and designs.

It has two side straps so that you can carry the bag even without having to pick up the large straps at the back. The backpack straps are also adjustable and padded so that you can carry it for hours of traveling with your little one.

The whole thing can be packed in a small zippered pouch when not in use, which makes traveling a lot easier with it. You can also put your name (or your child’s name) at the bottom label for easy identification.

Reperkid Car Seat Bag for Airplane with Pouch

Bearing the text “handle me with care”, this one has a colorful design if you want a different bag from the usual black ones. You have a choice of blue or purple for your bag color and both of them are made with heavy-duty, 600D nylon material which is 100% waterproof.

This waterproof quality makes it ideal for traveling overseas and the nylon construction can make it resistant to tearing. Since it is a drawstring bag, opening and closing it can be a breeze overall. You have a space of 18 x 18 x 34 inches inside, which can fit major brands, such as Chicco, Graco, Britax, Maxi-Cosi, Evenflo, Safety 1st, Brica, and the like.

There is an ID card insert to input your information in case it gets lost. Since it has a pouch with the bag, you can put in other baby items or essentials. A double strong stitching method is used to make the bag really durable. There is even a handle at the front for easy carrying.

KangoKids Car Seat Travel Bag

This travel bag has a padded shoulder strap set so that you can feel less stressed on your shoulders when carrying it. It has a heavy-duty material using double-stitched nylon so that it can be protected all throughout the travel.

Measuring 33 x 17 x 17 inches, its lightweight fabric is water-resistant and not just durable so it can protect your car seat from splashes of water, especially in bad weather. It even has a hand strap for carrying at the top. All of its straps are adjustable for a custom fit.

Don’t worry as it can fit most major brands of car seats. As for the quality of the fabric, it is made with 420D nylon that doesn’t tear up easily. Because of the vibrant orange color, it can be easily located and spotted when looking for your baggage at the airport.

Britax Car Seat Travel Bag

Measuring 17 x 15 x 31 inches, this bag may be ideal for you if you have a Britax baby car seat. It even comes with built-in wheels so you can just drag it along like luggage for easy carrying. The rubberized base can protect it from smashes at the airport while the water-resistant material can shield your car seat further.

It will fit any Britax car seat as well as other brands so you can rest easy trying to find a car seat for it. Because of the double zipper opening, you can open and close it easily for quick access to your baby car seat. The additional storage pouch can also house other important items.

The shoulder straps can be comfortable and protected using the storage pouch. Both of these straps are adjustable according to your comfort levels, too.

Bububee Car Seat Travel Bag System

As a drawstring bag that is covered with a Velcro flap, this simple bag has a tag at the bottom for easily naming it to whoever owns it. Neoprene fabric is inside the bag so that your car seat can have a soft place to stay in without getting damaged. Oxford nylon is used on the outer design to protect it further.

There are 2 sides carry straps for easy carrying while the front strap can be used for carrying it with one hand from your car to the airport. The 4-step closure can keep your car seat in place inside the bag. You can also fold the bag into a smaller bag for safekeeping and portability.

Measuring 18 x 18 x 33.5 inches, this one can fit most major baby car seat brands of the usual size. Because the drawstrings are thick, it won’t easily wear down.

Birdee Car Seat Travel Bag for Airplane Gate Check

With a choice of 3 colors (blue, pink, and black), this one is made with water-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon so that your car seat remains weatherproof and splash-proof all the way. The buckle and drawstring combination for the opening mechanism can further protect your car seat inside while traveling.

Like most bags, it has an ID card slot to identify it from the rest. Measuring 34 x 18 x 18 inches, this one can fit most baby car seats. With its 2 padded shoulder straps, carrying the backpack for baby car seats can be a breeze.

The handle at the top even has a rubberized design so that it won’t slip out of your hand. It is backed by a 1-year guarantee.

Oowap Car Seat Travel Bag

This travel bag has padded straps that are adjustable so that they can be comfortable throughout your journey, especially overseas or on vacation. It is airline-approved and is water-resistant for bad weather. You can even fold the whole bag into a small pouch for keeping it in your other bags when not in use.

You can also quickly know which is your bag with the writable label part at the bottom. Its material is also mold-resistant so it can be safe for your little one. The double-stitched material can make it durable against hours of carrying. The total dimensions of the bag are 34 x 18 x 18 inches.

MyEasy Convertible Car Seat Travel Bag

Made with 400D nylon, this bag measures 34 x 18 x 18 inches so it measures just right for standard car seats for babies. It has a stylish blue design which can make it unique compared to other bags.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and have padding as well. You can also tie it up like a regular drawstring bag so you can pack it up easily. Because of the straight seams, it can stay durable for years of use.

Jeep Car Seat Travel Bag

As an airline-approved car seat travel bag measuring 20 x 29 x 18 inches, this one is waterproof with its durable nylon fabric. The shoulder straps are adjustable while it has a universal design so it can fit a majority of brands.

It even has a pocket on the side to make it easy for you to put your essentials – even your baby’s toys! Among the brands, it can fit include Chicco, Graco, and Britax.


To sum it all up, car seat travel bags are important for convenience and safety. If your baby car seat isn’t being used and not covered in a bag, it could also fade or crack from excessive sunlight exposure. We hope you liked our top picks for the best car seat travel bags!

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