Best Boomerang For Kids And Beginners

A boomerang is a kind of toy that goes back to the thrower once it is thrown. The secret to a boomerang’s return is its shape – the unique aerodynamics allows it to return back to the owner like so. The really cool thing is that a boomerang can help promote outdoor play.

Outdoor play is important for kids because it helps them to exercise their physical skills. If they don’t have a lot of physical activity then they can be more prone to anxiety and obesity in the long run. If they have more time outdoors then they can be closer to nature, their immune system will become stronger and they will also have the benefit of playing with other kids.

Whether it’s going outdoors for a family trip or just going out in the backyard, it’s a great way to have kids play games – one of which is a boomerang. Other than the sports stuff like basketball and badminton, sports games that allow you to throw things can also be a great addition to physical activities (think of a Frisbee or a ball). A boomerang can be played by anyone – from kids to beginners. In this article, we will look into some great boomerangs that you can try.

Best Boomerang For Kids And Beginners

Here are our top picks for the best boomerangs for the kids and for beginners:

Glacier Wooden Boomerang

This wooden boomerang is ideal for kids who are 8 years old up to teens who are 18 years old, or older! It has a gradient design on each side that make it look really cool when you throw it into the air. It is made of airplane grade Birchwood that comes all the way from Finland, so you can be assured of its quality material.

It also has included instructions for those who are new to throwing a boomerang. It is for right-handed throwers and it has a nice glossy clear coat on top. As it is handmade, it is going to be cool and authentic-looking and also durable.

BumbleBee Precision Boomerang

As a boomerang that has four corners, this one is a unique X-shaped design with yellow and black colors, kind of like a bumblebee. This one has a 24-page guide on how to throw it outdoors. It is ideal for throwers who are 7 years old up to 15 years old.

It is also an easy returner and is great for beginner players who are not very used to throwing a boomerang. There is also a left-handed version of this boomerang. It is made from durable plastic but it is quite durable without much denting along the way.

Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

As a unique boomerang that is shaped like a triangle, this one is in a set of 3 – all of which have different colors (red, pink and yellow). It can be thrown up to 90 feet before it comes back! The unique design of this open center boomerang allows players to throw in their own style.

This one is like a Frisbee in terms of mechanics but still comes back due to its aerodynamics. It measures 11.5 inches on each outside edge and is a great gift for someone who wants to try out boomerangs for the very first time.

Aspen Fire Wooden Boomerangs

Made with a fire blazing design on each side, this one is made of aeroplane-grade Finnish birch plywood that is hand-crafted to make sure it is of quality design. It has an inverted V shape so it is unique among the different boomerangs out there.

It is good for various ages of players and it also comes with a 24-page manual on how to use it. The custom paint job includes black for the body and red for the flames on the sides. It can reach up to 30 to 40 yards of flight and it can be used for light to the medium speed of winds.

Polypropylene Black Mamba Boomerang

This boomerang is designed to have black and pink colors on the outside. It has a 24-page guide on how to throw it and it also has an inverted V design plus slightly rounded edges on the sides. It is good for kids 10 years old up to 70 years old.

Made with a range of 30+ meters, this one is good for either sports or casual throwing. It is good for throwing around the neighbourhood since it is made from very durable polypropylene material.

Blue Speed Racer Fast Catch Boomerang

This boomerang is a kind of design that has 3 legs that spin around. It has a Speed Racer style design due to the blue and checkered black graphics and a star in the middle. It also has holes on each of the legs to make sure that it has the right amount of airflow.

It is good for 10 to 70 years old and is good for right-hand throwers. It has a helicopter-style concept and it also comes with an instruction page for beginners. It can be thrown up to 45 degrees off the wind direction.

Kangaroo Pelican Boomerang – Authentic Australian

As an Australian design, this one is very intricate with its graphics. It has Australian kangaroos on the background of the main body and it has patterns on the sides. It has been handcrafted by an Australian Champion thrower named Roger Perry.

This returning boomerang is not only shaped in a standard way but is also made with quality wood material. It has a 24-page guide on how to throw it and you can also throw it about 30 degrees. It does not break easily even when it hits the pavement or the ground.

Funrang Polymer Australian Boomerang

This boomerang has a unique printed design over it, which has a durable construction. It is made up of blue, yellow and red on its printed design and has a standard inverted V shape like a boomerang for kids and for beginners. Like most of the ones we covered here, it has an instructional manual.

It is good for kids who are 8 years old and above and it is made with unbreakable co-polymer polypropylene to make sure it is good for even the pavements and the like. It is going to be ideal to throw for beginners and the like, and it is also designed by Roger Perry, former Australian boomerang champion.

Yanaki Boomerang

As a colorful design for a boomerang, this one has 4 colors in its paint job – including white, red, yellow and blue, all in a gradient spray paint hand coloring technique. It is good for children 10 years old up to 70 years old. It is also made from airplane grade plywood that comes from Finland to make sure that it is made with quality in mind.

It is a right-hand throwing boomerang and it also comes with a 22-page instruction manual. It can be thrown up to 90 degrees off the wind direction and it is quite rugged, very visible in the daylight and easy to manage for most beginners due to its easy returning technique. It can go for up to 35 yards of distance.

Yellow Fling Ring Boomerang

This Fling Ring has a unique design with a circular hole in the middle and three sides that are shaped like the blades of a helicopter. This triple-blade design of a boomerang is excellent for those who are new to the sport or the hobby. It has a yellow color in the middle and blue colors at the ends.

Made with a 22-page instructional manual, this one is good for kids 7 to 15 years old. It has the ability to stay stable even on windy days and it has a 2.5-inch size for the hole in the middle. It has a diameter of 9.8 inches when measured from tip to tip.

Liberty Imports Sports Flying Aero Discs, Rings & Boomerangs

A set of boomerangs that have a unique shape, this one is made with flying silicone parts that make it not only attractive but competitive as well. It has different shapes, such as the standard curved boomerang, a triangle, a 4-bladed helicopter shape, two rings (a small one and a large one) and an inverted V or sine shape. This one is good for kids and adults, as well as dogs and beginners.

This can reach up to long distances and it also has soft rubber edges so that it will not only give you comfortable catches but it will be easy to handle even for the kids.

Tech Carbon Fiber Boomerang – from Colorado Boomerangs

Made from carbon fibre material, this one has a unique tech style with its printing and style. It has a black color coat all over and some bright tech designs on the sides. It is good for children and adults who are still learning how to throw a boomerang. This one has an inverted V shape or sine shape and is good for beginners.

It comes with a 22-page booklet for instructions and it is good for right-handed throwers. A mix of carbon fiber and plastic composite material makes this boomerang quite durable and lightweight but it can sustain even in high winds.

Room A Rang, Soft Indoor Boomerang

If for some reason, you can’t go outside, this one is a good indoor boomerang to enjoy for the kids. It is not going to damage the furniture and it has soft edges that will make it safe to use indoors. Ideal for kids 3 years old and above, this one can fly and return with a speed of 2 to 10 feet.


As a whole, we think that boomerangs are great toys for kids as a sport outdoors. You and your children will enjoy playing with boomerangs because they keep returning and is a good outdoor exercise. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best boomerangs for kids and beginners!

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