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Barbie is a common children’s doll franchise that’s been around for years. Barbie has influenced many people, including children and grownups today, to become more imaginative and believe in themselves, and become anything that they want to be. Barbie has many outfits and various professions that can entertain your child. They can see Barbie work in the real world or be a fairy of other worlds.

What makes Barbie special is that she has different occupations. For example, you will find a Barbie who is a rock star, a supermodel, a chef, a nurse, a teacher and so much more. She can also be part of a fantasy world, such as a mermaid, a pixie fairy and so much more! Barbie’s different occupations and other side characters make her very dynamic to her target audience.

The best way to help your Barbie enjoy (and your kids, too) is to give her own Barbie house. A Barbie house is usually not closed but rather open due to its large size. It usually has bigger windows and doors as well as furniture, to make sure that your Barbie doll fits in just fine. Most of the utensils and appliances are the right size for Barbie. 

Most Barbie houses can be pricey, but they may be worth it if you want a great birthday or Christmas gift for your child. They can cost more than a regular dollhouse but Barbie houses have a lot of detail and durability. Most of them are made of a wood material other than plastic so they can be used outdoors and they can withstand bad weather.

These houses can have different parts of the entire house, just part of it, or just a few appliances. They can also come in a set with various items or just come as a raw frame and you just need to buy the other stuff later.

To choose the best Barbie house, you need to make sure that your Barbie fits well and that it is made with safe materials. Make sure that when you do choose one, it has the right height for standard Barbie dolls and the materials are not toxic to your child.

Best Barbie House

Here are our top picks for the best Barbie houses:

Barbie 2-Story House with Furniture & Accessories

This Barbie house has two floors – the first floor is for the kitchen, snack room, and comfortable room, while the top floor has the bed, which is kind of like an attic. This home is complete with various accessories, such as an oven, a sink, and some other bathroom accessories as well. It also has a compact dining room on the living room by flipping the table over for a complete package.

You can fit in up to 4 Barbie dolls inside, which makes it a great playable Barbie dollhouse to have for kids. The stovetop is a great place to cook meals for your Barbie dolls and the colors look amazing.

Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle Playset

This Barbie castle doll house for playing is based on a kingdom of rainbows and it has very sparkling designs. It has two floors and a top balcony for your Barbie doll to stand on. It has a great bedroom on the second floor and a dresser plus a mirror. The rainbow color will surely captivate your child.

It also has double doors and a ton of details that are fit for the Barbie princess in your doll. It has chairs and tea party items that are already on the table – ready to be served for any tea party.

Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse

As a townhouse for Barbie dolls, this one has 3 floors to be used, which includes the dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, hot tub, and even its own elevator! You can use or ride the elevator for your Barbie doll to navigate between floors.

The first floor has the dining room and the kitchen while the second floor has the bathroom and the living room, complete with a fireplace. The third floor has the bedroom as well as a balcony that your Barbie can stand on.

Barbie Glam Getaway House

Another glamorously designed house would be this one for Barbie. It has many accessories and furniture, such as stylish chairs and a makeover counter. It has a modern designed bed and some nice decorations for your Barbie to enjoy. The bathroom is also cute and unique in its design.

This modern house is quite small but compact to bring along with your child. It has a handle on top so you can pack it up wherever and whenever your child wants to play with their Barbie dolls, or over to their friend’s house. The design is very compact, simple and easy to clean up and set up in no time.

Barbie DreamHouse

A rather large sized dream house, this one measures 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide in total, so it can be best for larger bedrooms and those who want to play with playmates and have a ton of Barbie dolls in their room. The whole thing has 3 floors and it even has a sliding pool that your Barbie can slide in for the summer fun!

The elevator can be used to transport your Barbie between floors. It has room for up to 4 dolls in total and it even has various spaces for other stuff, such as a garage. It has a detailed kitchen and living room, as well as a beautiful bedroom.

Barbie Dreamhouse Simple Brown Packaging

This one has a different design from the previous Barbie Dream House. It has 3 floors but it has a simpler design with more rooms to choose from. There is also a working elevator on the side to navigate between floors and it has a rather pink theme that is between modern and classic style.

You get a kitchen, a bedroom, a tea party room (dining room), a lounging area (living room) and the bedroom. There are also in-between rooms to use and a working bathroom.

Barbie Pink 3 Story Townhouse

This townhouse for Barbie dolls has a unique design. For instance, the bathroom has a very modern touch with a clear tub. It has a comfortable bedroom design and it even has a swing chair in the living room. The dining area has a modern touch while it has a working elevator as well to transfer your Barbie between floors.

With realistic details, this modern house has a closet for your Barbie’s clothes and the like to be well-organized. There is even a rooftop lounge for the summer.

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

This dream house for Barbie has a wide design with its unique Wi-Fi-enabled speech recognition that allows you to make more than 100 commands to this modern designed house! For example, you can use voice activation to move the elevator, turn the stairs into a ramp, activate the lights and so much more! If you want a very modern gift for your child then this is a must-have!

Barbie Pink Tastic Glam Vacation House & Doll Exclusive Set

Even though this set is small and compact, it is a great travel buddy for your child if they want to play with their Barbie dolls on the go. It has two rooms – the living room and the bedroom, all compressed into a simple storable playhouse for kids. It has a rooftop as well and it has simple appliances like the TV and some lights.

Barbie Glam Vacation House

As a vacation haven for your Barbie doll, this one features two floors, by which your Barbie can access using a stair. It has 6 areas of play which includes a patio, a breakfast bar, a living room, the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and others. It has a chandelier with great details and you can also arrange all the furniture.

The breakfast bar is also a great place to chill for your Barbie dolls while the living room with the fireplace can also be luxurious for your dolls. It has a very cute and pink color theme.


To wrap it up, Barbie houses can be very great gifts for your child, especially if they have many Barbie dolls in their collection. It will be much easier to play with them using a house because they fit much better with the accessories and the whole package. We hope you enjoyed these top picks for the best Barbie houses!

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