Best Baby Memory Books

A memory book is also known as a photo album that can help you organize all of your baby’s milestones, information and the like. It has a lot of fields you can fill out so that you will remember your child’s first steps, first walk, first haircuts and the like.

It is very crucial to know about your baby’s firsts because it will show you your child’s development stages.  The baby book or memory book usually has pages for the family tree as well as information for the guest list in a baby shower or baptismal where applicable. You can also put your child’s medical records every time they visit a doctor. Additionally, you can also put your pregnancy records there.

You can put firsts there such as their first words, laugh, bath, steps, crawling and various habits that you can take note of. The habits may include their favorite things, their sleep cycle or pattern, the eating habits (favorite food) and how often they bathe. Most of these memory books also work like photo albums in such that you can put their birthday parties up to a certain age point.

Keeping your child’s information organized makes it easier for you to look it up, especially if you have more than two kids or more. You can also add in some details of your labor and other pregnancy specifics, which can help you and your doctor to figure out what to change for your next pregnancies. Some of these memory books can also have space for your child’s birth certificate, footprints, hand prints and maybe even baptismal certificate (for those in a religion).

A good memory book should have a lot of space for the baby pictures as well as some other extras. If you want a good memory book for your baby, you should also add some scrapbook designs to make it look more attractive and interesting to read.

Best Baby Memory Books

Below are our top picks for the best baby memory books we can find:

Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron

Made with a chevron design, you can pick either blue or pink for this one so it can be ideal for both boys and girls. You can print your child’s hand or footprint using the ink pad that is safe for babies. There are a total of 50 pages in the baby book with enough space for adding your child’s photos.

There are also spaces where you can put your child’s medical records, the parents’ story, the family tree, information about the baby shower, pregnancy and more. You can also put stuff like their firsts (walk, crawl, words, laugh, etc.).

Ronica Memory Book for Baby Girl

For a baby girl, this one has a cute giraffe design. It can be used as a baby shower gift for someone you know and it can keep all the important milestones of any baby girl. You can use it for babies 1 to 5 years old or younger and it can have enough space for photos and other personal stories.

There are a total of 60 pages in the whole baby book and the square photo frames fit well with most Instagram photos you may already have.

Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year

If you want a simple book that keeps all the records of your baby’s firsts, this is a good one to have. It has an elegant design with a total of 48 pages and a size of 9 x 9. Because it is made with eco-friendly and soy-based inks, it won’t cause allergic reactions to your baby.

With a super cute design, you can fill it up with a lot of important details like your family tree, some nice photos, and others. Many people who are interested in scrapbooking like it.

Lucy Darling Little Animal Lover Memory Book

This one bears a cute elephant design for babies who love animals. It also has a total of 48 pages so it can be filled with many photos and memories of your child. It is a 9 x 9 square photo album so it can fit in most pictures and the like. It has been responsibly printed with soy ink so it’s not going to cause allergies to your baby as well.

You can put your baby’s ultrasound, medical records, footprints and other documentation you may want to put in, such as your baby’s birthdays.

C.R. Gibson Elephant ‘Hello World’ First Five Years

Another memory book that bears an elephant design would be this one. It has a total of 64 pages with a size of 10 x 11.75 inches so it is quite large and spacious for more photos. It has a green and beige color so it looks simple and elegant. You can put in some of your baby photos, pregnancy notes, family tree and other milestones of your baby.

RubyRoo Baby First Year Baby Memory Book

Having a bear design, this one is great for those who want to put in some nice photos of their baby, as well as some milestones. It is ideal for up to 5 years of age and it has a total of 56 pages. The material used for the album is Acid & Lingin-free so it is great for babies and they won’t get harsh chemicals from the paper used.

Lil Peach First 5 years Baby Memory Book

As another cute baby book for girls, this one has a polka dot design and even has a 3 x 3 inches cover photo insert inside for your baby’s greatest moments. This book is good for up to 5 years of age and it has a total of 42-guided journal pages for you to fill up with things like your baby’s milestones, eating habits, sleeping habits, birthdays and more.

Baby Tracker for Newborns – Round-the-Clock Childcare Journal

For those who want to track their baby’s habits, patterns and the like, this is a great journal and memory book to have. It can take care of your child’s sleeping schedules, diaper changes, feeding time, nursing time and much more. If you like to keep track of everything about your baby, this is a schedule log to have. It has a total of 90 pages that you can use and it can record up to 3 months of any 24-hour activity.

Redbello Baby Memory Book And Journal

For those who want a cute design, this is a great baby shower gift that can have up to 100 photo spaces for your child’s photos to be displayed on like a scrapbook. This one has a total of 72 pages that you can input with your child’s memories, baby records, milestones and the like. It has fun designs of animals inside and there are also spaces for your baby’s personal stories.

Astronaut Baby’s First Year Memory Book

For babies who love space and the universe, this is a good memory book to have. It has a space-themed design with astronauts, planets, and aliens, which make the book very much fun to read! You can put in your child’s milestones, the parents’ records and much more! There are also various stickers that you can use for adding your child’s milestones in the pages, which makes it unique and creative to have as a baby memory book.

Pillow & Toast Baby First Year Journal

For adding milestones in a simple square memory book, this one is a good choice for both boys and girls. It has 10 photo album frames that measure 4 x 4 inches each – great for those IG-worthy shots you have already posted or taken with your baby. The size of the book is 8 x 8 inches so it is quite portable and easy to carry around. 250 GSM Acid-free paper has been used, and it is also pH-neutral Paper using Soy-Based Inks that make it baby-safe.

LovelySprouts First Year Baby Memory Book & Baby Journal

For those who love scrapbooking, this is a good baby book for up to 5 years of age and as a gift for any baby shower. It can store your baby’s firsts, their precious moments and the like. It has space for photos and you can add in some scrapbooking elements to make it stand out as well! It has a lot of space for other things with over 80 photo boxes that you can put your baby’s photos into.

Ocean Drop Designs Baby Memory Book for Girls

As a baby memory book for milestones, this one can be used for up to 3 years of age. It contains up to 56 pages so you can put in your child’s memories and the like up to their toddler age. There are 4 x 6 photo spaces that you can put in your 4R photos and there are also 65 slots of those photos as well. You can also put in your pregnancy records there if you like.

Carter’s Periwinkle and Silver Twinkle

If you want a “twinkle twinkle little star” design for your baby book, this one is a cute pick. It has over 60 pages of space you can put your milestones in, and the whole book measures 11 x 9 inches so it is quite spacious. There is even a photo window outside so you will easily know whom this book belongs to.


We all know that memory books are not only creatively designed – they are also great to record keepers for medical purposes and also for looking back at the precious moments with your baby. If you just had a baby or want to gift one to someone who’s expecting, we hope these picks for the best baby memory books help you out!

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