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As expected for new parents, we never stop thinking of every single thing our little bundle of joy might need once they make their much awaited appearance in our lives. We splurge and spend on everything we can possibly think of, but sometimes miss one crucial product – a baby car mirror! Indeed, this is one of the most important baby essentials we need to make sure our children are safe with us while we are on the road.

What is a Baby Car mirror?

To make it sound simple, a baby car mirror is like an ordinary car mirror that you can attach to the baby’s car seat while driving, or while you are sitting in the front. As most parents these days know, it is recommended by doctors that your baby is placed rear-facing in a car while on the road for the first few months. This way, the baby can carry on sleeping in a more relaxed environment and not be too overwhelmed by the bright colors and lights in case they are awake. Besides, a rear-facing car seat minimizes the chances of harm in case the car is ever in an accident, keeping the baby as safe as possible.

However, using a rear-facing car seat brings with it a new problem. If you are in the driver’s seat, it becomes impossible for you to know what your baby is doing or whether they are having any trouble since the most beautiful view in the world would be blocked by the backside of the car seat. Your baby could be uncomfortable, crying or covered by its blanket, and you won’t be aware of their distress until you have reached your destination or stopped over to check.

The need for a Baby Car Mirror

A reliable and strategically placed baby car mirror can give you the peace of mind that you most definitely need while on the road with your child. If you can check up on your baby with just a glance while driving instead of stopping every 5 minutes, it is a better option for both of you. You are protecting your child from potential harm in case of an accident and also ensuring they are well-rested with a rear-facing car seat, and with a baby car mirror, you can check up on them every few minutes.

How to choose the right Baby Car Mirror

For the amateur parent, choosing the right baby car mirror can be tricky. Here are a few tips on how to find the perfect mirror to go with the car seat you’ve got.

  • Most baby car seats are attached to the headrest of the back seat. If the car you are driving don’t have a head rest, you might have to hunt for a particular kind of car mirror.
  • You’ll definitely need a baby car mirror that is crash proof and won’t explode in case of a crash.
  • A baby car mirror that is curved rather than flat will give you a better view of your baby.
  • At the same time, you need a baby car mirror that will stay fixed and not pivot or slip if you are driving through a bumpy road or pull up sharply at a red light.

With these points in mind, let’s take a look at the 8 best baby car mirrors that are available in the market at the moment.

Top 8 Best Baby Car Mirror

1. Baby Car Mirror for Rear Facing Car Seat

Baby Car Mirror for Rear Facing Car Seat

Easy to install in a matter of seconds, this is a great baby car mirror that you can easily attach to your adjustable headrest to check up on your baby. It is shatter-proof and lightweight and stable, thanks to a dual-strap system that comes with the mirror. Most importantly, your baby can look up and see you too in case they are feeling lonely just as well as you can look at them.

This baby car mirror is perfect for both horizontal and vertical mounting, and will not shake or slip even if you brake. Larger than mirrors available by other brands, you can mount this car mirror even if the back seat doesn’t have headrests.

2. Back Seat Baby Car Mirror by Cozy Greens

Back Seat Baby Car Mirror by Cozy Greens

You’ll be getting a lifetime warranty with this baby car mirror, not that you’re going to need it, since the Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror is shatterproof and very, very safe. The product comes assembled and all you have to do is to attach it to the headrest of your back seat headrest and adjust the view before driving.

The convex shaped mirror gives you a great view of your baby, and you can adjust the mirror to as much as 360 degrees to fit your needs anytime you want to. The locking mechanism of the mirror stops it from vibrating so you won’t have any trouble checking up on your baby in a second while you are driving.

3. Pikibu Baby Car Mirror

Pikibu Baby Car Mirror

This is an especially made wide baby car mirror that allows you to see the whole backseat, not only a part of it. The Pikibu 180-degree mirror is perfect for you if you have more than one child riding behind and you want to check up on all of them every now and then.

This baby car mirror comes with spring connectors that you can use to secure the mirror on your car’s rear view mirror, and will give you a much better view than a customary mirror. In case you are wondering about blocking your original rear view mirror, don’t. Attaching this baby car mirror also gives you a clear rear view of your vehicle as well as the blind spots behind you.

4. Lusso Gear Baby Backseat Mirror For Car

Lusso Gear Baby Backseat Mirror For Car

Just fixing this baby car mirror to your backseat one will ensure you a perfect view of your baby again and again, without the risk of it slipping off or distorting your view. You will only need a minute to mount this baby car mirror to your back seat, and check on your baby any moment while driving.

No risk of the glass shattering on conflict; this baby car mirror by Lusso Gear is shatterproof and completely safe to be placed near your baby. A wide size gives you a panoramic view of your baby in an instant without you having to move your head much or making an unscheduled stop.

5. Baby Caboodle Backseat Baby Mirror

Baby Caboodle Backseat Baby Mirror

This amazing baby car mirror from Baby Caboodle will give you the peace of mind you need while on the road. No longer will you feel the need to stop and check up on your baby because you can’t see them in a rear-facing car seat.

With this car mirror in place, you can drive and keep an eye on your baby every few minutes and be assured that everything is all right. Even if your baby is moving a lot and changing positions every now and then, this wide mirror will give you a good view of your little one at a glance. Installing it will only take a minute, and then it’s no worries for either you or your baby.

6. Baby Car Mirror by GoCreations

Baby Car Mirror by GoCreations

This baby car mirror from GoCreations is perfectly safe, and shatterproof in the face of a car crash or other mishaps. Be assured your baby won’t be harmed from this mirror even if it is only inches away from them in the back seat. With a 10.2” wide body, this baby car mirror will give you a great view of your baby, whether they are peacefully sleeping or actively fidgeting inside the seat.

Held to the headrest of the backseat by two nylon straps, this mirror will not bulge or move by your driving. Installation and adjustment is extremely easy, and you can pivot and tilt it up to 360 degrees for an optimum view of your child.

7. Safe Baby Tech Baby Car Mirror

Safe Baby Tech Baby Car Mirror

This baby car mirror has a large 12”X8” display that will give you a wide view of your child in their car seat in the back seat. It will be already assembled when the mirror reaches your hand; all you have to do is to secure the mirror to the headrest which will only take a few seconds.

The Safe Baby Tech car mirror can be pivoted to up to 360 degrees, so that you won’t have any trouble keeping track of your baby’s movements. You can be assured that the mirror is very sturdy and won’t be disturbed even if the car is moving a lot. Besides, the straps are adjustable and can be attached to the headrest of any cars, SUVs and vans.

8. EPAuto Baby Car Back Seat Mirror

EPAuto Baby Car Back Seat Mirror

This convex mirror by EPAuto gives you a panoramic view of your baby in a rear-facing car seat even when you are busy driving the vehicle. A swift glance will assure you that your baby is safe and comfortable, so that you won’t have to make numerous unnecessary stops. With an 11.5”X7.5” display, you can perfectly know what your baby is up to and have the peace of mind you deserve. Every single product is shatterproof and crash tested, so don’t worry about your baby getting hurt even if you are unfortunately in an accident. The mirror comes fully assembled and will only need to be mounted to the backseat headrest with the adjustable straps it comes with. Don’t worry about your view being distorted because the mirror won’t budge even a little while driving.

Every parent needs a good and sturdy baby car mirror to ensure their child is all right at the back, especially when the baby is secured in a rear-facing car seat. Since doctors recommend putting our babies in such car seats until they are at least 2 years old, keeping a tab on them while driving requires the help of a car mirror. This is one of the most useful baby gears we are going to need to ensure that our children are safe while on the road, and needs some serious research and thoughts. After all, isn’t that what we consider the most important part of parenting – keeping our children safe from harm?

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