Top 10 Best Baby Bottle for Reflux and Gas

There are many baby feeder bottles out there, and it gets hard sometimes to choose which one is the best. The best bottle is the one which helps you to prevent any air passing through the bottle and causing irritation for your baby stomach. If the baby stomach is not fine, then it keeps them disturbed which is why to make sure to get the right baby bottle feeder which helps your baby feed better and sleep better at night with comfort and peace.

All the bottles mentioned below are reflux and gas free which gives you wide option to choose from according to your preference.

Top 10 Best Baby Bottle for Reflux and Gas

1)  Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle

Dr. Brown's Original Bottle

Dr. Brown’s original bottle is the best if you are looking to feed your child.

  • It is made of silicone and polypropylene.
  • If there is a vacuum in the bottle, it does not cause gas or reflux for the child digestion.
  • The positive pressure flow allows everyone to purchase this perfect Dr. Brown’s bottle.
  • It reduces all kinds of problems for the baby such as gas, burping, colic and much more.
  • It is BPA and phthalate free, so you do not have to think twice before purchasing this item.
  • This bottle gives a wonderful experience with the vent technology in it. It gives the proper comfort to your baby to feed and sleep without any disturbance in the stomach.
  • The air in the bottle never mixes with the milk formula and keeps all the nutrients fresh which is present in the milk.

2)  Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Bottle

Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck Bottle

Dr. Brown’s wide neck bottle is BPA free along with the vent system which makes sure to keep the negative pressure away while sipping the nipple of the bottle.

  • There is no burping and gas arising from the use of this bottle to make the child feed.
  • The bottle is designed in a vent system which is similar to breastfeeding on the mother.
  • It is easy to clean and wash with also being dishwasher safe.
  • It has the safe effects on babies healthy so you can surely consider this bottle for the milk feeding purposes of your child.
  • There is no vacuum left in the bottle while feeding.

3)  Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System

Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System

You can do the house chores and feed your baby at the same time with Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle.

  • Podee baby bottle is the most convenient one which you can purchase with having the system of reflux prevention along with ear infections.
  • It is recommended for the babies who are above three years of age. It helps prevent colic and gas without any trouble.
  • The bottle is led free and easy to use. You do not have to hold it all the time but the nipple can be put into the baby’s mouth, and you can keep the bottle aside.
  • The tube going through will help the baby feed milk easily with lying by himself/herself.

4)  TommeeTippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle

TommeeTippee bottle is just like the baby is sucking the nipple of the mom. This way the baby won’t be disturbed and will the soft feeling of being near the mom.

  • It has a prevention for the baby from any discomfort.
  • The design of the bottle is innovative which makes it easy to hold and feed the baby.
  • There are different colors available in the bottle which you can choose from.
  • The bottle is BPA free with the unique latch on the nipple which makes it easier for the baby to feed without directly breastfeeding on the mother.

5)  Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby BottlePhilips Avent is popular among the mothers for feeding their child with the most natural way.

  • It is wide and silicone free with a natural latch which keeps the baby in comfort while feeding.
  • The quality is premium along with the heat and thermal resistant.
  • It is easy to clean because of the wide neck opening with the soft nipple with twin valves. When the baby swallows the milk, the two valves reduce colic, and the air is not transferred into the baby’s stomach making it gas free.
  • You can easily sterilize it and feed your newborn baby without any fear of causing gas or acidity in their stomach.

6)  Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles

Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser BottlesPlaytex bottles are known to be BPA free which mimics the baby as if they are breastfeeding on their mother.

  • It has no side effect of creating colic and gas into the baby’s stomach.
  • The wide shape of the bottle helps the baby to hold the latch easily and feed by themselves.
  • It proves to be a natural feeding process with keeping the bottle free of any harm causing to the baby.
  • It is thermal resistance along with preventing air from getting into the baby’s stomach.
  • It creates the normal pattern of feeding on the bottle without the baby knowing whether they are on the mother or bottle feeding.

7)  Evenflo Feeding Advanced Angled Vented Bottles

Evenflo Feeding Advanced Angled Vented Bottles

Evenflo Feeding advanced bottles are known to be silicone free along with BPA free. They allow the flow with the vented nipples collapse. There is no extra part attached to the bottle.

  • It is the most convenient bottle for the babies to hold and have the milk feeding without any disturbance.
  • It does not leak at all and works long term.
  • It does not create any reflux or gas in the stomach of a baby with easy to hold innovative style of the bottle.
  • The bottle is soft to hold with the grips which make it comfortable to hold and feed. The milk can be measured with the volume mentioned on the bottle.

8)  Joovy Boob PP Baby Bottle with Insulator

Joovy Boob PP Baby Bottle

The design of Joovy Boob Bottle is innovative with delivering the feeding consistently.

  • It is made of high-quality materials with performing best for the users.
  • It provides all the satisfaction to the mothers to be relaxed while feeding their babies from the Joovy Boob bottle.
  • It is a 5-ounce bottle with having one nipple on the top.
  • The bottle is made of polypropylene plastic which makes it durable and long term use.
  • You do not need to assemble the bottle but simply add the milk formula in it and start feeding your baby without any fear of gas or reflux being caused.

9) Chicco NaturalFit Bottle Newborn Flow

Chicco NaturalFit Bottle

Chicco Natural Fit baby bottle is a perfect flow of feeding the milk to your baby.

  • It is wide on base and soft to hold.
  • The bottle is flexible to be fed without holding it up and getting tired on the arm. You can simply place it on your baby with the pillow, and they can feed it easily because it has a system of latch nipple which prevents it from causing gas or reflux in your baby’s stomach.
  • It is designed economically with a wider mouth which is easy to clean and fill with the milk formula.
  • The twin valves help to prevent the spit-ups, gas or any kind of indigestion in the baby’s stomach.

10)  Bare Air-free Baby Bottle

Bare Air-free Baby Bottle

If you want an air-free baby bottle for feeding, then Bare Air-Free Bottle is the best choice for you.

  • It has a system of latch nipple which prevents it from causing gas or reflux in your baby’s stomach. It is designed for the infants to be fed easily without any trouble for the mother.
  • It can be easily washed in the dishwasher without getting scratches.
  • It helps to prevent the colic and control the suck of the baby naturally with flowing the milk easily without causing any air in the middle.
  • There are latch caps included and containers with makes it easy for the baby feed full milk formula in it.


Baby feeders are essential equipment which you need when you have a baby. You cannot consistently breastfeed the baby which is why mothers nowadays take the support of baby feeders to feed milk formula for the baby which can provide them all the necessary nutrients. All the baby bottles are perfect for feeding the baby to feed without causing gas or reflux so choose the one which suits your need and does not wait to purchase the best one. All the baby bottles are affordable and will give the ultimate ease to you for feeding your child without any interruption.

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