Best All New Nerf Rival Gun Reviews

Nerf is a popular brand of toys among young boys and even the big boys – they are basically harmless dart-like toy guns that send projectiles to other players. Playing Nerf among boys of different ages can help develop their sense of teamwork as well as hand and eye coordination.

Unlike pellet guns that were used back in the days, Nerf projectiles aren’t very dangerous when they hit a target. This makes them a great toy for kids of all ages. There are currently two popular product lines of Nerf – Rival and Elite. We’ll focus more on Nerf Rival in this article.

Best All New Nerf Rival Gun Reviews

Below are some of our best picks for the best Nerf Rival guns for your jam-packed action play:

Apollo XV-700

This model of Nerf Rival comes with a magazine that can hold up to 7 rounds of Nerf bullets/projectiles, which also come with the package and are all made for high impact action. This spring-action blaster also comes with a tactical rail for accuracy as well as a trigger lock for easily shooting your targets. Because you are most likely going to play Nerf in teams of two, you can choose between red and blue colors for the different teams.

Shooting up to a velocity of 100 frames per second (FPS), this means that it can reach up to 30 mps at its average speed! Since you also have the tactical rail, you can use it to mount different accessories to easily locate your target. Despite the loud noise, it makes when it fires, it’s jam-packed with power and does not need a warm-up period.

Artemis XVII-3000

This Nerf Rival model comes with a total of 30 rounds so you can use it to fire away at the enemy target(s) for a longer period of time. The slam-fire action will surely be loved by those who want a fast-paced gameplay with Nerf. The integrated magazine also takes your mind off the reloading process and lets you focus more on the game itself rather than on the magazine due to its simplicity.

Also made with two color choices (red and blue), each round that is fired by this Rival model can go for up to 100 fps of velocity or 30 mps. If you’d like to have more ammunition at hand during battles then this is a good Nerf Rival gun to have, since not only does it have a lot of rounds to fire but also has advantageous positioning due to its tactical rail and trigger lock.

Nemesis MXVII-10K

The Nemesis MXVII-10K is a model that is battery-operated so this may be great for when you want to play for extended periods of time and don’t mind the extra weight of the batteries. The unit only needs 6 D-sized batteries to run. Like with other models, you can also choose between red and blue colors for team choices. You can hold up to 100 rounds with this mega-massive Nerf Rival gun!

Because it is able to hold a ton of rounds in just one go, you can use it for pressuring the enemy targets and you won’t have to worry too much about reloading all the time. Like with all other models, it can go for up to 30 mps or meters per second (100 fps). A tactical rail and a trigger lock can also make your life easier for when you want to connect accuracy accessories to it.

Khaos MXVI-4000

This one is meant to take up to 40 rounds (also included) so it may be recommended for some fast-paced games. This fully motorized Nerf Rival model is also battery-operated so it can be carried with you anywhere. Unlike in other models, this one reloads all of its rounds/bullets/projectiles from the bottom, unlike the ones that we mentioned before that have more capacity for rounds.

You only need 6 D-sized batteries for this Nerf Rival model. It is also able to fire at 30 mps or 100 fps for added impact. Also worth noting, unlike the other Nerf Rival guns out there, this one has a big magazine, which can be a little more challenging to reload for some players, but when you get used to it, the experience of firing with this Nerf gun can be rewarding.

Phantom Corps Helios XVIII-700

Made with simplicity in mind, the magazine of this model of Nerf Rival is very easy to load, allowing you to focus more on shooting, alongside its trigger lock so you can just blast away. There is also a tactical rail to make use of different accessories for accuracy. It can shoot up to 7 rounds at once before reloading and can have a velocity of 30 mps or 100 fps.

Because this Nerf gun is spring-activated, it does not require batteries as compared to the other Nerf gun models we have here. The bolt handle can also be side-swapped so you can use it if you’re left-handed as well. Like with most Nerf guns, this one also has a jam release button for when it jams. You can also install a 12-round magazine for this gun, if you wish, for added rounds that you can put in and load up.

Atlas XVI-1200

This one is a unique double blaster that lets you fire 2 rounds at the same time! This may be useful if you want to pressure the opponent with more power than your average and standard rounds shooting. The magazine can hold up to 12 rounds but the package comes with a total of 24 rounds since it is a double shooter. The trigger lock can be useful for added ease of use with this spring-action blaster while its tactical rail can be used for accessories.

While the power or impact may not be as high as others (at 80 fps or 24 mps), this little sacrifice is already covered by the fact that it is able to fire 2 rounds at once, making it more ideal for short-distance hitting of targets. Additionally, if you have larger magazines that are in stock, you can use them for as long as they are compatible with the system/design of the Nerf Rival series.

Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500

This Nerf Rival gun model comes with a total of 5 rounds that can be easily fired. This model is perfect for those who are still beginning with Nerf and just need something that can shoot decently. It’s not as high as others in terms of velocity, at only 90 fps or 27 meters per second, but it’s a great starter for a Rival series gun. There are also 2 flags included with the package, as well as instructions on how to use it.

The spring action mechanism makes this Rival gun series model worry-free when it comes down to changing batteries (no batteries are required) as it is a breech-load blaster for its design. Unlike the other Nerf gun designs, you can just attach either the red or blue flag to signify that you are part of a certain team, instead of just a different colored blaster.

Zeus MXV-1200

Made with a simple but action-packed design, this one comes with and can load up to 12 Nerf Rival rounds. The magazine can also be easily loaded by both hands, whether you are left-handed or right-handed. It uses motorized blasting so it is very ideal for beginners or just for people who like to focus more on finding the target. Like with most Nerf guns, it has a jam clearing mechanism in the event of a jam.

There are also flip-up sights that you can use to easily locate your target. This one is battery-operated as a Nerf Rival gun and requires only 6 C-sized batteries to run. It can fire semi-auto rounds with a velocity of about 90 to 100 fps, which is close to most standard Nerf Rival guns we have reviewed above. While loading the magazine takes some practice, it is doable.

Phantom Corps Hera MXVII-1200

This Nerf Rival gun model is able to fire up to 12 rounds at once along with its loading capacity for the magazine. This one is also motorized so it can pack a lot of automatic power, especially for those who are still beginning with Nerf in general. Its accuracy is pretty good while its velocity is at 100 fps or 30 mps, which is standard for most Nerf guns.

It has a tactical rail at the top and a grip at the bottom so you can not only insert accessories but also easily grip the Nerf gun. The blaster only requires 6 C-sized batteries to run on semi-automatic mode. If you want something that has a sensitive trigger then this might be the one for you when it comes down to precision shots and accuracy at the same time.

Nerf Rival Gun Accessories

Below are the Nerf accessories that you may need or find interesting to add to your Nerf play:

Nerf Red Dot Sight

This dot sight can be mounted onto any Nerf Rival rail so that you can easily spot your target with much accuracy. The dot sight can be easily adjustable so that you can use it to your advantage and comfort while striking the enemy. The die-cast details of the dot sight will definitely look cool in the battlefield. There is also a camlock feature to keep your dot sight in place. It only requires 2 AAA batteries to run.

Nerf Rival Face Mask

To keep you protected from impacts of the Nerf rounds or projectiles, you will need a face mask. This one is blue in color (but you can easily find or search for one in red depending on your team color) and is made with a breathable design so that you won’t easily get sweaty in your face. Also, the adjustable elastic band lets the face mask be worn by different players.

HeadShot Ammo Nerf Rounds

This mega-pack of Nerf rounds contain a total of 110 in one. You can use this ammo pack for different Nerf Rival blasters, such as Atlas, Khaos, Zeus, Artemis, Apollo and many more. There are also many colors to choose from other than the standard yellow color, such as hot pink, sky blue, red, orange, green and standard blue. It also comes with a free bag and carabineer clip.

Nerf Rival 50-Round

Yet another refill pack, this one can be used on most Rival blasters and comes with a total of 50 rounds. These are the standard colored rounds in yellow and look like golf balls in their texture, which are made for speed, accuracy, velocity, precision, and power. As they are meant for Nerf, they’re softer in material than those made for paintball.

Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery

If your Nerf Rival gun is a battery-powered one then you might want to get yourself a rechargeable battery pack to make the action last longer and your rate of firing will increase. This pack comes with a rechargeable NiMH battery as well as the instructions and the charger. It is compatible with most Nerf Rival models except for the Zeus MXV-1200 blaster.

Tactical Pouch

This tactical ouch is meant for holding rounds of Nerf balls so they can easily be ready for reloading anytime and anywhere! This bag or pouch can keep up to 150 rounds or more and even pack 2 magazines in its elastic straps. The leg strap lets you tie it up to one of your thighs for easily picking up ammo on the go.

12-Round Magazine

This Nerf Rival magazine can be used to hold 12 rounds. This will definitely be a must-have if your current blaster only has space for 7 Nerf rounds or fewer. This 12-round magazine comes with a total of 18 rounds for free, as well as 2 clips for easily attaching it to any blaster. You will find it most beneficial to Nerf Rival blaster models like the Zeus MXV-1200 or the Apollo XV-70.

Nerf Rival vs. Elite

Both of these Nerf product lines have their difference, with their own benefits and disadvantages, and in this section, we are going to take a look at some of them:


The Rival blasters are meant for dead-on accuracy so they are most likely to have a stronger spring mechanism. Rival blaster rounds have a circular shape that makes them look almost like those pellet guns but in a larger, safer size, which also makes them feel like ping pong balls, paintball guns or a good old golf ball.

The Elite blasters, on the other hand, are the ones with elongated rounds, kind of like darts or bullets. They are also soft, of course, like with the Rival blaster rounds. Because of this design, they have a different magazine than the Rival blasters.


When it comes down to velocity, a certain test confirms that Rival blasters seem to get the upper hand. The decrease in velocity is less likely to happen to the Rival rounds because of its aerodynamic shape, while because of the bulkiness of the Elite dart, it may change direction all of a sudden.


Like with the velocity, many people agree that the Rival blasters are better when it comes down to accuracy, but YMMV (your mileage may vary). Some people are much more comfortable seeing a larger dart towards their target rather than using a yellow-colored small ball to fire.


Many who use a mod for their Nerf gun will most likely tell you that the Elite is better when it comes down to that aspect, but it still depends on the strength and accuracy of the mod itself. It also depends whether the Rival also had a proper mod.

Space Efficiency

When it comes down to space efficiency, there’s always a big advantage to the Nerf Rival since it only takes a few amounts of space in your magazine when you reload, or when you keep them in your ammo bag. The larger Elite darts can take up way too much space.


For the price, Elite darts and blasters are usually the cheaper ones. Nerf Rival rounds and blasters tend to be at a higher price (unless you bought a cheap imitation, which we wouldn’t recommend for safety reasons).

Do Nerf Rival Balls Hurt?

It depends on different factors, but Nerf Rival balls or rounds can potentially dent and/or knock over some objects. It usually still depends on the kind of blaster or gun that you have, but generally, since the force behind Nerf Rival blasters is very strong, you might want to take into consideration is in a safe zone when you are using Nerf indoors.

For example, many suggest that you cover your appliances, such as your television, as they might bring a strong impact when shot. If you are still worried when it comes down to the safety of using Nerf indoors in general, just pick a nice place outside if possible to ensure that no one gets hurt.


While Nerf is a fun game to play with your friends, you should still consider safety overall. We hope these awesome Nerf Rival guns and accessories help you choose the best for you and your team. Which one was your favorite and why?

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