Baby Thermometer Safety

Baby Thermometer

Have you noticed that your child’s forehead is too hot? Could it be an indication of a fever? Before panicking and racing down to your doctor, you just need to start using a baby thermometer. Through this tool, you get an accurate reading of his or her body temperature.

With a lot of baby thermometers out there, it might prove to be difficult determining the right one for your child. It is where this guide proves to be helpful for your part.

How to Choose a Baby Thermometer for your Baby?

Below is the complete list of the baby thermometers that you can choose from:


If you want to measure the temperature of your baby in his or her multiple regions, this multi-use thermometer is the best option to consider. It can also be just inserted not near the bottom of the baby.


When you would choose for a rectal thermometer, it should consist of an on and off button feature, a digital screen and a probe. Even the screen should perfectly display the reading of the body’s temperature. And then, stick to only one with a flexible tip and a broad base.

Temporal Artery or Forehead Thermometer

The temporal artery or Forehead thermometer is the most expensive and newest type of thermometer. Among those products that you should consider in giving you an accurate reading is the Braun product. It is a thermometer that is easy and convenient to use along its easy to understand instructions.

The impressive thing about it is that it is simple for you to use and it features two buttons. It also has its green button right under the screen. It also prices at its competitive cost that makes it a must-have for parents out there. It presents its real and accurate temperature reading other than just its features.

Ear Thermometer

When you would choose for an ear thermometer, it should have all excellent features just like the Braun Thermo Scan Ear Thermometer.

It uses by most offices of doctors, and this has its pre-warmed tip that helps improve accuracy. Apart from it, it incorporates a guidance system that assures you of the most accurate and most precise results. And due to its infrared technology, it will read your child’s temperature in just a few seconds.

But, it is also good to remember that you need to choose this type of thermometer if your baby falls under the age of six months. It is due to the reason that the ear canal still starts to develop. If your child also has a lot of wax in his ear, it may further force the thermometer to give its inaccurate reading.

Baby Thermometer

Oral Thermometer

The oral thermometer may have already been familiar to you, and this is suitable for older children. But, when you would choose this, you need to understand that it should only be intended for babies. But, you can just save it when your child grows a little older.

Choose for one that provides highly accurate and quick reading of body temperature just like the best digital oral thermometer detects fever instant quick read for baby, adult & children. It is also easy and convenient to use and is indeed, a perfect choice for family health care. It is also applicable to all people below all ages. The temperature readings may usually vary due to the location and time of the temperature reading.

Axillary Thermometer

When you would have to measure your baby’s temperature through his or her armpit, you should choose for an axillary thermometer. It should give out its accurate results, and it should be useful in checking the temperature. You can just find a thermometer in most drug stores or even on Amazon. But, be extra careful that the underarm is free from sweat as it only affects the temperature reading. One of the suggested underarm thermometers is the Vicks Digital Underarm Thermometer that is designed to measure the underarm temperature in children ages six years old and below.

Pacifier Thermometer

When you just would want to get the temperature reading of your baby through his or her mouth, you can just simply choose for a pacifier thermometer. It may seem a bit inaccurate, but this is still suggested to use when no other thermometer is present. You should purchase for one that does not give you disappointment.

Other Points to Consider When Buying

There are still other points to consider when buying any thermometer that is as follows:

  • Will it work best for your child?

When you would buy any thermometer, you need to try out the best method that works for your child. It should also give its accurate reading and should not make it difficult for you to use it.

  • What will it Cost You?

You may find armpit, rectal and oral thermometers at such a price of ten dollars. The prices can range from fifteen dollars to sixty dollars for ear thermometers. And, all other professional models can go as high as three hundred dollars to four hundred dollars.

  • Will it be age appropriate?

Remember that not all types of thermometers are perfect for all ages. For instance, the rectal thermometer is perfect for newborn babies and an older child may protest in using this method. An oral thermometer may also be not ideal for a younger child as he or she won’t safely hold it in his mouth for a given period.

Baby Thermometers Safety Precautions to Consider

With the many advantages to offer by a baby thermometer, it is still essential to consider some of the safety precautions that are as follows:

  • Throw out the mercury thermometers

There is a need to throw out the mercury thermometers as the mercury inside is proven to be very dangerous. The thermometers make from a glass material, and these contain mercury that serves as a poison. This poison also targets the brain, and this might potentially give an impact on the memory, fine motor, language, attention and cognitive thinking.

  • Clean the Thermometer

Whether you will touch the baby’s ear mouth, bottom, and skin, you still need to clean it first before using it. Regular cleaning helps germs and bacteria from growing. You should not let it cause another sickness for your child.

  • Use Any of the Types of Thermometer in such an Area that does not have Explosive Gases

When a laser beam had hit a combustible surface, it would naturally cause an explosion. Do not make use of a device that is near the gases or flammable liquids. This way, you can avoid an explosion or fire.

Above all these, you need to ensure the safety and security of your child when using a thermometer. But really, “what could be the accurate thermometer to use for your baby?”

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