Best Baby Formula That Is Closest To Breast Milk

Breast milk, as commercial ads often say, is still best for babies up to 2 years of age. This is because there are a ton of nutrients that your child can obtain from breast milk, as compared to the regular baby formula you can buy from stores.

However, the problem with many parents nowadays is that they barely have time to pump breast milk. Some women have very sensitive breasts, have underdeveloped ones (such as teen moms) or are simply on a job in such a way that they have very little time to do such a thing. This is why many moms prefer baby formulas than breast milk. However, there are many benefits of breast milk in general, and we’ll discuss them below:

Benefits of Breast Milk

Unlike regular baby formula, breast milk has many benefits for children, such as the following:

1. Breast milk has vitamins and proteins – these are needed for your child’s physical and mental development.

2. It has antibodies for the immune system – to keep your child from getting sick easily.

3. Less likelihood of respiratory problems – to keep your child healthy against coughs and colds.

4. Less diarrhea – because babies have sensitive stomachs.

5. Keeps away ear infections – because babies have sensitive ears as well.

6. Higher IQ – could help your child once they step into preschool.

7. Better weight management – a long-term benefit to avoid obesity.

8. Less risk for SIDS – breastfeeding positions help lessen the likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome.

9. Easier to digest – milk proteins from breast milk are easier to digest than regular baby formula.

10. May lower risk for cancer and diabetessome researchers suggest that breast milk may also aid in these two life-threatening diseases.

Are there Baby Formulas Close to Breast Milk?

Yes! There are a couple of breast milk-tasting formulas out there, as well as the composition of the formula being similar. These baby formulas are alternatives, usually recommended by your doctor if you absolutely can’t breastfeed and would like a replacement of sorts that is very close to breast milk.

Or, if you currently don’t have a lot of time to breastfeed your child, a baby formula that is close to such will definitely make your child healthier due to the ingredients included. While it is true that there’s the saying “breast is best”, it still depends on your situation, and not all moms could breastfeed if they want to. Therefore, they should just settle with the next best thing – similar baby formulas.

Best Baby Formula Closest To Breast Milk

Below are our top picks for the best baby formulas that close to breast milk:

Plum Organics, Organic Infant Formula with Iron

This baby formula is milk-based but is still very organic so that its ingredients are made to mimic breast milk closely. It has DHA & ARA to help support your child’s development with their eyes and brain, to improve their capability to learn things. It also does not contain corn syrup or solids so it will be easy to digest, much like breast milk, for your baby.

Because lactose is the most abundant carbohydrate that breast milk contains, the lactose that is contained in this organic formula is from cow’s milk, which is all-natural. The formula is also non-GMO and is USDA approved as an organic formula for babies. It contains 32 ounces and has sufficient vitamins and minerals for your child’s health, made with organic plant-based oils.

This infant formula also contains iron for better blood health and choline for healthier eyes. It also does not contain glucose and maltodextrin, which is commonly found in commercial formulas, so it is very organic.

Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula

Made for babies who are 0 to 12 months old, this baby formula comes in a 20.5-ounce tub that is easy to use and grab your formula from when your hands are full. It is made with a non-GMO formulation so that it will not have side effects to your baby. The included MFGM helps foster cognitive development so that your baby can learn things easily when in their early toddler stage.

It also contains lactoferrin, an ingredient that helps support the immune system of your baby. If your child is stuck between being a formula-fed and breastfed infant, this is a good alternative for you if your baby often switches between the two. As for the formula content, each scoop is 8.8 grams so you can make about 66 scoops with one can or tub of these.

The formula is known to ease babies with acid reflux, bad bowel movements and the like. Most even put it alongside rice cereal for older babies and highly recommend it to moms who are stuck between breast milk and baby formulas.

Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula

This baby formula is a great choice for newborns as well, from 0 to 12 months. It uses 2’-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) to help improve your child’s immune system, especially if your baby is often prone to sickness. It is also a baby formula that contains the stuff you will often see in breast milk, such as DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E. They can help with your child’s overall development.

The 2′-FL HMO from this baby formula is a very close replication of breast milk since it is an immune-nourishing prebiotic that acts in a similar way as the ones you can find in regular breast milk. The formula is easy to use and you can pack them up for traveling for easy feeding. They are also easy to fit in diaper bags so they are a must-have for on-the-go or working moms.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder

If you are a big fan of Gerber products, this would be a great choice. It is an infant formula with iron and HM-O as well as probiotics. Iron is needed for the bloodstream to be healthy while HMO is a close replication of breast milk proteins. Probiotics are great for a healthy tummy for your baby. It also contains DHA for better brain development.

Because it is non-GMO, it is safe for babies due to being organic. Each container has 32 ounces and can make up to 41 bottles at 4 fl. oz. each. Because it is close to breast milk, it is easy to digest for babies with stomach problems.

Enfamil PREMIUM Newborn Non-GMO Infant Formula

As another infant formula for newborn babies, this one has double of the Omega-3 DHA content, as compared to the other leading brands, which can help with your child’s overall development. It is also non-GMO to be fully organic and closer to breast milk. It contains 22.2 ounces per can and is easy to refill.

The baby formula is known to have inositol, which is also a potential building block for growing brains and is a common breast milk ingredient. If you want a baby formula that does not contain syrup solids, this is a good choice for you. Babies who also have problems with their bowel movements may also benefit from this organic formula. It will also help children who tend to have acid reflux in general due to its ease in the baby’s tummy.

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Powder Formula

If you prefer a non-commercial brand that’s absolutely organic as infant formula, this is a good choice. The formula contains Omega-3 DHA & Omega-6 ARA, which are nutrients often found on breast milk, as well as lutein for the eyes and prebiotics for immunity. It does not contain corn syrup solids so it is easy to digest and USDA-certified as a non-GMO and organic formula.

It also contains iron for better blood health while each can contains 23.2 ounces. It is also made with no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and is Kosher certified as well. This baby formula is also excellent towards children with acid reflux or colic problems. This is because the formula does not contain harsh solids that may be too hard for your baby to digest overall.


To wrap it up, these baby formulas are not only organic but are also very close to breast milk when it comes down to their content. This can help babies to avoid the difficulty in digesting them, and may also have the same benefits as breast milk at some point. We hope you find any of these best baby formulas as a great alternative to breast milk!

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