Baby Alive Doll Toys & Accessories

Made by Hasbro, Baby Alive is a doll series or brand that’s kind of similar to Barbie but focuses more on little babies (hence the name) that act realistically – they can drink, eat and wet themselves like a real baby! These toys can teach children how to take care of little babies and how it feels like to care for one.

These realistic Baby Alive toys can be a great gift for your little one. So, if you’re thinking of a good gift for a niece or daughter, why not give them a Baby Alive toy or accessory?

Baby Alive Doll Toys

Here are some of our top picks for the best Baby Alive doll toys we can find:

Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy

This Baby Alive doll is great for kids who want to experience face painting someone – especially a little baby! You can design your baby however you like and apply face paint as you like it! The fairy baby has a complete set of design costumes, such as wings, a wand and baby accessories plus the removable outfit. The face paint can also be easily removed with the use of warm hands, so it’s easy to start again from scratch.

Baby Go Bye Bye

This Baby Alive doll is a great choice for those who want something that crawls on the ground. This baby can not only crawl but also reacts to different movements and touch stimulus, such as being tickled and rattle sounds. The baby may also wet herself and drink from the bottle that’s included in the package. Along with all the baby accessories needed, all you need to have with this baby is 4 AA batteries.

Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll Girl

For those with a penchant for making baby food, this cute little baby doll is for you. The baby can drink from her water bottle and may even poop and pee in the diaper for added realism. Using the included spoon, you can feed the baby with the doll food that you can mix in the included blender – it’s that easy and fun! All baby accessories are included as well, and the outfit is also removable from the doll.

Ready For School Baby

Dress up your little baby for school with the rooted hair that you can style in however way that you want. You can also help prepare the baby for school with the included dress. The included book will help your baby study and learn before she goes to school. This doll will help teach children how to be responsible parents in the future.

Luv ‘n Snuggle Baby Doll

This lovely baby doll has a cute outfit for bedtime so that you can snuggle with the baby when you sleep at night. The cute thing about this baby doll is that it can thumb-suck, meaning it can put its thumb on the mouth and suck it like a real baby would. There is also an included baby bottle along with the snuggle doll.

Super Snacks Snackin

For a baby that can be fed with the given snacks, this snacking baby doll has a wide mouth for you to feed her with the spoon. You can mix the snacks that are included so that your child can practice feeding the baby. The pretend snacks can be easily mixed and can be easily reused. The baby also poops in her diaper, just like a real baby. There are also various baby accessories included with this baby doll.

Sweet Tears Baby

Do you want a baby that can speak up to 35 phrases? This amazing baby doll can speak in two languages: English and Spanish, and can really show emotion. The Sweet Tears Baby can help children to know what it’s like to interact with a baby when she is being checked by a doctor. Using the stethoscope and other medical accessories, your baby can have a medical checkup whenever possible. Only 3 AA batteries are required to use it.

Baby Doll Boy

The Baby Alive series isn’t just filled with girl baby dolls – there is also a baby boy doll like this one. This little boy comes with diapers and can also pee and poop in it, just like a real baby. You can use the water bottle and the spoon to feed the baby with food that you can mix in the included blender.

Cupcake Birthday Baby

Celebrate your baby’s birthday with this unique set that comes with a cupcake builder. Just arrange the cupcake for a nice little surprise for your baby and have her blow the candle. Because of her arms, the baby can easily hold the cupcake as well as the included present or gift box. You can open the box to reveal a teddy bear inside!

Magical Scoops Baby Doll

If you want to give your baby some ice cream, this package will do the trick. You can scoop the ice cream by pushing and retracting the ice cream cone and using the scoop to pretend that the baby doll is eating the ice cream scoop. There is also an included baby powder and a comb to help the baby doll get dressed for going outside.

Baby Alive Asian

For a Baby Alive doll with an Asian design, this one has black hair and Asian skin, so it will appeal to people who live in the Asian regions. The baby acts like a real baby in which you can feed her, give her water to drink, and she also pees and poops in her diaper. Accessories that are standard to most Baby Alive packages are included, such as baby food, extra diapers, a comb and the like.

Better Now Bailey

This baby doll can also emulate a regular checkup for a baby because of the included doctor’s accessories, such as the stethoscope. There is also a baby bottle and a diaper like with most standard accessories for any baby doll. The Bailey doll also drinks and wets like every other Baby Alive doll. There are also instructions for you to know how to set up or play with the doll.

Baby Alive Potty Dance

Do you ever want to have a pretend baby that you can potty-train? This one comes with her own potty and does the “potty dance”. The baby can speak in both English and Spanish and of course, can pee in her own potty. To practice cleanliness, there is also a pretend soap dispenser so that she can wash her hands after peeing. Other accessories include stickers, a water bottle, and a removable outfit. She can also speak up to 50 phrases.

Twinkles ‘n Tinkles

With this Baby Alive doll, you can easily know when to change her diaper, simply by knowing if the lights on her diaper are lighted up. You can also have her say up to 20 phrases and sounds in bilingual fashion (English or Spanish). You only need 1 AA battery to run this little baby. It also includes diaper changing accessories such as baby wipes and cream so that your baby will feel at ease after changing the diapers without rash.

Lil’ Sips Baby

If you want a baby doll with a blonde hair, this one is surely enjoyable with its standard removable dress, bottle, and changeable diaper. You can change the diaper once she gets it wet and you can also feed her from the given baby bottle. This is a simple and straightforward way of having a Baby Alive doll to pretend taking care of a baby.

Brushy Brushy Baby Doll

Made with “teeth” that can be brushed, you can use it for pretend play of brushing the doll’s teeth. Get your baby ready for bed with the included toothbrush as well as the toothpaste so that she can get on her PJ’s and get ready for bed. Other standard accessories for Baby Alive dolls are included, such as the diaper, a baby bottle, and others.

Play in Style Christina Doll

If you ever want to style a long-haired baby doll then Christina is probably for you. This doll has very long hair and you can style it however you want. You can use the hairdryer so that she can have her hair dried after shampooing. You can use the brush to comb her hair and use the hair extension so that she can look pretty with her outfit.

Lil’ Slumbers

Get this little baby ready for bed with the unique action of opening and closing eyes – your doll can close her eyes when she is laid down on the bed or on any surface. There are also standard accessories like a baby bottle and a teething ring. The fact that this baby doll is African-American can appeal to kids who are the same.

Finger Paint Baby

Experience a fun activity with your baby with this unique finger paint package. Get your artistic side ready with the included art supplies such as canvases, a paintbrush, a smock and many others. Your baby can paint on the canvas when you wet her fingers. Using icy water, you can use the magic paint to put some color on the canvas. Don’t worry – the paint will disappear over time so you can play with it again.

Snugglin Doll

Made with a light skin tone, this baby is also a thumb sucking baby that can be a great pretend to play baby for future mommies and daddies. The body is soft so it emulates a real baby. The dress is also very cute and her bonnet or hat is made to have a cute design as well. This is one of those Baby Alive dolls that can be a great gift or introduction to first-time owners of Baby Alive dolls.

Darcis Dance Class Hair Doll

Teach your little baby the basics of dancing in a pretend dance class with this unique package. Darcis can dance in her ballerina costume and you can take her to dance class with the different accessories that are included. Her outfit is cute and so is her accessory bag where you can place her baby items, such as her brush, baby bottle, diapers and others.

Baby Wanna Walk

Take your baby for a walk with this unique package, in which she can walk on her own! This amazing doll can also speak different phrases and sounds so she looks very realistic! Help her walk on any surface or you can take her with you at the park. There are over 40 sounds and phrases that she can speak, and she will even react when you give her a hug or two.

Make Me Better Baby Doll

Another pretend to play for future doctors and nurses, this one can help you emulate taking care of a baby or giving her a checkup when she feels sick. The unique thing about this baby doll is that her cheeks actually glow when she feels sick and when she gets better, the glow disappears. You can also give her medicine that’s included in the package when her tummy gets bad, so she can become better.

Bitsy Burpsy Baby Doll

Do you want a baby doll that burps when she gets full? After you feed this doll, she not only wets her diaper, but she also burps and spits up! Don’t worry about the spit-up – it’s just regular water so there is no exact mess created. The baby doll comes with a lot of accessories like diapers, as well as the burp cloth that can be easily dried once time has passed by.

Baby Yummy Treat Doll

Give your little baby a treat with this fun package that comes with her very own ice cream cone. You can also give her the cookie that you can easily retract one part to pretend that she has taken a bite off it. Because of these mechanisms, there is no need to clean up your baby doll after she has been given the fun treats.

Sips ‘N Tinkles Princess Doll

If you want a Baby Alive doll that has a princess costume then you’ve come to the right place. This blonde baby doll comes complete with a nightgown and a day dress to be a real princess that comes with her very own tiara. She also comes with various baby accessories such as a baby bottle, a diaper and even a storybook of her princess adventures. You can use this for pretend play when going to bed and dressing up.

Baby Alive Hispanic Doll

For those who want something of Hispanic origin, this one is a great choice. Like every standard Baby Alive dolls, she can also poop in her diaper and eat from her food plate. There is a given baby food included in the package so she can be fed again and again. The bib can help keep her away from a dirty mess when you are feeding her. There are also 2 diapers included, as well as a baby bottle.

Alive Wets & Wiggles doll

This cute little African-American doll can also emulate a real baby’s wetting due to the included diaper and the drinking process. She comes complete with the baby bottle as well as her diapers that you can change when she gets wet. You can also make the diaper changing process easy with the included washcloth so that there will be less mess when you are changing her. A baby rattle will also keep her pampered.

Baby Alive Hasbro Caucasian

This Caucasian doll is a fun way to feed for pretend play. You can mix the baby food to feed this baby and she can also poop in her diapers. She even says phrases to show that she enjoys the baby food a lot. This interactive case can make pretend play much more fun with the baby. Included accessories would be the baby food as well as the plate and the spoon, as well as extra diapers.

My Baby All Gone Doll

Another great Baby Alive doll to have for feeding would be this one. This baby doll can talk in both English and Spanish and can also speak phrases when you feed her with the baby food. You can mix the “green veggies” and “banana apple” food on her plate so she can eat it to her heart’s desire. Her feeding bottle and plate are both designed perfectly so she can eat just the right proportions to stay healthy.

Plays and Giggles Baby Doll

This cute little baby doll can respond to how you touch her, which can make her say phrases. You can also make her say something if you cuddle her, bounce her or twirl her like a real baby. Her outfit is also very cute and you will definitely love the sounds she makes! She also laughs and giggles in a cute way, as her name implies. She can make a great cuddle buddy in bed and while traveling.

Baby Alive Learns to Potty

This Baby Alive doll is yet another great baby doll to potty train. She can really poop in her diaper or use the potty in the package. You can also use the tissues to keep her clean, and this will teach children responsibility and cleanliness. Before that, you can also feed her with baby food that you can mix in her plate. She also has a bracelet that you can press to wake her up from sleeping.

Baby Alive Talking Doll

Another talking doll to have would be this African-American model. She can poop and pee in her diaper and can also say a lot of different phrases. She comes complete with her baby accessories, such as her diapers, food packets, a bib to keep her clean, a bowl for her baby food and a spoon to feed her with. You can also use the baby bottle to give her a drink once she’s finished eating her baby food.

Baby Alive Doll Accessories

Here are some accessories of the Baby Alive doll toys that you can use:

Baby Alive Clothes

These clothes can fit any Baby Alive doll perfectly. They come in different kinds and styles of dresses, such as for bedtime, for a dance class and for casual wear. They can fit in any baby doll that’s 12 to 14 inches tall. You can also mix and match the outfit sets so that your baby doll can look more fashionable. They are easy to fit with the Velcro closures included.

Huang Cheng Doll Clothes

These 12 handmade doll clothes can be great for baby dolls from the Baby Alive franchise as long as they are 14, 15 or 16 inches tall. The set includes a lot of other extras such as an umbrella, a mirror, and a comb to brush your baby’s hair. The different dress pieces can help your children become more acquainted with their fashion sense by interchanging the different dresses and outfits together.

Baby Doll Stroller

If you want to carry your baby dolls to the park or elsewhere, a good stroller for them would be this one. This doll stroller is official from Baby Alive and can carry dolls up to 21 inches in height. The stroller comes with a handy canopy to shade your baby from the sun and a basket for storing items such as baby products and the like. It is also foldable for compact travel use.

Baby Alive High Chair

This high chair can be easily adjusted up and down so you can keep your baby doll comfortable. Any doll up to 21 inches can fit inside this high chair toy. The feeding tray is durable so it will not spill the food. The tube frame made of steel will also be able to handle your baby’s weight.

Baby Alive Doll Car Seat

To keep your baby doll in place while they are commuting on public transport or in a car, this would be a great choice. It can fit any Baby Alive doll and even has a table in the middle for baby food and the like. This car seat can help show kids the importance of being in car seats and safe from harm.

Baby Alive Food/Diapers Refill

This refill pack can be a great choice if you already own any Baby Alive doll and want them to have more food to eat. You can also use the diapers in case the diapers that you have are already too dirty to use. There are a total of 15 pieces in this pack that you can use.

Cook N Care Set

This cooking set can help with pretend play for cooking meals for your baby dolls. It has a lot of play pieces such as cereal boxes, pots, pans, jars, bottles, plates, utensils and the like. You can prepare your baby’s favorite dish or play with a friend to cook up the best recipe for your Baby Alive doll!

Baby Alive Powdered Doll Food

This powdered food set comes in different flavors, such as fruits and vegetables. It comes at 8 packets at 1 oz each so you can use it to mix onto your baby doll’s bowl to feed them when they get hungry. There is also a free spoon with this pack so you can use it for baby feeding.

Baby Alive Food Veggies

This pack comes with a total of 8 food packets that you can use for your baby dolls. There is also a free spoon and a bowl that you can use. This pack contains the green veggies so that your Baby Alive doll will learn to eat veggies when they get hungry for better nutrition.


These toys can be great for pretend play and for teaching responsibility to kids. We hope these Baby Alive toys helped you decide on which doll toy is the best for your child to play with. Which of these Baby Alive toys and accessories is your favorite and why?

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