21 Best Baby Activity Table

Baby activity tables are fun ways to help your child become more acquainted with the basic colors, numbers, shapes, letters and other aspects of the world around them. Not only are they educational, but they are also entertaining and can help mom and dad bond with their child more often. Also, they may want to use the activity table to have fun with their friends and playmates!

If you are looking for a fun way to keep your baby active then you might want to buy your child a colorful baby activity table.

Best Baby Activity Table

We bring you some of the best baby activity tables out there that will make your child giggle, laugh and learn different things:

ALEX Discover Sound Play

Age Range:  18 months+

This cute little activity table comes with a lot of fun games, such as spinning gears, peek-a-boo doors, a xylophone instrument, a wooden mallet, some track sliders and a curvy bead maze. The colors and the design are all very attractive for kids due to the bright and crisp images. There are also letters of the alphabet around the activity table so that your children can learn their ABCs.

The xylophone mallet can help them to learn about music and sounds while the maze, sliders and other fun activities can help them to develop their hand and eye coordination.

Fisher Price Spin Play

Age Range: 6 months+

As an activity table that has a circular shape, this one is small and compact and can be great for rooms that do not have a lot of space, to begin with. The 3-leg design fits perfectly in apartments and dorms so your baby can play with it even in cramped spaces.

There are many activities on this table, such as spinning toys, friendly animals, slides and the like. They also make interesting sounds and are very colorful so they can definitely attract and entertain your little baby with their fun designs.

VTech Magic Star Table

Age Range: 6 months to 3 years

This activity table is star-shaped, which is quite unique and creative as compared to tables of the same kind. It is also packed with different activities, such as a picture storybook, some buttons to press, a steering wheel as part of a driving mechanism and spinning gears.

The cool thing about the steering wheel is that you can use it to make the bear in the middle go around the different letters of the alphabet around the middle section. The numbers on the telephone area also help your child practice pressing buttons.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Table

Age Range: 6 months to 3 years

As another VTech learning table for babies, this one comes with almost the same stuff but with more added playable activities, such as a set of lighted up piano keys, a spinner in the middle and much more. The educational table has the standard letters and numbers to help your child discover them during their younger years.

You only need 2 AA batteries for the whole thing to run with lights and sounds. The sounds also include standard greetings as well as time concepts so that your child will know how to tell time.

Manhattan Toy Tree Top

Age Range: 12 months – 5 years

This learning table is unique because not only is it made of a quality solid wood material, but it’s also packed with sliders and fun designs. Your child will have fun sliding the different animals that lurk in the treetop, such as the frog, the ladybug, and the snail.

It will help children to discover animals from the forest with the design of the activity table. There are also peek-a-boo windows that have pictures of animals, such as a bear. Overall, this treetop table is not only educational but also aesthetically designed.

Discovering Music Activity Table

Age Range: 6 to 36 months

This music table is more than just music – you can also have your child learn about the different colors and numbers. What’s more, you get a choice of 3 languages (English, French or Spanish) so it can be a great gift to different families or children.

The various musical instruments can be an eye-opener for a child who has a great interest in making music. The fun colors, numbers, and shapes of the instruments will also not only educate them but also make them enjoy pressing the different buttons for the sounds that they make.

3-in-1 Around We Go

Age Range:  6 months to 2 years

Comprising of a seat component for your baby and the table itself, this one is a multipurpose table in which can also act as a chair for your baby, especially for those who can’t walk, stand or sit properly on their own yet.

The bottom part is also carpet-friendly and hardwood-floor friendly so it can be set on nearly any kind of home. There are many activities such as button pressing and moving the different animals, which can be entertaining for your baby.

Fisher-Price Learn Laugh Town

Age Range: 6 months+

This unique activity table is not just for little babies – it can also be for those who are 1 year older due to the added challenge and features. Younger babies can explore the push-button activities, those who are 1 year or older can be encouraged to find the shapes, colors and other objects, while those who are 18 months or older can learn to pretend scenarios in the activity table.

There are over 120 songs and sounds that your child can press and hear on the interactive table, while the legs can also be retracted for easy cleanup or for when your baby can stand.

LeapFrog Learn & Groove

Age Range: 6 month – 3 years

Another great gift for the musical baby in your child, this one has a ton of songs (over 40) and has up to 15 activities for your baby to choose from. It will help teach your child how to count numbers, recognize shapes and many more.

Your child will have fun pressing the different buttons and this can also increase their hand and eye coordination skills. What’s more, you can unfold the legs at the bottom for when your baby already knows how to stand up properly.

LeapFrog Learn Groove

Age Range: 6 – 36 months

This great activity table for babies has a lot of tunes and musical stuff in it, such as a xylophone and a mini piano onboard. There are also letters, numbers, colors and shapes for your child to learn. With over 70 tunes and sounds, your child will not only be entertained but also learn that basic stuff.

There are also many nursery rhymes that the groove musical table will play that your child can easily sing to or play with. The added colorful (and nontoxic) material of the instruments and buttons will look exciting for babies.

Skip Hop Explore Baby

Age Range: 4 months+

This activity table looks like your regular baby walker without the wheels but it’s actually filled with a lot of baby activities at hand. For instance, you get spinners, musical keys, fun little trees and the like. Your baby can sit comfortably and safely in the middle while he/she plays with the toys.

The cool thing about the seat is that it can rotate up to 360 degrees to give your child more freedom in roaming around while playing with their toys. It also stretches for your child to be able to bounce back and forth.

Bright Starts Rolling Table

Age Range: 6 months+

This cutely designed rolling table is packed with colorful animals such as a hippo and a rhino. You can press the musical keys that light up and make sounds so your child will be interested. There are also other activities such as spinning gears, a storybook and a rolling rattle.

Most of the toys that are in the table can be detached so that your child can play with them separately, especially for older kids who want to get into imaginative play. There are also slots on each leg of the table where the four balls are, and your child can insert the ball into the hole in the middle and watch them slide back down to the legs.

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table

Age Range: 12 months+

This activity station table is filled with a lot of gears, so if your baby loves to spin gears then this might be the best table for him/her. There are also over 65 sounds and melodies that your child can listen to while they are playing with the activity table.

Aside from the gears, there are also colored circuits to connect, wonderful lights to keep your child interested and many more. All of the gears have a colorful design so they will be interesting to play with for babies and children.

HOMOF Learning Table

Age Range: 6 months+

Made with a ton of activities to choose from, this one features a lighted up keyboard, a driving or steering wheel, a monkey in the middle, some shape buttons to press, a storybook with pictures and an abacus-like ring slider with different shapes that resemble flies being eaten by a frog.

You will love the design of this cute little table due to the aesthetic colors. You can also easily disassemble the activity table with the touch of a button underneath one of the table’s legs. Only 3 AA batteries are needed for the activity table to run.

Oribel PortaPlay Foldable

Age Range: 6 months – 5 years

This simple but color-rich activity center is more than just a play table for babies – you can easily take it on the go due to the foldable legs at the bottom, which can be helpful if you often travel with your baby and they need a source of entertainment along the way.

The different activities in the portable activity table include forest animals, a tree, some sliders, some spinners and many more. The cushioned seat in the middle can also help your baby to feel comfortable when they are playing with the foldable table.

Fisher-Price Puppy and Friends

Age Range: 6 months – 3 years

Another great table with cutely-designed legs, this one makes sounds, phrases, and tunes with over 60 preset to choose from. You can detach the legs or keep them if your baby can stand up straight. The buttons in the activity table can be easily pressed by babies due to their simple design.

There is also a foldable laptop-shaped toy in the table that comes with a lot of shaped buttons to press for your child. There is also a storybook with pretty pictures for your child to learn about different objects around them.

VTech Touch and Learn

Age Range: 24 months – 5 years

This activity table is for those who need something that’s large enough for your baby to explore the different letters of the alphabet. This amazing desk can help children to learn their ABCs in an interactive way by touching the letters on the desk itself.

There are also other activities on top of the desk, such as numbers to press and other games. There are over 100 vocabulary words that your child can learn, while they can also sing to 20 familiar children’s songs and melodies.

Playskool Rocktivity Skool Toy

Age Range: 6 months+

As an activity table that features different sounds and music, this one comes with 4 legs that can be detached or set depending on whether your baby is able to stand. The fun musical activities your child can play with include a rocking guitar with different shapes to press for various sounds.

Your child can also play with the small piano keys that play sounds. There is also a picture slider in the middle, as well as a clock with different numbers on the upper right. A microphone also sits on the bottom right for your child to complete their musical performance.

Kolcraft Activity Center

Age Range: 4 to 36 months

This multistage activity center is made for different age groups. For instance, for younger babies at 4 months old, they can use the light-up book and the piano. Those who are at least 1 years old can possibly play with the shape shorting game at the bottom.

Those who are at least 3 years old or older can make use of the art easel function of the activity center. There are also many other toys that are included in this fun activity table for babies, all of which are colorful with characters.

Fisher-Price Fun with Friends

Age Range: 6 months – 3 years

Equipped with a lot of toys to choose from, this activity table includes a folding laptop with shape keys, a telephone with buttons to be pressed, a smiley face in the middle, a picture book that you can flip sideways and a musical piano keyboard with sounds.

Your child can easily learn about the letters of the alphabet, the different sounds, the colors, shapes and even some basic words for your baby. Setting up the table is a breeze – the snap-on legs help you to put up the table in no time for your child to enjoy.

Boikido Wooden Activity Table

Age Range: 18 months+

Made with a wider space on the surface and a colorful graphic design, this one has a shape sorter in the middle by which your child can easily insert the different shapes, such as a square, rectangle, triangle or hexagon, and put it in the mesh bag.

This kind of activity table can be great for older babies who may already recognize the different shapes and colors. There are also slider objects on the table and other interesting things that your child can also play with.


These activity tables are great for when your child wants to learn the different colors, shapes, numbers, letters and even some basic words and phrases. Which one of these baby activity tables is your favorite and why?

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