Is it Safe to Use Vicks products when Pregnant?

We all know that Vicks products excel in the part of soothing our respiratory system, which means that they are mostly used when we have nasal congestion, difficulty in colds, cough and the like.

In this article, we’re going to give you some information about the question: is it safe to use Vicks products when pregnant? But first, let’s have an introduction to Vicks products and why they are used:

What are Vicks Products?

Vicks products are mostly made up of decongestants to help alleviate a person’s breathing. Vicks VapoRub is the most common way of decongesting a person’s clogged nose. Most pregnant women will get tempted to buy or use Vicks VapoRub because it is very convenient and less pricey than other methods of alleviating colds and flu.

Is it Safe to Use Vicks Products when Pregnant?

Yes! It is definitely safe to use them. However, there are only a few products that you should pick up and some of them should be avoided. This is because some of them are gentler on pregnant women while there are others that may need a doctor’s recommendation before you can use it if you’re pregnant.

Vicks Products that are Safe for Pregnant Women

Here are some of the products that are deemed safe for use by pregnant women:

Vicks VapoRub

This is the most common Vicks product out there, as it can be easily rubbed onto your chest or under your nose. The soothing aroma from this VapoRub is quite gentle on pregnant women, provided that you don’t put too much. Camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil are what makes VapoRub a great decongestant for many years not just for pregnant women, but also for adults, kids, and many others.

Vicks Inhaler

If you have really terrible sinus problems, allergies or nasal blockage, you may definitely need a Vicks Inhaler in this case. Don’t worry about its ingredients – menthol, camphor and pine needle oil is what it’s made of, much like with the VapoRub, so it is also pretty safe for you and your baby.

However, keep in mind that while you are using a Vicks Inhaler, some women may have a super sensitive nose during their pregnancy, so you should limit your usage if you’re one of that kind of pregnant women.

First Defence

This product from Vicks is basically a nasal spray that is safe for pregnant women. What it does is basically traps all the particles that can potentially harm your respiratory system and keep you away from the likelihood of your cold or allergies worsening.

Vicks Products that May NOT be Safe for Pregnant Women

These products are generally not safe for pregnant women, but you can ask your doctor about it first before you do:

Cold and Flu Care

This Vicks product may contain certain active ingredients that may interfere with certain pregnancies, so it’s best to ask your doctor first.

Sinex Nasal Spray

For those who really want to use a nasal spray due to allergies, asthma and the like, you should definitely consult the advice of your doctor first before you try it out.

Sinex Decongestant Capsule

This one is definitely NOT safe for pregnant women due to its phenylephrine hydrochloride content. Most doctors will advise you to stay out of it and give you alternatives for a decongestant.

Alternatives to Vicks Products for Cold/Flu During Pregnancy

While many Vicks products are safe to use, they are only for temporary relief, such as the VapoRub. If you just can’t really avoid getting sick during pregnancy and you really need a good decongestant but don’t want to depend on Vicks products all the time, here are a couple of alternative ways you can get better:

Honey Mixture

Anything that has a mixture of honey with various ingredients like ginger, coconut oil or lemon, can potentially help alleviate nasal congestion as well as a cough. Honey is definitely good for a sore throat as well, so go for a warm honey drink if you feel like going natural.

Vitamin C

Foods that are rich in vitamin C include lemons, most citrus fruits, veggies and the like. Anything that tastes sour will most likely have bits of vitamin C, which can help you to boost your immune system and can help you recover from your cough, cold or flu in no time.

While there are supplements out there on the market, it is more advisable for you to consume fresh veggies and fruits instead – or grow your own garden!

Steam Therapy

The good old way of inhaling steam with eucalyptus oil (or even the Vicks VapoRub itself) can be a great alternative to just rubbing it in. Steam inhalation using hot water can definitely help clear your clogged nasal passages – just make sure to be careful, since hot water with such ingredients might cause too many watery eyes!


If you have a local supply of oregano (a kind of herb) in your backyard or in your local market, that is a great and natural way of alleviating cough in general. It may taste really bland and a bit sour, but it is guaranteed to work. Fresh oregano that’s boiled and turned to juice will help your cough alleviate in a matter of time – with no side effects, as oregano is deemed safe for pregnancy.

Rest Well

Getting enough sleep will definitely help pregnant women to recover their strength for the next day. When you sleep, your energy recharges and your immune system also gets a boost. It’s also great to have a decent amount of exercise and a balanced diet with just the right amount of rest. Getting enough sleep can also help to reduce instances of fatigue (due to cold and flu) for pregnant women.


While Vicks products can be a great relief for pregnant women, most of them only give temporary decongestion. It is still advisable to ask your doctor about which a cough or cold medicine to use during your pregnancy. What were your experiences with using Vicks products during pregnancy?

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