35 Best Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

The age of 4 years old is a very lively age for toddlers because this is when they begin to learn new things such as critical thinking, decision-making and being creative. Most 4-year-old boys begin to wonder about things that they can build or construct using their imagination.

With that, they may need great toys that are not only cool-looking but also has a lot of functionality that will keep them immersed in playing for hours. Most of them can be great at engaging your child’s creativity as well as thinking skills.

Best Toys & Gift Ideas For 4-Year-Old Boys

If you have a little boy who’s 4 years old and need a great gift for them, here are some of our suggestions:

Vehicle Playsets

These are playsets that focus more on vehicles like cars, construction trucks, and the like.

Funrise Tonka Classic Truck

This uniquely-designed truck looks like a real one in a small size but is pretty durable for its build. It has a working dump bed so you can use it to transfer anything, such as soil, gravel, rocks or whatever you like, especially if you play with it outside in your garden area. This is because it is made of steel and cannot be easily broken down, making it great for heavy-duty play and use.

Prextex Cartoon R/C Police

Do you want to control RCs or remote-controlled cars? This one is for you – it has a set of two vehicles – one for the racer and one for the policeman. Both can be easily controlled when going left or right using the included controllers. The policeman and the racer can both be installed or placed in their respective vehicles. Watch them race their way to victory and have fun with a playmate!

Holy Stone RC Toy

This RC or remote controlled toy is just one vehicle that can be controlled with the simple left or right buttons on the control panel. It also has a removable car racer figure on top so you can play with it however you like. There are also additional honking sounds to make it realistic, as well as a set of headlights that flash and some radio music.

Melissa & Doug Rescue Vehicles

This DIY kit is a pack that can let you create your own rescue vehicle. It has wooden pieces for the car, the fire truck, and the helicopter. You can easily paint over these pieces using the included paint and you can use the included stickers to decorate them however you like! This will be a great gift for someone who is a little artsy and also likes vehicles and assembling in general.

DieCast Pullback Space Shuttle

Travel the universe with this unique space shuttle that looks like the real thing that is launched by NASA. It measures 5 inches in size and can be easily rolled back to go, much like with most pull back action cars. It can be a great toy to have for someone who loves space exploration and extraterrestrial life. You can also use it for science exhibits.

WolVol 3-in-1 Construction Bulldozer

This bulldozer set comes complete with the truck, some construction tools like a drill and a screwdriver, and of course, your very own little construction worker. You can use this for pretend play with the included rocks, which can be scooped up by the truck or bulldozer. You can also use the crane for a similar action. There are also some flashing LED lights to make the bulldozer truck more exciting to play for the kids.

Building & Construction Toys

These toys are themed for building and construction sites, such as excavation, engineering and the like:

Kidtastic Dinosaur Toys

This toy set comes with a total of 3 dinosaurs that your child can play with. You can disassemble and assemble them with the use of the screwdrivers that are included, which can enhance your child’s hand and eye coordination as well as thinking skills for building anything. The dinosaurs are all very colorful and can enhance your child’s imagination as well.

LEGO Classic Creative Box

If your child needs a touch of imagination, he will definitely love this LEGO set, which contains a lot of blocks that you can build nearly anything with. There are a total of 484 pieces in this set so it can be played with by anyone and not just little boys, as long as they have the passion for building. LEGO sets usually help a child’s imagination to grow.

LEGO Creator Dinosaur

Yet another LEGO choice, this one takes the form of a dinosaur, which can be easily assembled with its LEGO parts. This model can transform into 3 different dinosaur types: a T-Rex, a Triceratops or a Pterodactyl, so you can transform it anytime you like. It also comes with the rib cage as a dinosaur’s prey and it has just the right size of 7 x 9 inches.

IQ Builder STEM Toys

This awesome set has a whopping 164 pieces for you to build anything with. Made for those who have a passion for building and construction, this one has colorful connectors and the like so that your child can build anything – from racecars to helicopters, spiders, houses, forts and anything else. The pieces are also very easy to clean with water and can be simple to connect.

Learning & Education

These toys are meant to be educational and will teach your kid many important things learned in schools, such as their ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes and the like:

Fisher-Price Little People

This set is a large tower that comes with a bunch of cars that you can place into the tracks and watch them loop. It will be an engaging toy for kids because it has all the looping action that will get them excited! The amusement park design is very thrilling because of all the twists and turns while the vehicles can easily slide downwards. Only 3 AA batteries are required for this toy.

Gator Grabber Tweezers

This funny set of tweezers can be a great choice for those who enjoy picking up stuff. For example, you can use it to pick up gummy worms or food, as long as they are clean. You can also use it to pick up small toys. The tweezers all have different colors and are in the shape of an alligator! This makes them more fun to use for little kids.

Kids Korner Peg Board

This stacking toy is great for kids and preschoolers due to their ability to help children learn the different shapes. You can use them to stack shapes on top of each other. The different shapes also have colorful designs so your child will also learn the different colors when they play with this set. The shapes included are a hexagon, triangle, circle, star, and square.

Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes

As a great set for learning how to stack cubes together, this one can also be a great math trainer for a little kid. The shapes on the sides of the linked cubes can differ from each other so it can be a great way for your child to learn about the different shapes, such as the triangle, square, a pentagon and the like. They also come in different colors.

Learning Resources Answer Buzzers

Do you want to hold a guessing game, a pop quiz or any kind of recitation or quiz in class or at home? This set of 4 buzzers can help your children buzz in their answer and help you determine who buzzed in first. It will be useful if your children are playing games that require them to answer a question as quickly as possible.

Solar System Floor Puzzle

This one is for those who want to solve puzzles at a young age. The picture of our solar system can also help them to learn the different planets, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Earth, as well as the moon and the sun. The amazing details from this puzzle set will be enjoyed by children and they’ll learn from it as well.

Sports & Outdoors

These are toys to keep your child active outside, especially if they love sports and playing outdoors:

My First Flybar Pogo

This pogo jumper can be a great toy for kids who like to jump on and on throughout the house or even outside. This amazing pogo stick has a neon color so it is easy to see even in dark areas, while the support can be up to 250 lbs of weight per user. There are also many colors to choose from when you buy this pogo stick.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance

This small bicycle can be great for little boys who are still learning how to ride a bike properly. It has an adjustable frame that is also lightweight so it is easy to handle for little boys. The tires are soft but are still durable. The handlebar and the seat are both easily adjustable as well. Children up to 55 lbs can ride on this bike.

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Does your little boy like to jump off the bed often? You can get rid of the damage in your spring bed and buy a trampoline instead. This trampoline has a safe border around so that it will not make your child feel unsafe when jumping off the trampoline. There is also a handlebar so that your child can use it to grab on for safety.

Exercise N Play Launcher

This baseball launcher can be a great training toy for kids who are interested in baseball or want to play for their school’s team. This baseball launcher is easy to set up and the included bat is made with soft ABS plastic material that will keep your child safe. All you need to do is to place the included ball on the post, press it down and then have your child hit the ball.

Click N’ Play Balls

As a pack of 200 phthalate-free balls, these can be used if you want to make your own ball pit at home. Each ball is made to be durable and pressed on even by 90 lbs of weight. The balls measure 2.3 inches each and are also BPA-free to make sure that they are safe for little boys. They come in a mesh bag that you can use to keep them for storage.

Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Set

If your child likes to play basketball then they can practice at home with this fun hoops set. The rim can be adjusted from 30 inches up to 48 inches so it can grow with your child. There is also a drink holder in the base so you can put your refreshments there. The base can also be filled with water or sand to make sure that it does not topple down when you are playing.

Kidzooie Foam Pogo Jumper

Yet another pogo jumper in the list, this one is also great for outside use and can take kids up to 250 lbs so it is great even for heavier kids. It has a soft handle that is easy to grip for little hands while the bottom part will not easily leave marks on hardwood flooring so it is safe to use even indoors. Kids who like to bounce will enjoy this pogo stick!

Blue Island Tree Swing

As another outside toy that you can use for your kids, it is tied to a tree to help your children swing – even up to 3 kids can be able to ride this swing, as the weight limit is up to 400 lbs. The installation is quite easy and the ropes can be adjusted as needed. It can be a great addition to any outdoor party, and you can also adjust the straps of up to 67.2 inches.

Step2 All Star Climber

This small slide set and basketball hoop is a great kid’s playground addition whether indoors or outdoors. It has just the right size for any 4-year-old to get up and slide down, while the hoop is perfect for shooting basketballs, which also includes 3 inflatable balls. There is also a mini-goal at the bottom. It has a max weight limit of 60 lbs.

Art & Creativity

These toys enhance your child’s creativity and imaginative skills, such as for those who like to draw and paint:

Crayola The Big 40

These water-based markers can be great for the budding artist in your kid. Made from recycled plastic so that it is environment-friendly, it is also a good choice to bring to the classroom for arts and crafts time. Amounting to 40 washable markers, these are safe for your child due to being non-toxic and odorless when you use them.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

This set contains 140 pieces that can be used for different arts and crafts, such as washable markers, sheets of paper, colored pencils, Crayola crayons and many more. As a set that is safe and non-toxic in material, you can have a piece of mind when they are drawing or creating their arts and crafts. And because it is a suitcase, it is a travel-friendly design.

National Geographic Play Sand

This play sand is a great choice for kids who like to build things from sand but don’t want the excessive mess. They come with a set of molds that you can use to build your sandcastles from, which can help children become more creative with their building skills. The sand doesn’t dry out so it’s great for building again and again without the toxicity.

Electronic Toys

These digital toys can be great for children who love tech and gadgets:

Top Race Walking Robot

This electronic robot can be controlled by your child with the use of the included remote. There are many songs to choose from, as well as stories that the robot can read, which can be a great bedtime buddy for your kid. There are even other features such as the flash dance and a math quiz to educate your child. The robot may even imitate your voice!

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Feeling tech? Why not try this smartwatch for your little kid? This can be customized to different faces and has different games that your child can play for learning and challenges. You can also use it to take photos, upload videos, record voices and the like. Only 1 Lithium Ion battery is required to use this smartwatch. There is also a pedometer and a motion sensor so it’s really a smartwatch to have for kids.


These are fun games that your child can feel entertained with:

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

In this game, you need to feed the forest animals by using them to grab the nuts that are in the container. This kind of game helps children with their hand and eye coordination as well as their thinking skills. It can be a fun game to play with the entire family or with friends due to the colorful characters and strategic design.

Speed Stacks Sport Set

Is your child greatly enthusiastic of stacking cups? Watch them practice with this stacking set, which comes in a variety of colors. They have holes so they are easy to stack with aerodynamics so that your child can learn how to stack cups in the fastest way possible.


Toys that do not fit into any category are the following:

Paw Patrol Air Patroller

If you like Paw Patrol then this is a must-have toy with you. It is a replica of the Air Patroller in the show which comes with lights and sounds for you to activate. You also get a Robopup figure along with the patroller for adding to your imaginative play!

Kawasaki Lil’ Quad

This ride-on toy is perfect for little kids with its size and a top speed of 2 mph, so it will be safe for your little boy. It can only move forward but it is easy to stop and go with a push of a button. What’s more, it looks cool with the graphics and tire details.

PJ Masks Headquarters Set

If you are a big fan of PJ Masks, you will love this headquarters set. You can use it to play with your figures and vehicles (you must buy them separately) and you can have an action-packed imaginative play with the characters of the show.


To conclude, all of these toys of different categories are great gifts for 4-year-old boys for their birthday or when you just want to give them something to play with. Which of these best toys would be your favorite and why?

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